Warming up a bit...

I had a little break today, so I went shopping. I got this blouse from Banana Republic, as expected, most of the really cute things I have been seeing fit super crazy strange. Their fit models just don't like me. Anyway, I hate how this top is styled here, but it is super cute! Also, I wanted to replace some basic dark, no fading jeans and these were just wonderful! I got two pair.

I also got an email from Basic Boutique today, (I LOVE that place, wonderful selection of really simple but quality pieces, and when you get your piece it is packaged to perfection in a box with tissue paper and no wrinkles, no wasted space, just perfect. In fact, once I returned something that I bought that was expensive from a certain store, ((it ends in bop...ahem)) b/c it was thrown in a bag, bah! I then got it from Basic Boutique b/c they sent it like they mean it.) I have these two on the radar for later on....

Stripped blouse by Fremont Amelia, pre-order for March.

Fremont Catherine skirt.

Note, I guess all of these stripes means I am closer to dressing like a French woman...but farther away from Joslyn's spending hiatus I was excited about. BLARG! (((how cool of a name is Joslyn?? seriously, I heart it.)))
I have to return the jeans, they are way too big now, maybe a smaller size will work??


  1. I love the jeans!!!!!!!!!

  2. I also am feeling inspired by Joslyn's spending break, but it's hard not to shop I love that red/white striped top! And I am sure that BR top is cute in real-life, they have pretty bad styling online!

  3. I love both striped shirts. You have great taste.

  4. thanks for the name props

    you can start the spending hiatus tomorrow if you want ;-)

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  6. I love the jeans... and I love that you told the "other shop" that they could keep their items stuffed in the bag. It IS so much nicer to receive something that looks like a gift ... was carefully prepared. It makes you feel a little special. (And after all, if you aren't buying it from "Dave's Double Discount Discontinued's", it *should* be presented nicely.)

    ooops... had a typo on the 1st attempt. must be past my bedtime.

  7. that b/w striped top is great.

  8. OH MY GOODNESS! That skirt!!!


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