Monday, January 11

help my living room live

Ok, so I got inspired for the living room, for a second, come with me.

I have to cringe, show you my living room, slapped together so we can live, after painting it. As you can see, not inspired at all, and thus, the work I am going to put in it. Note: I already have a replacement for the pendant.

Don't order these, I did and got the ugliest things in the mail today, not like in the photo, much bigger, with blocks as brackets, icky! They are going back.
I got these curtain rods, sooo deeply discounted, after seeing them online someplace, maybe Little Green Notebook? I had previously thought them ugly, now I disagree with myself. Self has some growing up to do. So I xx the ones from Restoration.

I am thinking ivory linen curtains, what do you think?

I really like these curtains, in this pretty green.

And this black and white rug has been calling my name for months...

But maybe with green curtains, a jute rug, like this super soft one from ol'barn, would look nice.

I am thinking a cabinet like this one?
I have decided that craigslist is a perfectly suitable furniture store, amen.
Oh, side note, the love seat I got looks like this, or at least, it will look like that when I am finished with it.

Ok, I just decided, this is my inspiration photo, and I need greener curtains...

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  1. i love the green curtains...but agree, i'd go darker.

    what if you did a big sisal rug and then layered a smaller b&w striped one over it...could be a good look!


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