Thursday, January 29

How do you pull yourself out of a self defeating funk? Help please.

This blog has always been a place for me to grow. A platform to learn from you guys and try new things, express myself and shake it off. Even though this goes out to the whole internet I have been so lucky to only receive positivity from it. No haters. Just support and love. Right now I am having a growth spurt in my own life. I can clearly see around me that I am constantly fighting to be sucked into "the race." Race to have the most sales, to create work I feel good about and get it out there. Race to know the right people, to go to the best events. You know. Of course you know. And since I make my living by expressing myself, and by creating constantly I am already vulnerable to external pressure because I am always drawing from my reserves, emotions and experiences to work. I can either become petty and competitive or confrontational and let my hurt feelings make me scared or I can rise above all of it and focus on the constants that I know to be true. I believe in creating fearlessly, and from my heart and I believe in loving other people and I believe in taking deep breaths and living in the moment. I believe that if I express joy then joy will come back to me.

Help me out. What do you focus on when you feel like you are circling the drain? How do you put yourself on the right track again?

Monday, January 26

Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth being chic. I mean really.

I am sure you have seen Elizabeth's clothes pinned or on blogs or you probably already know about her beautiful, simple and elegant store but just in case you don't... Allow me to introduce you.

Elizabeth makes beautiful clothing out of her studio in Nashville, TN. I love that this powerhouse of creativity is another southern lady, but I digress. She chooses simple, elegant fabrics for the texture, drape and subtle color and creates timeless and perfectly cut silhouettes that I can't get enough of. Her instagram account is full of inspiration. Also, check out the #elizabethsuzzan on instagram to see even more images of people wearing her gorgeous clothes. Also she has a pinterest here. I love to see what inspires other creative people so I clicked follow right away!

The designer on a recent trip to New York. Now you all know I can get behind that. She is so cute too!
Items are made to order, and can take up to two weeks to ship. I love this model for selling. You can return anything that doesn't work on you for free and get immediate, never expiring store credit. I also like this, because there are so many things I want that I can just loop it right back.

I could totally wrap my head around this being my studio! If my mom had had her way, and I had been into sewing like she is. I chose painting though. High five dad. 
Another thing I love about her shop is the stories section. Beautifully shot editorial style images of beautiful women wearing her clothes in their own individual way.

I personally own the Marlena tank in ivory, and the Georgia T in black silk (its so perfect!) and the Linn Sweater. My wish list includes:

1. Vera Dress

I would like to wear this with a leather belt, like the one used to style the linen dress here.

2. Maxine crop top. Brilliant!

3. Ryan Pants. I love linen pants for summer, its so hot here in Georgia. I just love the cut of these.

4. Elise Shell. This is so perfectly 90's and just fits right into my wardrobe so effortlessly. Its the kind of thing that you just can't seem to ever find.

5. I am also super partial to the Lauren T. I would wear it with something that has a very abstract shape like this, or something very lacy and dramatic like this.

I am going to buy up a bunch of these because they are just too perfect to pass up!

Thursday, January 22

A taste of what has been happening inside my brain

So this is it. My brain on paint. More like paint fumes. I am getting back into oils. I am so impatient and thats why I like to use acrylics, gouaches and inks and pastel sticks. They dry fast and I can just keep making decisions quickly and watching the painting evolve. With oils you effect the layer under whatever you paint if you don't wait for it to dry, and the linseed goes through the layer under it, revealing whatever is under that layer. So, its freaking cool is what I am trying to say. When I started painting it was always with oils, but when I started to make larger paintings I wanted to work more quickly and it just felt good to express faster with acrylics. Now I am really having fun blending oils again. The pigments seem richer and the way the paint interacts with the canvas is different too. I also have some raw canvas that I am dying and painting on directly, can't wait to show you those paintings! I am so impatient that I painted them on loose canvas like I often do with commissions. 

Tuesday, January 13


Did I ever tell you guys that this past summer O and I were supposed to go to Tulum but then they had a crazy hurricane and we decided not to go? We pre-paid our fancy hotel so there was nothing to be done but just learn from our mistake (book through Amex! get travel insurance! Don't trust in your good luck during the rainy season!). Well it turned out that they were able to sell a few of our nights that we didn't take so we re-scheduled for earlier this month. Alia went to spa grandparents, and we had a luscious vacay all to ourselves.

View from the temple of the Mayan ruins. Mayans were some real bad asses.

I love the textures of the shore.

I want to run in right now!

View from the outdoor shower. My new happy place.

It. Was. Heaven. Originally when we planned the first trip we were going to go adventuring all over the place because we had a whole week to explore. Our recent trip was just a few nights, so we didn't stray far from the perfect beach but it was still amazing. I love Mexico so much. I love the people, they are warm, hard working and genuine. I love the art! Culture! History! Nature! Food! Also it is the perfect place for O to practice his Spanish. Mexican Spanish is beautifully enunciated, very easy to understand and much slower than Spain Spanish, which he just couldn't get no matter how hard he tried.

PiƱa Colada. Ah! Why am I not there right now!

It was so hard to capture the color of the water. It was so stunning and the waves were so much fun to play in. 

We stayed at Encantada Tulum and I would recommend it to anyone. It was perfect waking up to the breeze off of the ocean, and the sounds of the waves, the bright starlight every night, the delicious food, long walks along the beautiful water and countless mezcal margaritas. We did yoga on our perfectly situation little terrace, we drank fresh watermelon juice on the beach, we had long dinners by candlelight and ocean breeze, we explored the town and I didn't buy any textiles no matter how badly I wanted them (remember our resolution to save money? sob).

Lunch on the beach! 

sunrise on a cloudy morning

Monday, January 12

2015 I am coming for you

ahhhhh....its the start of a new year. Isn't that just the most exciting! Clean slate, goals to meet, work to be done! Rewards to look forward to! This year O and I decided that we are going to work hard and save money. Last year was a doozy for our resources: we had that never-ending-from-hell-remodel, many trips to Amsterdam, New York twice, Seattle, Florida and I can't remember where else... Not to mention we adopted our little buggabo. Damn it was a year and a half!

This year O and I are going to make a mood board for our 2015! We have goals like save up a lot of money and you know what has been coming to mind non stop? This:

Thats me, swimming in money! Other 2015 goals for me are as follows.

1. Squash Autoimmune Disease!! Last year I went full Paleo on my own ass and it has been the latest breakthrough for me/us. I have been healthier than ever and my new diet has so much to do with it. I love having energy, not having to worry about tummy paint or headaches or skin rashes, bone aches, fatigue and the pooping...oh the pooping.

2. Be my own trainer. I have been working out with a trainer who I adore for a few years now. Ever since I had Alia I realized that its so hard to schedule workouts and its better for me to go to the gym when it suits me. Also I moved from Pilates to weight training and cardio training and I missed Pilates so much. I decided that I have to make my own workouts that combine Pilates, weight training, stretching and cardio. Its been a lot of fun so far! Its amazing to be able to workout on my own again and not hurt myself!

3. Stockpile money for our future adventures.

4. Make new friends! I am so blessed to have many truly meaningful friendships in my life so this goal is really just a continuation of that. Its a resolve to see my loved ones more often, and to make the effort to get to know people who I like as well!

5. Ground myself emotionally and maintain boundaries. Do you have a problem with boundaries sometimes? I know that I do. I tend to be a fixer, a solver. I like problem solving and when someone I love is having a problem, I want to fix it! You know what I have learned though? I have learned that not everyone thinks the same way that I do, and my spending time and energy and angst trying to solve their problems doesn't mean that they are going to see things my way and make their situation better for themselves the way that I think they should. I need to teach Alia to take ownership of her life and I will be an example of that for her I hope, but I also need to teach her not to drain herself trying to "fix" others, and that its ok to keep your emotional reserves safely tucked away when you are faced with the trauma of others. It isn't selfish. In fact I know in my heart that by constantly mourning the problems of others when my help is not effective is a waste of energy and as hard as it is I must accept, save my emotional energy and engage elsewhere. sigh.

6. Paint, and draw fearlessly. I am going to hone my craft, expand and pick up old mediums that I haven't touched since I was a child! I used to draw portraits constantly, but now I lack the confidence so I am going to work on that. I am going to grow and expand and paint what I want, what I truly love to see and put it out there even if you all hate it!

What about you? Any major goals that you are really excited about this year?

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