Juniper Ridge

Wow, I feel like I can smell these herbs through my computer, plus, I just love the packaging for this product. This goes right along with my lust for Spring and the sweet outdoors.

Check out Juniper Ridge. All of the herbs are sustainably harvested and 10% of profits go toward defending western wilderness. I want to be one of those gals picking the herbs, doesn't that look like the best job on earth! Product photos are from Beklina, one of my fave online stores, where I first learned about Juniper Ridge.



  1. ah, love this fresh packaging. and yes, what a fantastic shop, so natural and healthy (where are the dark circles under their eyes?!). thanks for sharing and for commenting on my blog today. wonderful space you have here, i'll visit soon!

  2. Can we talk about how much I love your blog? SO much! Really glad you stopped by my way and left a comment...I'm enjoying your previous posts more than is healthy!

    And yes, this does look the the world's best job. These women look so vibrant and earthy in the best possible way---they just glow! Heck, bring on the herb gardens if I can get just a tiny bit of that...

  3. hahaha, citysage, while you were posting your comment, I was on YOUR blog, reading about your Christmas and loving it!

  4. My favorite is the sachets. I have them hidden all over my bedroom.

  5. ooh i love juniper ridge! i bought a bunch of her soaps at the ferry building in san francisco a few years ago for gifts.

    i had totally forgotten about her til now!


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