Tuesday, January 5

Trash to gift tag

Just cleaning out my office this afternoon, getting my strength back after a very nasty cold. (hello, side note, this winter I have had two colds, and a stomach bug!) This is highly unusual and sucky, I never get sick, so I guess strutting around, membranes out, around sick people, daring them to do their worst, is perhaps not the best course of action for me anymore. Yikes. Anyway, my lovely sister-inlaw gave me a beautiful letterpress calendar last year for Christmas, and this year, I couldn't bring myself to throw it out. Sooo, I cut off the dates and made gift tags. Just and idea ladies and gentlemen, for you to chew on.

Pip Pip


  1. What pretty tags they made. I always have a problem getting rid of my old calendars.
    btw. Your Wise Math over there on the left is just killing me. It caught my eye and it isn't letting go. not that I'm complaining. Beautiful.

  2. Good idea. Love your work!

  3. super duper recycling. I like it.


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