Monday, July 25

Trust the Magic

I created a body of work based on the idea to trust yourself even if you or maybe more so if you fail. It sounds like melodrama to me too ok. But there it is. We are all our own penny dreadfuls. Thats just life. Or maybe what I mean is that you can define failure anyway you really want to right? So maybe for me failing is something as innocuous as not paying attention hard enough, or pushing an idea far enough or settling for making basic bitch. Ok, actually what I am saying is that I created a body of work from a place of being vulnerable and tired and confused and saying to myself "I trust you Michelle, we are going to figure this shit out."

Nerd Corner: Its like when Harry Potter made his giant Dementor defeating patronus in the Prisoner of Azkaban because he had already seen himself do it so he knew he could do it. Siiiiiiiiiick

The Knower and The Known, 40x40

I decided last year that I was going to make things happen, get the globe spinning and damn it all to hell. Its happening. I love this going fast, not really knowing how its going to end up, seat of my pants business. I think having Alia has made me an even bigger risk taker than I was before. Its like well here we are, if you have an idea of a life you want you better make it with your own two hands. I have her life to think about now too. I won't be the best mom if I am not the best version of myself now will I.


I was just minding my own business one night when my hubby handed me the Five Minute Journal
Its a journal that takes only five minutes, is for am projecting and pm reflecting and goes with me everywhere b/c I don't wan't to miss a day. There are quotes and one of them by Meister there touched something in me. Some of my friends have reported feeling happier and more centered since starting their own five minute journal. I certainly feel much happier and braver, and I have noticed a trend in my daily affirmations. I write them from the gut every morning.

Its seems that my subconcious mind really wants me to be a present, powerful and joyful person. These words repeat themselves again and again. So then the taking action part begins and I am having a really good effing time. 

You can see pieces in this series here. Along with my new website, boy that has been a labor of love let me tell you. I am not good at making technical stuff happen. Let this blog stand in testament to my technical inertia for I am still using blogspot. Surely she is mad they whispered. Yup. Crazy like 2005 baby.


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