Wednesday, May 11

Le Sigh

Maryam Nassir Zedeh via Shinny Squirrel, always my go to blog for the best shoes and jewlery, always, bags, is super cool (and very beautiful.)

Rachel Comey On sale! 190 usd (but I feel like maybe hard to walk in)

Ericksson Beamon brass cuff, booootifull

Faux/Real sooo badass!


  1. Ugh! The sculpture is insane. I want it. Badly.

  2. that cuff is making me SCREAM! i want it!

  3. I’ll take the shoes. They are perfection. And the heels would be perfect for stubby me!

  4. Love the bracelet :) It is great for the summer outfit.

    Greetings holiday apartment london

  5. Oohh, I really like the shoes! and the faux is so badass :)


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