Monday, August 25


This weekend was really great, I threw a tea party for my niece's birthday.

On Sunday we went shopping for my sister's dress, she is my matron of honour. I told her she could choose anything she liked, so long as it was a jewel tone. We chose this beautiful dress from Ann Taylor, this photo is cheesy, but on her, it looks great. She chose some great red satin peep-toe d'orsay pumps with that, ahhh, so pretty.

Friday, August 22


Golly, I love these so, I feel a re-design coming on.

Tuesday, August 19

Tinlark and L.P.P

I have some paintings ready to ship out to Tinlark Gallery in Hollywood. I am part of a show that Kelly over at Little Paper Planes has curated.

Monday, August 18

Design Sponge Sneek Peak

Thanks Grace and Anne for the sneek peak, I feel so special :)

DIY invites!

Yeah, wedding invites are fun! I didn't have time to have them printed, so I made them myself, but I didn't want to spend too much so I got some invites and paper from SamFlax and lined their kinda looser envelopes with a Paris map theme, (since our venue is a French restaurant) to kinda beef them up.

The actual invites are a plain ivory card with a blind emobssed wreath on the top, the best ones I could find, I did only look in one store though, shame on me. I printed them, with our initials inside the wreath, sooo easy. I used Didot, not that you can tell in these photos, but I heart Didot...

And I had soo much fun with stamps, I am an ebay stamp expert now, every night after work I take out the stamps and get to work, I can't remember having so much fun! I even stamped and addressed my thank yous already, yikes.

Oh, the coolest thing so far, I bought an embosser with our initials, (for after we get married) and I used it to personalize some simple but classic Cranes cards, (thank you cards, don't you know) so they look really understated but cool now, plus, I can buy any stationary I want and personalize...I admit, quite a bit our our mail had been "personalized" I got that thing in the mail and started stamping away!

Friday, August 15

A cave of my own....

So my dad has this way of dealing with life changing issues...he simplifies. When I was moving out for the first time, struggling to find a decent place to live, and feeling homesick once I did, my dad said, "This is life, you live in our cave until you are ready to find a cave of your own..." just like So, now I have my own cave...and I share it with O. Ok, still, we need caves of our own inside our cave, this is getting kinda crazy. Anyway, THIS would be my cave...(in the get it.)

I have dreams of making a my office like this...I had this idea when I moved my office into a smaller room, it would be perfect, and I can have my own cave drawings....

via apartment therapy, via the Times....

Wednesday, August 13


Beautiful new gocco print from Eleanor on Ellyy today, inspired by the sea and her vast imagination. I love her drawing style so much, I know you do to... $22 on her etsy shop...

Tuesday, August 12

What we love...

Joslyn over at Simple Lovely has asked me and a some brilliant others to compile a list of our favorite things....wanna check it out?

Monday, August 11

Vena Cava

OMG, this dress is amazing! I love it so much, perhaps the perfect little thing, with a tuxedo jacket over it, even a black turtleneck under it, tights and booties for winter...oh my....OH MY....

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