Monday, January 4

Wanna be my friend?

You do! You are so cool. Hope you all had a fabulous Holiday and New Year! Ok, moving on...All you have to do is email me your email and name, naturally to be added to my newsletter ( Friend, you will be privy to events, discounts, freebies, and new work. I treat my friends nice. Speaking of giveaways, Chelsea over at Frolic is giving away "The Girl in the Flowers," today, go have a looky look.

Since we are friends now, you wanna see what I have been up to? You can't get jealous, on account of what a good buddy you are. Ok, I bought this print, about two seconds ago on the eBay for 9 smackers, and lets see this rug is so cool, about three feet too long for my purposes, so someone please buy it! Oh, and since last week, I have been sick, I know you would have brought me soup and tea, you are too kind, so in my hazy misery I did wreak a little havoc on the etsy, oh dear. I bought, received and hung this little gem in three days flat, (and it took O that long to notice it.)

Ok, so now you know all about me, how are you?


  1. Good thanks...nice to meet you after having been browsing around...I found you.
    email address:blogartists(AT)
    LOVE your blog and the print you just bought!

  2. super!super!super!
    looking forward… k

  3. bonjour! lovely lovely blog u have here! i love ur painting @ urban outfitters! bravo!
    & happy new year
    ps did u know lhasa music?

  4. Such great finds!! Can't wait to see what else you have in store...yipppppeeee!

  5. Damn that rug is hot. Not the right dimensions for what I need (and I need rugs BAD) but boy, oh, boy was I tempted.

  6. that is a really generous giveaway, michelle!

  7. Adore your work! Can't wait to see more this year! Please do add me to your mailing list ---

  8. Please add me, love, love your work!!

  9. i sooo want to be your friend!!!!

    i abs. love your work and have been a follower of your blog- in fact, one of the firsts i ever discovered.

    sending an email your way....



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