Thursday, January 14

Cozy room

Some flanking book shelves inspiration for you.

And some styled bookshelves with art on them. I know there are a bazillion other images out there, and I should have been saving them as I saw them...but there you have it. A quick search found these.

So after chatting with the O last night, we decided on two bookshelves flanking the large window, versus a larger cabinet for our TV against the wall with the fireplace. Keep up, ok. They need to be rather narrow, these 35 inch Markor from Ikea are nice, solid spruce. I would paint them white, and change the legs...some options...

Hartford square, $8.61

Albony, $13.89

Roman, $17.69
Then we could put a smaller flat screen on it, and then strategically hide it with a large painting. I don't like having a big steal me item in the front room, just not clever.

So, what do you think?


  1. The bookcases look good. Kind of love the roman legs. The Pottery Barn curtains are the greenest...but the green in your inspiration pictures definitely have more of a pop. Would it be worth holding out a little bit to do more research? That brighter green would really give a classic room that little bit of something. Keep up the posting! It is so fun to see the room transform.

  2. ps...Have you seen these?
    Just a thought.

  3. I love the green curtains. The greener the better. Get the greenest. The Hartford feet would look great on the bookcases (in my humble opinion). I love bookcases. And I'm gonna pick the black and white rug over the sisal or grass. You have such a good eye for design. Can't wait to see the results.

  4. I'm with you. Nothing wrong with a little function, especially when hidden skillfully by a little fabulousness.

  5. I'd like that first picture to be my office please.

  6. michelle harrodJanuary 16, 2010

    we have the markor low bookcase (not sure what it's really called) behind our sofa and it's nice. Like you said, it's solid wood, so it feels much better than most ikea stuff. In fact, most people don't beleive it's from ikea.


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