Wednesday, September 29

Subway tile KITCHENS

I am pretty excited about a big project we have going on around the house for late this winter, a remodel. I have already chosen new doors, a contractor (most importantly) and now I am dreaming about all the extra room we will have in the kitchen, and taking the whole room to the next level. I want a modernized country look. And I am smitten by the subway tile explosion look. You?

Love the texture of the counters and apron sink, and the rough floors, so rustic and cool.

An industrial looking tiled wall with the living room softness peaking out...looking to recreate this vibe.

Especially love the grey green cabinet color here, although ours would be a more traditional style, b/c we are keeping our cabinets. But a hardware change is in order! Brass, purdy.

I love that it is even above the doors and windows, that is what I was thinking for our place.

White cabinets and white counter tops balance out the dark grout here, and looks more traditional.

Especially love the dark grout, for a more industrial vibe, and that it takes the whole wall, not just for the back splash.

Remember this kitchen? From Martha Stewart Living? Great galley kitchen with light grout, (more refined and sophisticated maybe?) and wood counter tops. I think I am in love. I love this combo, exactly the right mix. That line of black tile is very important style wise, and I would also add a detail like that if we go with this look. I think the key is to have something stainless and industrial thrown in, so hardware and hopefully a fridge for us. Oh, and lighting, something vintage, huge and, you guessed it, industrial.

Which do you like? Do you have tile work like this in your home? What is your advice?

Monday, September 27

Mark Weaver

A story: My friend Shari and I went to lunch...we went to school together and ran into each other at a Lady Rogue event (holla atlanta!), anyway. Lunch. How are you? Great, you? I have creative limp dick (me). Hm.

Sunday afternoon, email arrives. Maybe this would help. I read the following:

Overcoming Creative Block:

The solution to a problem–
Slice and chop 2 medium onions into small pieces.
Put a medium sized pan on a medium heat with a few glugs of Olive oil.
Add the onions to the pan, and a pinch of salt and pepper.
Chop finely three varieties of fresh chilli (Birds Eye, Scotch Bonnet & Green/Red).
Add the chilli’s to the pan, stir together and cook for eight minutes.
Add about 500g of extra lean Beef mince to the pan.
Stir in so that the Beef is coated and lightly browned (should take approx. 2 minutes).
Add salt and pepper.
Add Red Kidney Beans and tinned chopped Tomatoes.
Stir well.
Add a pinch of Cinnamon.
Cook on a low heat for approximately 20 mins.
Measure a cup and a half of Basmati Rice into a medium pan.
Add two and a quarter cups (the same cup you measured the Rice in) of cold water to the pan with the Rice.
Boil on a high heat until the lid rattles.
Turn down the heat to about half way and cook for eight minutes.
After eight minutes turn the heat off the rice, leave for four minutes (with the lid on).
Plate up the Rice (on the side), add the chilli.
Large glass of Red wine (preferably Australian or New Zealand).
Now the important problem solving part–
Take the plates & pans to the sink.
Run a mixture of hot and cold (not too hot) water.
Add a smidgeon of washing up liquid (preferably for sensitive skin).
Start washing up, the mundane kicks in.
The mind clears and new thoughts and ideas appear.
Enjoy a second glass of wine to savour the moment.

Mark Weaver, Atlanta

Could not have said it better myself. And, he has a shop.
Ok, off to go have more chocolate yogurt cake, tea and detective novels, thank goodness for rainy days.


Friday, September 24

Step ONE, color

I see inspiring color combinations everywhere, and when I do, I save them in a folder on my desk top. If I need inspiration, I just take a look. I can get in a rut of using the same colors over and over, b/c they make me so happy.

This purple is so stunning. I especially love the dark Burgundy next to the bright lilac, and the soft, opaque white. I found this one a few days ago, and I already can't remember where, sorry if I am not giving you credit.

I love how moody this is, with mustard, and brown that is almost red in places, add soft, clear blue next to murky orange, and a shot of bright pink, and I am in heaven.

Brilliant, my favorite is the whole, and the soft, almost artificial lip color with the whole. You will see this in a painting soon!

Oldie but very goodie. Domino is packed full of stunning combinations.

Thursday, September 23


 A large commission I finished this week.

Wednesday, September 22

A Lovely Being

Allow me to introduce you to a wonderful, and new to me blog, A Lovely Being. In her "about me" section she shares this quote:

"She's quick and curious and playful and strong. She is a voracious reader and a fantastic dancer. She saves old scrapbooks and loses her umbrella. Her emails pile up but she never forgets to call her grandmother. She has $7 dollars in change at the bottom of her handbag." - kate spade

I love the "On this day in History" posts. It makes me happy!

Not to mention regular, stunning posts about fashion, art, inspiring people and design of all kinds. Like these images of Billy Baldwin's interiors.

I don't remember how I stumbled onto her blog, you know how it!!!! But when I read she is a Rita Konig devotee, well, lets just say it was love at first read.

All images are from her posts, so credit is given there, go forth and read!


Am I the only one who thinks this is disgusting? I had written a lot more, but you get the picture.

Tuesday, September 21

Lets have drinks on the porch!

 Dainty frozen Daiquiries on the stone patio

The light is changing! There is a nice cool(ish) undertone in the air, and in Georgia, that means we can go outside again. This has left me fantasizing about outdoor parties with fabulous cocktails. Naturally that leads a girl to House Beautiful, and Gourmet.

Not to mention pretty little rum numbers, Mojitos, and Whiskey sours. One of my personal favorite drinks is called the West Side, or at least it was last year when we invented it at Float Away on my birthday. Vodka, Elderflower liquor, in grapefruit juice. Hello, fabulous.

Monday, September 20

Judging Judy

A new painting, inspired by an image in a book I saw, but can't remember where, my first portrait! We call her Judging Judy, on account of the look she has on her face, like she is thinking "bless her heart." In this case, Southern for "oh dear, you are bat-shit crazy, and I don't want anything to do with you!"

Friday, September 17

Happy Friday!

Whoohoo, time for some pilates, one of my Friday night rituals, when I am not too blasted from the day, and after a nice glass of wine and some down time with my O, and the puppies.

We have a ritual for Friday nights; a holdover from when we lived in New York, and I would come home late and totally nackered on Fridays. We would order Indian take out, and watch movies and totally veg out, no outside plans. When I got home, O usually had the bath ready for me, sweet man.
What is your end of the week, Friday night ritual?

Thursday, September 16


Congrats Crystal and Anne! You guys knocked it out of the park! I have been eagerly awaiting Rue, since I first read about it on Anne's blog. I really love the variety of different spaces, and personalities. These are a few of my favorite looks. I knew it was going to be amazing, because Anne has fabulous taste, and tirelessly searches for unique looks, and interesting combinations in the interiors and fashion she features.
I have a girl crush on her! Ok, I said it.

Oldie but a Goodie

I painted this a bajillion years ago, and it has never sold. I like it here.

Wednesday, September 15

Master Bathroom

Our Master bathroom is totally functional, but when we moved in, it had awful overhead lighting over an awful mirror, and it was painted yellow. Well, one day, as with the guest bathroom, we will remodel it, and boy oh boy will it be fabulous. Until then, we changed the lighting, and added a medicine cabinet to match the existing vanity. We also painted, something that wouldn't clash with the puke inducing orange tiles. Seriously, was this house remodeled by blind people?

Albion sconces, they are not perfect, but were on such a great sale. I don't mind them now, although when they first went up, I was not so sure. Hehehe, they are huge, aren't they?

Our Sunny Wood cabinet, super roomy and well made. So heavy we had to take the door off for installation. I like having clean counter tops, no stuff to clutter them up.

You can really see the hideous tiles here. We didn't have any towel storage, so we added three chrome hooks, and for continuity in the long, narrow space, a Dash and Albert runner.

Tuesday, September 14

The Carnation Station

 The first flowers O ever gave me were carnations. I was at his house, waiting for him to go to the gas station, or something, and he came back with three half dead looking blue carnations. I admit, I was like "whaaaaaaat?" Alas, he made up for it a few years later when he gave me the most beautiful, fattest, reddest roses I have ever seen for my 25th birthday, ahh, memories. Anyway, I love flowers, and I have even grown to appreciate the humble carnation. Only, of course, when mixed with prettier, fluffier numbers, or bunched together like this. They last forever, and smell nice. These are pink and red, mixed together.

Monday, September 13

Italian Fantasy (minus hot Italian men in fedoras....hold me back!)

Welcome, welcome! I have such a feast prepared for us, just let me take your hat, such a nifty hat, and come relax with a glass of bubbly and sample the best meats and cheeses of Italy, flown in this morning.

Speaking of Italy, you must come and visit us at our villa, right on the coast, so nice to hear the waves crashing first thing in the morning. We have to use our helicopter to get our larger antiques in the house, but what is fun without a challenge?

It looks like dinner is served! I always make our servants wear sharp wool vests, it just seems so much nicer. Smells good!

Good looking guests and sparking conversation, as always at chez Michelle and Captain O!

Do let me tell you all about my new exhibit at the Met! I was inspired by the green walls of my beautiful yet rustic dining room, I am sooo lucky to live here.


 Best chocolate cake ever! Thanks personal friend George Clooney.

Brought to you by Marcus Nilsson via Gourmet

Ok, back to reality this very moment, I am listening to my husband in the next room, patiently and calmly give a detailed explanation of S&M and Bondage to an IRS representative (who come on, is totally just milking it!) on account of a (very) naughty employee and his company credit card. Teehee

Friday, September 10

Happy Friday

There is the woman I am, you know, me, and the woman I want to be. Perfectly expressed by Kate Spade.

Just in case you were wondering, I want to be the woman who thinks about china and champagne when there is delicious pizza around...

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