Wednesday, January 7

Johnny Was

How stunning are these photos, the fabrics are so happy, I just love the whimsical styling. I feel like going on a Mexican Vacation right now! Johnny Was.


  1. the light colors, they are wonderful! and now i can just dream about next summer, course now, outside is snowing all the time and it is -20C cold.. :)

  2. That first one is so ethereal. I love them all.

  3. Ah, yes... I work at a boutique where we carry this line. So hard to resist. I exert MAJOR will power in order to actually have a paycheck at the end of the month. Johnny Was has some sister lines that are wonderful, too, although a little less colorful: Pete and Greta, 3J Workshop, and Yellowfield 8. Dive in, I say!

  4. So beautiful... full of whimsy.

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