Tuesday, January 19

Cheese party

Sunday Suppers is my personal replacement for Gourmet RIP. I think the imagery is stunning, and for people who love food, isn't that half of it anyway? I totally fell in love with this cheese display that they did for Martha Stewart Weddings Blog with Darcy Miller. I must find myself some glass cloches and some white display china....


A stunning cheese display.

I love those little cards...remind me to get some card holders for this exact purpose. The calligraphy is by the talented Maybele Imasa-Stukuls

I found some great, fairly inexpensive options at...

Amazon, $24.99

Save On Crafts, $9.99 for 6.5''

Large Premium Glass Cloche Set - Reverse Bell Jar
Pretty Clever Decor, $84.60 for set of two, 20" and 15"

Product Image Cake Stand - White

Great White Cake Stand, Medium

Food Network White Cake Plate

Kohls, $29.99

Classic Round Place Card Holders

Classic round place holders, $29.95 for set of 12

Lets see, I would use a proper table cloth, since I don't have a pretty, rustic farm house table to show through the cheese cloth...

French Linen Quality huckaback Towel 39 x 59 inch Linum Cream

French Linen Quality huckaback Towel 39 x 59 inch Linum Cream, $19.99
I know it isn't a table cloth, rather a linen towel, but hey, it would fit, and look darn purdy.


  1. Oh...I am so upset about Gourmet...I wish I had bought more of them whilst they were around.
    BUT, thanks for sharing as this seems like a wonderful substitute.
    Lovin the cheeses...YUM!
    And love the glass covers...but where could one store them?

  2. I shudder to think how much a cheese display like that would run you at Whole Foods. Beautiful image and pretty ideas. Thanks for the Sunday Suppers tip too!

  3. 困難的不在於新概念,而在於逃避舊有的概念。.........................

  4. I love cheese so much. That table looks so great.

  5. I adore Sunday Suppers as well. Lots of beautiful food, and the photography rocks.

  6. I love the little fairy cake stand from Amazon! cute! Have you heard of Tai Pan Trading Co? they have tons of this stuff for super cheap!! Great blog!

  7. I love that display, so beautiful. I used the little one from Amazon (mine was from the Pottery barn) and stacked cookies in it for a photo on a bedside table!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  8. Ezek nagyon szép tárgyak!:-)))


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