Wednesday, June 30

 Several weeks ago, O and I put together three Hemnes shelves from Ikea, in white, as you can see. They are solid pine, and pretty. The bust is a thrift store find, that I painted with white spray primer, during a "bust" phase... I have still not styled the shelves, I just kind of put everything up there and left it...and got busy.

Sunday, June 27

New Rug, finally!

This weekend we went to my in laws to celebrate O's birthday, it was yummy, cozy and fun. Their home is beautiful, designed and built by O's dad in the early 80s, on a nice wooded, private piece of land outside of Atlanta. I love going there, and I usually investigate all of the rugs when I do. There are rugs on every floor, some on the walls, even stunning tapestries on the chairs and sofas, it is a textile lover's delight, to put it mildly.

We mentioned that we are looking for a suitable rug for our living room, and they offered us a stunning blue and white silk Persian (not sure if it is actually a Persian, but it looks like it for me, maybe less complex in design.) We came home and put it down right away, and it makes the room feel even cozier. It is more formal that I usually like, and with the Chippendale love seat, even more so. I need to toughen up eventually... I do love it though, the colors are perfect.  I love it, more and more every day, I just love it.

Friday, June 18

My chairs are back!!!

We have made sooo much progress these last few weeks, with lighting and furniture. My favorite so far is the newly upholstered love seat and two "fancy" chairs. Remember how I couldn't decide what to cover them in? Well, it just so happens that I found some of my favorite Hable Construction fabric on Designer's Attic, and snapped it up just in time. The fabric for the love seat is linen, that I got for 2.99 a yard at Fabric World. I love the little bit of nail head trim I had the upholsterer's do, it looks so pretty! If you are looking for someone to upholster anything, or make you a custom bed (yes please, maybe in a few months...) call Angie at New Again Upholstery.

Wednesday, June 16

Bathroom Sconces

I have liked these Albion Double Sonces for a while, and now they are $59 from $159, pretty good deal. We have to re-do the master bath lighting to fit in the medicine cabinet I bought, oy vey. And since I was peaking around, I saw the Rutherford Outdoor Sconce today over at The Estate of Things and I am tempted. Mostly b/c our light by the back door went (as my dad would say, Kapoot, dat baby went belly-up.) And our fancy front door light requires special light bulbs and the sensor that is supposed to tell it to turn on only when it gets dark stopped working, and every morning I find it crooked, whuk? I mean, it looks like it is a secret door into some fancy squirrel speak easy or something, and they can't keep it closed right. So maybe we move it to the back (it is bright!) and put the purdy one in the front? Yes, I think yes.

Speaking of bathrooms, the perfect trash receptacle, sigh....$300 ta tahs.

Tuesday, June 15

Guest Room Make-over

I love the guest room make over that Rachel did at her mother's home. I have been looking forward to seeing it after she posted the headboard she made, LOVE.

Tuesday, June 8

Husband and Wife

Beautiful wedding images from days gone by, that I saved years ago for my own wedding inspiration. I ended up being too harried to actually emulate any of these charming scenes, but they are nice to look at, aren't they?


Monday, June 7

Gluten Free Bread from Cannelle et Vanille

I don't actually have a gluten intolerance, but it doesn't upset my tummy quite as much if I eat as little gluten as possible. So....I will be trying this recipe on Aran's lovely blog. Isn't she adorable too?

Saturday, June 5

Fine new things

I am loving these things form "The Dunkers" adorable family. I am thinking that wallpaper, framed and large, would make me happy, and that pillow is nothing less than smile inducing.

Friday, June 4


On sale! Buy it up liberated ladies! Wisteria distressed genie lamp, $229 $137!

P.S. Architectural Digest just got a whole lot more....digestible. F-ing finally!

Thursday, June 3

Four Poster Bed Porn



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