Thursday, May 29

Shop Dace

50% off over at Dace, sweet.

Wednesday, May 28

Outdoor rooms

We are still looking for the perfect house. I have a dream that we will find a nice ranch in a good school district that needs to be fixed up, and we can give it a modern, cool hippie vibe. Mostly I am dreaming of the back yard, since it is hot here, and everything seems overgrown already and it isn't even summer yet! What do you think of these as back yard inspirations?

Friday, May 23

Folly Cove

There was an article in last month's vogue about Virginia Lee Burton, children's book author and illustrator who also founded the Folly Cove Design Collective. I love the folksy block prints.

Wednesday, May 14

Inspiration Wednesday

Inspired by this today.

And this over at Jeana's...

And this at Sartorialist.

Thursday, May 8


I love this rug!

and I love Jeana's new mugs too.

Monday, May 5

Cool Craftsman

Thanks so much for your sweet birthday wishes, I always use this milestone to look back at the year before and marvel at how much has changed. And this year a whole lot has happened, moved to Atlanta, got engaged, got a new niece, and now...we have decided to buy a house, here, that means we are staying here.

This was a huge decision, but I am going to really enjoy the process. This kind of takes precedence over the wedding, because dude, WAY more exciting, no?

Anyway, we are attracted to modern homes, but here they are very rare, so a craftsman is our next choice. I would like to remodel one. Check out this beautiful remodel featured on Cookie mag. I love how the result is modern, but still classic. Very much what I want to do. What do you think? Does the modern look clash with the bungalow? Plus, check out the before pics, wow!

Thursday, May 1

David Menard

AHH, today is my birthday and I get to do whatever I want...I think I will go to the botanical gardens and then lounge in the park. Or maybe I will get myself this print? $25 by David Menard via Art School, via Oh Joy.

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