Monday, February 22

The mexico game

Hi dorks, sorry to have been so out of touch this week. I was busy! Lets play a game, shall we?
Ok, why would a girly need....
These perfectly fitting linen pants in two colors?

These shades?

A new baithing costume?

Some comfy sandals?

A new haircut?
(this was my inspiration photo, my hair came out about two inches shorter than hers, but in a few months, it will look like the photo, why does that always happen? Anyone have a fail proof way of getting the hair cut you want? Cuz this girl, never gets what she wants, once I looked so much like this country singer, I cried, my achy breaky heart!

And......a giant, floppy beach hat?

You guessed it! I am going to Holbox with my baby love.

Monday, February 15

Bathroom progress

Wow, that yellow really makes me cringe.

I finally painted our guest bathroom, whew! Hung up some hooks for my new towels,
and some art. I bought these vintage prints from Holcroft several months ago, and had them framed in a vintagy looking frame, with black rimmed mats.

This morning I picked up yet another fabulous craigslist find, can't wait to share it with you.

Monday, February 8

William Sanoma Greek Key

I really love these shams, I really really really want them, but for two kings, two standards and two boudoirs, it would be like, I don't know, 400 smackers, now way....bummer. Anyone know of a less expensive version? in red???

I did look around, and even considered buying unembellished shams and putting some nice Greek key trim on it...but, it wouldn't be as soft...instead I got these, wayyy cheaper, and we will see how they work. Over and out.

Sunday, February 7

David Jimenez

I love how this carriage house is styled two different ways in Jimenez's portfolio, modern and classic. Lets have a look at the modern look.

And now the same space with a classic look. I am loving the classic but the modern bedroom. You?

Friday, February 5

Images form the week

My paint scribbles, kind cool huh? I wonder if I should save a bunch of them and then frame them in a big series, like the craziest abstract ever, no?

Thursday, February 4

A case for Gladiolas

Hmmm, these are dying before they even bloom, I got them from my farmer's market, they have a terrible selection of flowers, and these have a wow factor for a low (ish) price. Uhhhh, kinda 80s...What do you think?

Made some curtains...

Welcome to my bedroom, I am feeling kind of bashful. I love my brown room, and this fall, we will be changing the carpet in here, btw, my dream instal? This Stark wool number I spied in my lover Domino, I am sure it costs a bajillion dollars. Anyway, I digress. How do you feel about the brown curtain rings on the white rods? Anyone? I used creme colored heavy linen cotton that I had laying around, those babies are nice.

BTW, loving this option (for the bedroom, keep up) from Martha for FLOR, just say'n.

Wednesday, February 3

Holla for ten Dollas!

I love me a craigslist deal! I scored this baby for 10 smackers, 10 precious babies, 10 tatas, you get the picture. I couldn't believe the seller didn't paint it up and sell it for a couple hundred, it would have been so easy. It took me one can of primer, two cans of white enamel, and two loving coats of rub on poly. I am planning on putting a pair of large glass lamps in here, it will look so light and fresh on my new table!

Also, I got the second set of silk panels for the living room today, this weekend I am going to iron and hang them, pics to come :)

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