Monday, November 26

You pay for shipping?

I hate being so self promotional guys. Really. I just want to be sure that you know what a freaking great deal free shipping is. Ok, I am done now.


1. Until Tuesday at midnight, you no pay no shipping at my store. Run yall's fingers ya'll.

2. There are more large, vibrant and happy paintings available right now than ever before on account of my working my arse off.

3. I dreamed that I was making out with a big, blonde marine last night, while standing in "lake michigan" and he was wearing a checkered hat. It was fun, don't you love fun dreams.

4. I am picking up Coco and Moxie from the doggy hospital today because they feasted on a bottle of Advil for Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy few days but they are fully recovered!

5. I am offering options for calendars this year. Meet the Sabrina 2013 calendar. She just got a short haircut and you are all what! Who is that bombshell!

Wednesday, November 21

Free shipping sale, new work, blah blah

I'm back! It feels so good to be home. New York was awesome as always, but also annoying, as always. For the first time in a long time, I was very happy to land in Atlanta, and the drive home was so  pretty. We lounged around having dinner at our favorite low key Mexican place and went to bed late. ahhhhh, I feel so rested and so freaking happy to be in my studio right now.

First order of business! We have new prints, really cool ones. Also, as of right now all of these are available as originals too, until they are sold out.

Michi, 36x48 inches, acrylic and graphite on gallery wrap canvas.

Michi print, 13x18 archival inks on coated heavy paper. The print is slightly less orangey than the original. This happens because there is florescent paint on the canvas, and the scanner never gets all of it. We use the best scanner in the city, it captures immaculate detail by the way.

Sabrina, 48x48. Acrylic, graphite and gold paint!! on canvas gallery wrap.

Sabrina Print. 13x13 (image size slightly less) archival inks on coated heavy paper.

Blarney, 48x48 acrylic, graphite and chalk on gallery wrap canvas.

Blarney Print, 13x13 (image size slightly less) archival inks on coated heavy paper. The print is slightly less orangey and hot pink/red than the original. This happens because there is florescent paint on the canvas, and the scanner never gets all of it. We use the best scanner in the city, it captures immaculate detail by the way.

Also, these are new:

Spooky, 30x40 acrylic and graphite on canvas.

Dive in, 48x48 acrylic and graphite on canvas.

Sophia, 36x48 acrylic on canvas.

Don't forget about my free shipping sale for Cyber Monday, the 26th of November.

Friday, November 16

Peace Out

O and I are celebrating four years of blissful marriage by galavanting around New York City and generally whooping it up. Its going to be cold, and windy and I have prepared accordingly! My travel style is much like my normal style: super casual, but with good quality, stand out pieces. This is what my New York look is this time, except I don't carry a bag.

Full disclosure, my parka is not lined in fur, and is blue, but looks pretty much the same. I also bought that blue stripped shirt in red, but I am not sure that I love the fit.

I am loving this bright and perfectly pink/violet color, especially with dark colbalt eyeliner.  They really complement each other.

P.S Holly hell I love this sweater!

I couldn't resist posting one of my favorite wedding photos. I love you O!

Thursday, November 15

Gifts for the Girlies

I love giving gifts so much. In our family we don't put much stock into gifts, so we do small things, I usually get my family members something small that I know they want: a bottle of wine we had together, a beauty product that my sister mentioned she liked of mine, a print...You know. My dad always gets a gift certificate to Lowes, his spiritual home. You know that great feeling when you find just the right thing? Share you gift ideas for this year, I would love to have a gossipy, girly chat with you about what sweet little nuggets you have tucked away for your loved ones.


Wednesday, November 14

New Bedding

I am trying to make a sanctuary of our bedroom, if you remember from this post. So, even though we will be looking at this bed while we are in New York this weekend, I decided to get some new bedding as the first step in our bedroom cozification.

1. We got a medium duvet and the white with black hotel duvet cover from Restoration Hardware. I admit that I turn to them a lot to buy things that I know will be simple and well made, for the most part. Have I mentioned that I am lazy?

P.S I love my John Robshaw quilt that I bought on sale, in a king size, not a great idea, even thought I stained it pink accidentally the first time I washed it. But it is better for warm weather.

You can see John Robshaw King pillows peeking out. I love them, but I am not sure if they are still made. These are similar. Fun Fact: Mine are the same ones Liz Lemon has. 

2. That pillow was a gift from a designer Heather Plimmer. Isn't she the sweetest? She bought it a long time ago when she was gathering inspiration for the W in Austin, and she sent it to me when she found it in her pillow closet. How cool! I love it, and it is just perfect in my bedroom, it reminds me of Austin, and the fun times we always have there. Thanks Heather!

The bench that will be getting a facelift soon. I am being honest about our home, so this image is not great.
I will also be hitting up Just Scandinavian while we are in the city to scope out some fabric to cover that brass bench that has been sitting around for about a million years. I wish I was flush with cash so I could get a large rug from ABC. But alas, I don't have 50k sitting around for a rug. Boo. I am making a mood board, and I will show you that soon. I want to see the bed first though, and make sure I love it.

P.S. Another great duvet options, in red! Their site is down right now, but I have seen it there before.
P.P.S. Getting a hair cut today! Gasp!
P.P.P.S Have a great day dorks.

Tuesday, November 13

New Paintings

Some hotness for you guys to feast your peepers on.

Blarney, 48x48. $1800usd

Bailey, 48x48. 1800usd.

Shari, 48x48. 1800 usd.

Saturday, November 10

Lets dream together

Whats your big dream? I thought about this a lot this weekend, and I keep going back to my gut, flash reaction: Adventure! My version is not something scary like mountain climbing, and it doesn't involve weapons. My adventure is traveling, and living. So basically I want to live in different places. I want to live in California, in a city and on the coast, New York City, Europe (Spain! or Italy are my top pics). I also want to do something year long, with the whole family, like sailing around the world, or working on farms in cool places, or working for something know, off the wall, off the grid and new! I could go on and on. But those are the main ones.
Me. Top of the Rock. Last year.
First. New York City. When I was imaging (projecting energy at that visualization and willing it to come true sooo hard) my future life living in the city, I instantly saw what kind of New York living experience I have to have: Greenwich village, something built a long time ago.

I have to start with Chloe's house, even though its in the east village. The proportions of the rooms, the coziness. Its exactly what I am dreaming of.

Oh baby. I am undressing these pictures with my eyes.

Julian Moore's place is also just perfect. I love the windows so much, and the moodyness.

I just want to live this.

Yes, its unapologetically romantic. Other awesome New York experiences:

Brooklyn Brownstone

Two of my faves. The kitchen/living areas are always the best.

Soho loft

So dramatic. So 80's. I love the proportions, and I can't help letting this architecture remind me of the period in New York's history of immigrants, and tenements. Such an exciting concept, the new world, this city of possibility, but then there was the hardness of life. So interesting to think about.

Uptown, near the park. Pre-war.

Kate Spade's place is bonkers. I know it, you know it, and everyone else on the internet. Yes, we have seen these so much, but I want to eye hump them some more.

Weird Modern something, not enough windows, I really don't like this place. I don't get it.


That rug looks like it was a great sale at Home Goods. I don't know why, but I hate it. Along with those weird tiny pictures. I gotta move on.

I know everyone has seen these images a million times, but they are mostly my all time favorite spaces, and I was just noticing the other day that most of my favorite apartments ever are located in New York, and how much I put myself in these spaces.

What is your big dream? Does it involve houses like mine?

Friday, November 9

Westlands Bangles by Kora

Loving these earthy, funky Westlands bangles by Kora over at Of a Kind today. I am supposed to be painting, but other things have distracted me to the point of well, distraction. You know those days when you can just tell you had better do "busy work" because that is all you are good for? Well, I think I may have to put down the paint brush, because when I look at the canvas this morning, I don't know what to do, and usually it comes to me.

Have a great weekend ya'll.

Thursday, November 8

Joy's Living room art!

 Have you seen Joy's new baby proofed living room? I was so happy to see one of my paintings in there. The colors are perfect for her space, when Emily bought it, I thought, yup! Lots of blue, just perfect for her. P.S. There are more here.

I think this space turned out great, plus I love the idea of baby proofing without uglification. I am going to look into those giant poofs right now. They are perfect! Ideal! So pretty!

The poufs are from Room Service, in LA. However, they only have the small ones online. I want the big ones! Anyone know where to get them? White Coffee Table Poufs: Morrocan Pouf, $595 each, large poufs not available on website, call for information.

Wednesday, November 7

A little perspective

Wow. People are really freaking out today. Jumping around like crazy, or getting ready for the socialist zombie apocalypse.  I try to avoid getting too riled up about political issues, for my own sanity, and also because I love a lot of amazing people in my life who have very different political views from my own.

One such person in my life wrote this very eloquent passage about this very issue. I thought you would like it too.

"To all my Democrat friends, congratulations to your candidate, President Obama. He fought the good fight, won and spoke last night with grace and an outstretched hand. To all my Republican friends, congratulations to your candidate, Gov. Romney, for fighting the good fight. He was gracious and humble in defeat. 

Now, specifically, to my partisan/activist Republican AND Democrat friends (especially you young guns). This is a teachable moment. At least for today, please, enough of the snarky partisan comments about the other side not compromising, etc. Look at yourselves, are you compromising? Have you personally contacted any of your friends/acquaintances from an opposing political persuasion today with grace and humility? Expressed an understanding of their disappointment in defeat or elation in victory? Small gestures but ones that would go a long way in cultivating the more civil political atmosphere we all yearn for. 

Yesterday in an election, we were on different teams. Now, for the time being, consider that we are on the same team. For you own sake and the sake of our body politic, consider cultivating a sense of epistemological modesty in your political outlook. Beware preaching of civility, compromise and not having all the answers, unless you apply it to yourself first."

So how do you feel? Are you reaching out to people in your life who are having different emotions from you today? Do you feel like we are part of the same team?

Tuesday, November 6

Moving on...

No election chatter from this gal. Just wanted you to know that I am deliriously tired at 11:30, propping one eye open looking at my favorite blogs while I refresh the election news, and giggle at everyone freaking their shit on facebook. I am glad it is finally over. I hope South Park has a great episode planned. Did you see the one they did for the last election? It was pure genius. I found these images, both from Paris, both from blogs I enjoy, and it made my sleep brain happy.

this to this

Monday, November 5

Facade remodel at our house

This post is about our gable make-over, but I feel like Cindarella dancing around with birds and mice and shit. I have three nights of sleep under my belt, and a solid plan to help me stay on this path. I feel like doing air pistols, but of course I can't because of the cartoon birds all in my grill.


Last year when we had our kitchen done, we also asked Scott, our awesome contractor to look at our gable. We had asbestos siding up there! A bitch to move and dispose of, but since we had so little of it, we just paid for it, and moved on. This is one of those classic stories of starting a remodel and ending up going whole hog, and it was expensive. Well, not expensive, but I had not budgeted for it. We were only going to fix the trim, and Scott built the new grill, and that white area under the top bracket (no idea what actual terminology is), and we designed that exaggerated dentil moulding business together too. Anyway, he was looking at it, and was all: Michelle, you need to change the siding, it isn't fair to all the new trim. So we chose cedar b/c I couldn't decide what color it should be.

I stripped and painted that window myself. Never again! All of the siding had to be stripped and re-painted. We hired someone for that job.

When it was all done, we had our painter come and do the trim up nice and bright, and the porch, and the masonry. I hated that burgandy so damn much, but really I love that green more than anything! I think it would look amazing with black and white tulips against it, but I digress.


We still have the old fan, and old door in this image.

I changed the fan since then, and the plants have gone gangbusters. See below. 

Nice detail of the work Scott did. I heart dentil moulding so much, but we couldn't find anything with the right proportions, so he just build this.

 Now, our porch needs to be re-painted, so don't look at it too hard. We also need a new welcome matt, and O needs to take down the intercom thingy he bought wich totally doesn't work and I am still annoyed about it! Anyone else have a tech-geek husband who wants to rig up your house with cameras and gadgets? Sigh.

I have purchased a rosemary to replace that ill-advised butterfly bush on the right, but I have not actually done it yet.

Remember when we went to Spain, and I fell in love with the gardens at the Alcazar?  Well, that was totally the inspiration for the balls.

Chairs that my dad made.
I changed the door. Just want to Lowes and said, I need a sold wooden entry door, no shenanigans  I bought the least expensive one, is it Fir I wanna say? It looked yellow, so I stained it black, and then wiped it off so the yellow sort of shows through, so it has a dark green look. I bought new entry hardware b/c the crappy one we had before made me scrape my knuckles all the time, plus it was all curvy and stupid looking.

Next we installed security storm doors. They have great UV protection, and we are west facing, so that is important, plus we like having two doors. Our front door opens into the living area, no buffer, and that kind of energy isn't restful. I choose a home on a hill, so you don't see the road from the door, plus we live on a dead end, extra wide road. We have almost not traffic, and pedestrians feel far away too. I like to feel like I am in a little next in my home, an apartment is really the perfect living situation for me, especially if it has roof space, but again, I digress.

I am hiding the huge outdoor electrical socket with this flat, tall planter. I think its really pretty. The other terracotta one I had was enormous.

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