Tuesday, January 13


Have you guys been following the color of the year predictions over at Coco+Kelly? Well I have, and I think it is mad brilliant, and I think dark, cobalt blue is my favorite prediction. You? This photo by Kylie of Bandelle Blog.


  1. I've been following Coco + Kelly's color predictions, too and I'm smitten.

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Now I've found yours and I think it's going to become one of my daily reads!

  2. hello, new reader here... i'm really enjoying your blog:)

  3. I think it's fun too - I forget all the colors now, but I know most of them were my favs!

  4. Perfect color!!!!!!!

  5. Sounds good I love blue!!

  6. thanks so much for the mention, and i'm glad you enjoyed the week of predictions! your blog is wonderful :) will definitely be back for more visits!

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