Friday, March 29

Aw shucks

Thank you Emily for putting my art in your fabulous interiors again! You always choose the paintings I like best, with looser, more scribbly compositions. Those are my personal faves :) I promise I am not just saying that.

I know my shop is a little cleaned out of smalls right now, but I promise I am working on it. In other news I am super tired, but processing shipping today, so if you ordered a print or painting then they will be on the way to you soon :)

Tuesday, March 26

15% off for 24 hours...

Did you get my newsletter? Sign up man, I've been tell'n ya. 15% off everything for the next 24 hours.
Enter "fifteen" at checkout.

Sunday, March 24

The Atlantan

Thank you Atlantan for writing about me.

Let me be honest though. I always think that these things could be super jazzed up with some irrelevant information that is actually way more relevant, to me at least. Like "Michelle's favorite food is tomato sauce, and her least favorites is overly sweet cupcakes. She wanted to name that painting up there "Miss. Piggy got run over" but she didn't think that the painting would sell if she did that. Michelle's actual comment was "I like being [a totally hot] emerging [arteeeeest]. It feels like upward progression-like when you are on an escalator and you are thinking "I could just walk, it would be like turbo fast...but maybe its kind of arrogant to walk up an escalator, like automated stairs are beneath me." So she nervously waits there trying not to touch the hand rail and also not get sucked under the stairs, cuz that totally happens right?"" Also it feels strange to be referred to as "Armas." We are in the south. It should be Miss. Michelle, Darling or Mesheyel. 

Friday, March 22

Britt Bass on Pilgrim

I love these images from Pilgrim of Britt Bass. I never knew she is based out of Atlanta. Dude. Epic. Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 21

So many new pieces! And OKL

Ok, I am going to send out a newsletter on Monday. I promise this time that I am actually going to do it. I am going to have to start looking for a new assistant again. Sigh...Its so hard! Why is it so hard? I need time to source new ideas...actually just to execute the bajillion ideas I have. I am an idea factory people. What good are they if they just float around my brain bumping into thoughts of burgers and Valentino and embarrassing childhood memories? I digress, of course. There are so many new paintings in my shop y'all! Come on down.

Also, quick note: Check out my work on OKL for discounted prices on amazing prints! On canvas and paper. Go on... Scoot.

I did a series of 20x20 on wood panel. They are framed in my favorite maple floating frames with black interiors (ooohhhh, sexxyyy). They also have a super high gloss enamel finish on them.
April, Edward, and Kurth.

Also there is Burry, 36x36 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Next up. Dark n' Stormy, 48x48 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

And my personal favorite, at least Dolce. 48x48 as well.

Tuesday, March 19

My painting on Design Love Fest

Well, kind of. I spy one of my 18x18 paintings in Bri's stunning new living room. I love love love! I am sure that you already read her blog, or maybe even follow her on instagram (she is in Paris right now, so I am hanging along :)

Not only do I love this room, but I feel good when I see my art in the home of a person who cares about their home! You know, a peson like me. So good.

1. White walls, must copy asap in my bedroom. Been saying that for a while now.
2. Plants! Soo good for the soul.
3. Love the white coffee table, and console by Bu Dot. I have the coffee table in my studio, I luuurv it.

4. Hello large framed beach art. I want to put something like this over my book cases in my bedroom. I am hoping that when I am in Miami in six weeks, I might get some nice shots that I might frame.

Tuesday, March 12

Teli Duncan

This is the one I would pic.


Friday, March 8


1. I went to JCrew yesterday. I tried on some shoes. Do you like the shoes there? Are they well made? These seemed like my foot was basically on the ground the sole was so thin. I bought a book that they had on display. Don't do that, just google the book you want and buy it cheeper online. I was blinded by passion for that effing book. I am stupid.

It was like I had to have it next to me. I could have saved myself some cash if I had waited.

3. O is in China. I miss him. On the upside our house is spotless with no clutter and I have flowers all over the place. I don't know why I only do this when he leaves, but it makes me feel better about him not being there. I just pretend to be single for a week. I have a social event planned for every day.

4. Anyone know an illustrator who does this kind of awesome Mexican skeleton business? I love it. By the way, Espolón Reposado is pretty kick'n.

5. Oh yeah. I bought this men's shirt at JCrew. I like plaid shirts, and this one is soft.

6. Oh yeah! That reminds me. I hate fashion blogs now. I loved them yesterday and today I seethe  If I see one more "street style" fucking picture of some lady who looks exactly the fucking same as every other "street style" woman. I. Will. Vomit! I mean, I want inspiration, originality and some variation. Is there a place to look at pictures of real style on woman of all shapes and sizes? I have learned that to be good enough to be on a style blog you must be very thin. There are places for plus sized fashion, sites  that glamorize the "curvy" woman. That can mean anything at all other than thin all the way to obese. Like people who will obviously die from obesity related health problems parading around as "curvy." I feel like I am going to get a lightning bolt up the arse for saying that. We should just blindly want to look like the skinny stiletto girls but then just ignore health and get huge and call ourselves "curvy." Thats why I hate that term, fucking curvy. Is there no middle ground? Just a regular chick with awkwardly short arms in a great coat? How about a girl with big hips and tiny booblets in a striking dress? I know, how about a woman who is like 6 feet tall with an hour glass figure and small shoulders? hmmmm?

Wednesday, March 6

Coco + Kelley

Have you heard Cassandra's exciting news? Check out her office! Holy shit. Like Holy fucking shit.

My dream studio one day will be communal, with other creatives around to bounce ideas off of, and share a coffee break. I get sorta lonely here sometimes, even for a loner like me. First I guess I need to live in a city I like. Or rather, one of the main reasons that I have not looked around for a great space here in Atlanta, is that I don't want to commit myself to a space here when I have this very deep desire to leave. But that is kind of irrational isn't it? Because we are still here aren't we. Sigh.

In the meantime I am going to be so happy for other creatives who make their dreams come true! I am so excited for her and her new office mates, and I can't wait to see how this space evolves!

Tuesday, March 5


Its a vicious cycle. I get an email..hey new DVF is in at The Outnet...

1. This DVF dress is cotton and silk. Much better than the viscos and other malarky that her wrap dresses can come in.
2. I like to double cuff this bad boy, like totally Shera the fuck out of it.
3. Pretty orange sunglasses. check.
4. I love these flat, strappy sandals. Its a great chance to get some McQueen at a deep discount.
5. That round thing is a clutch! Lucite! Mega chic. Mega McCarthy.
6. Pop o turquoise. Extra awesome points. Plus that color blue will look brighter and better the tanner you get. Oh did I say you? I mean me.

Can you tell I am dreaming of my upcoming trip to Miami? Everything available here.

Monday, March 4

Celine....CELINE People!

So did you know that when you "make an offer" on eBay that you actually are committing to buy said item if the seller accepts the offer? I didn't. I made a low ball offer, on a whim on a bag...and now I own that bag. Good thing I actually really wanted it! Good thing no one else has ever accepted the offers I made on crazy stuff I didn't know I actually would have had to buy. I told O what I did and he laughed. How many times have I accidentally bought things on eBay? Like five times at least! I used to have software that would make bids for me, and it took me a while to figure out how to use it.

Lesson here is read instructions dummy. Also, you can get really amazing prices on designer bags if you make low ball offers. Just be ready to buy it. I have been eyeing this bag for over a year. I still remember the first time I saw dramatic! I would never consider paying full price, or even half price! So I kinda can't believe its mine. I named it birdie, I named her birdie. I think it looks so sweet with my booties too.

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