Wednesday, October 30

I guess I am a Smart Creative Women

I met Monica last year at Surtex. I like her vibe. She is a genuine person who really feels good about (and makes you feel good about) helping other creative women, and she has a really cool blog.

See the interview here.

I have never been able to figure out how to upload a video to this darned blog. So there you have it.

Try not to be scared looking at my enormous mouth and giant teeth, it kinda feels like I am going to eat your face...

Update: The harmless comment about my mouth is just a joke. All jokes have a grain of truth in them. Also true (who would deny that mouth is big! No one!) But I have been reminded by you ladies that I shouldn't apologize for myself. Always appreciate being reminded about important things like that cuz not only is it true but I do it too! I am pissed that I count myself among the lady apologizes (I apologized about my mouth, get it?) So to clarify my previous pre apology I offer this post apology clarification apology statement : Glory in the Magesty that is The Mouth! Teller of truths! Kisser of husbands! Eater of steak! Teller of self depreciating jokes! Bow to the lipsticked maker of sound effects! 

Tuesday, October 29

Hibernation Days

Yesterday I didn't intend to take a hibernation day, but it totally happened anyway. I was very social this weekend you see. And being a total introvert, I needed to recharge from all that fun interaction with some hermiting. A few years ago when I was seeking a holistic approach to healing my adrenal fatigue, I learned about "hibernating." It means you have to be horizontal all day long, no TV, just knitting, or books. No stimulating (example the news, contentious conversations, confrontations with your spouse about why the hell the laundry is all over the place!!). I like to prepare for these days by letting O know its going to happen, so he can help me tidy the house up. Everything has to be clean and neat for me to enjoy myself. I get in bed, totally break the no TV rule and hang out and sleep intermittently and snuggle puppies and lay around and daydream. Oh, and the sheets must be clean too, with clean puppies as well. You know...I may be more high maintenance that I originally thought.

 I took some screen shots because I like the interiors of this movie.
OMG, what does Liam Neeson do? Something creative with computers and drafting tables. The books!! The art!! The turtle neck sweaters!!

Teehee, its so ten years ago! I love that they have cordless phones at home, and the muted colors and its fun isn't it. I love that kids art behind them in the hallway, the light filled rooms...

I like these cozy rooms. They look dated now don't they?

Here we see real life slimeball whatshisface dancing around N. 10 Downing Street. I like the portraits and the wall color.
 Yes, I know I am super lucky that I get to do that. But, I do routinely work weekends, and every day in a row for forever and nights and what have you. So...

I decided to watch Love Actually yesterday. Why are romantic comedies from the late 90's, early 2000's so much better? Sliding Doors anyone? French Kiss? You've Got Mail???

I love movies set in big cities, London is especially cozy, and I love female protagonists who go through hell and end up on top, naturally. In Love Actually I really just wanted to look at the pretty interiors, and my boyfriend Alan Rickman is in it. He is a dream boat. If I were that secretary of his I would be all hot and bothered too, but I sure as hell wouldn't to to wedge my overly perky boob into his family.

ps. Hilarious!

Friday, October 25

November 8th Artist Talk at Gregg Irby Fine Art

Sooo, remember how I have a show every year at Gregg Irby Fine Art? Well, this year we are changing things up and I am doing an "artist talk" on Friday, November 8th at the gallery at 12:30pm.

Daytime baby. Update y'all. Its going to be webcast! Not live, but it will go up on this blog. Thanks for your interest in that. I guess I have to go practice in front of a mirror now.

Also, what will I be talking about? Topics include but are not limited to: Recurring dreams, The role of tomato sauce in the painter's life, How much Harry Potter is too much?, The power of the power nap, Having it all, aaaaaannnd how awesome is my husband? Spoiler alert. Pretty much perfect.

This year, as you know, I have been working at a reduced capacity. I was kindareally stressing out about this earlier this year but you know what? I have decided that I can take control of the situation and embrace the fact that I have fewer pieces, and not beat myself up just because I couldn't produce the roughly 50 paintings required for a solo show. I put my heart and soul into the paintings I did create, they are special to me because I have been slowly building up my strength over the past several weeks (cuz I be getting better y'all) and they represent a phase of experimentation and re-birth in all aspects of my life. I am going to talk about all of these issue soon, but I want to let it soak in a bit first.

Here are a few of the paintings that will be available starting the 8th, and I will be adding more as they become available. This year we will be including many pieces on paper too, framed up nice and purdy and perfect for layering or grouping.

Paintings from the top:
1. Dennis. 36x60 inches. 
2. Bubble Tea. 48x48.
3. Rather Like You. 48x48
4. Vapor. 48x60.

Tuesday, October 22

Paul Ferney

Been coming back to his website to gaze at his beach series paintings for months and months...

ps. He has a great instagram too.

Monday, October 21

Random list of cool stuff y'all


1. This is awesome!

2. I am buying a lot of Josef Albers lately. This is a good source.

3. I love OKL's art. Not just because I have a lot of stuff for sale there. This photo makes me smile.

4. I bought these shoes and I wear them all the time. I think these are perfect.

5. I dreamed last night that I got an email confirmation for the nine non refundable cruise tickets I bought on a whim months before...I was dreaming that I was telling my sister that I was dreaming that, but then I woke up and it was real. Then I woke up in real life and checked my email just to be sure because I was so disoriented. I also slept through my alarm. Who does that? I slept right through my workout and woke up with a pounding heart, drenched in sweat. Great start to the week right!

Monday, October 14

Southern Creative Social Society October 22

Tuesday, October 22nd. Thats the day. We had to move it because some nefarious group of people pre-booked the lounge at The Livingston on our day! Alas, we were too cheep and lazy to pay for it, so our free-loading asses are budged to the 22nd.

Our last meetup was super fun. I wished that I had felt better, because I was distracted by my tummy hurting. This time I will be feeling better (getting better every day, just proves living like a Puritan has its upsides.) You know, this idea grew from a group of artist friends I have that meet up every month, we thought it would be cool to expand for a little while, and see what comes of this. I just hope that you are cool, and you come and wanna chat with other artists, or entrepreneurs. In any case, I will be having fun even if its just me and Jessica. So there.

Sunday, October 13

Big Sale: Small Paintings 20% off!

Hey you. Just in case you are not cool enough to have signed up to my newsletter I am here to tell you that you can save 20% off of any small painting today, until midnight on Wednesday. Thats any 16x20 or 18x18 sized painting.

Enter: "SpookyDooky" at checkout for 20% off of your painting. Cuz this shit be scary.


Are you an insomniac? You are in luck, because the discount code is active right!

Wednesday, October 9

Pinterest reaches inside and sees your soul II

1. I have noticed that I am so drawn to rooms with white or very pale walls. It was a real "oh snap" moment because I seem to want to go white, but then I change my mind every time. Just about every room I love is also layered with a lot of art, and doesn't lean too much in any design direction. I would have described my style this way before the pinterest revelation, but its easier to seeee it.

Creamy walls! Tall ceilings! Pops of color.

Really love the white theme with black accents. Sexy no?

So much art! I love this place.

Ok, lets look at a few more. I can't choose which ones are best...

Ok, so this kitchen down there really makes me yearn. Feelings of yearning in my loins for this baby.

SO this means I am going to finally get on my hump and buy white/ creamy paint for our bedroom. I already ordered our bed, it will take 12-19 weeks. Really? Really??

Did Pinterest give you the courage to do something in your home that you would't have thought to do?

Tuesday, October 8

Pinterest reaches inside and sees your soul

Ok, thats a little dramatic. No. Its not. Just go with it. So have you ever just looked at all of your own pins? I have. First thought: Damn I have great taste. Second thought: hey! I see some patterns. Lets explore shall we?

1. I like jackets and solids...



and accessories too. Layers! Hm...quite a Chanel pattern we have going on here.

2. When it comes to jewelry I like organic shapes, repeating patterns, and zero frills but plenty of texture!

PS. my favorite ring! PPS. Layering is the way to go.


I have also seen patterns regarding hair! textiles! wall color! furniture choices! vacation fantasies!
What about you?

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