Friday, September 24

Step ONE, color

I see inspiring color combinations everywhere, and when I do, I save them in a folder on my desk top. If I need inspiration, I just take a look. I can get in a rut of using the same colors over and over, b/c they make me so happy.

This purple is so stunning. I especially love the dark Burgundy next to the bright lilac, and the soft, opaque white. I found this one a few days ago, and I already can't remember where, sorry if I am not giving you credit.

I love how moody this is, with mustard, and brown that is almost red in places, add soft, clear blue next to murky orange, and a shot of bright pink, and I am in heaven.

Brilliant, my favorite is the whole, and the soft, almost artificial lip color with the whole. You will see this in a painting soon!

Oldie but very goodie. Domino is packed full of stunning combinations.


  1. I love that hallway shot, beautiful!

  2. Amazing, all of them. I love this peek into your mind. Fascinating to see things through an artist's eyes!

  3. I just read a quote that I love...

    “For me, colour is the oxygen of life,” Italian fashion director Rosita Missoni.

    Thanks for visiting by blog. I'm happy to have found yours:).

  4. I like that blue in the bottom photo. That is not a blue that you see a lot of.


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