Monday, January 11

New Work

There is a new painting in the shop, Digit Horizon. I really have nothing else to say...I am having an off day, good thing I painted this when I felt happier. Poo, I know tonight, after Pilates, I will be singing in the freezing...until then dorks.

Oh, here is something happy, I took this photo in the living room, anyone notice how not yellow it is? Wanna see how it looks now?

We also got an antique love seat on craigslist last week, for 100 smackers. I am going to reupholster it, something red or pink and geometric, nice huh? I will show you pics soon. It is going to go on that wall in the dining room you can see, on the left.


  1. That is simply gorgeous! I love those colors.

    Your house is looking sooo good. I can't wait to see the new piece of furniture.

  2. gorgeous, gorgeous new work!

    bryan is almost done with our frame...i'll think we'll hang wise math tonight or tomorrow. YIPEE


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