Monday, September 20

Judging Judy

A new painting, inspired by an image in a book I saw, but can't remember where, my first portrait! We call her Judging Judy, on account of the look she has on her face, like she is thinking "bless her heart." In this case, Southern for "oh dear, you are bat-shit crazy, and I don't want anything to do with you!"


  1. I absolutely adore her: her expression, the play of patterns & color, the way you framed her in the painting. Oh, I hope this is just the beginning of your foray into portraits...

  2. absolutely gorgeous. and i love her dress!

  3. i love this! love it...she's completely fantastic!

    and living in texas i happen to know a few "bless her heart" folks.

    bless their hearts ;-)

  4. You are really picking up on the southernisms. I'm proud of you.

    Great colors, by the way.

  5. Amazing work! Love your style :)

  6. The dress is Marimekko's, isn't it? :)

  7. Um...okay. I am in love. In love with your work, in love with your blog! :) So happy to have found it all...can you please make the dress "judging Judy" is wearing for me? Thanks! ;)

  8. Have you considered making a print of her for your shop...? (I hope I hope) :)


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