Wednesday, November 11

Public Service Announcement

Beautiful new work by one of my faves Karina Bania over at Mille. 

I just love Karina. You do too, admit it.

Monday, November 9

Silver Bells....

Ok, Halloween is over. See you later rotting pumpkins. I have learned from bitter experience that if I don't begin to gather the spirits of Christmas by the first of November I will be surprised by how fast it comes and feel stressed that will make me enjoy the season less. So even though I try to overlook the crazy over commercialization of Christmas, I am already planning for Christmas.

So maybe order some garlands? (also super cute, maybe with a toy elf sitting on it with long dangly stripped legs. Or Polka dots made out of pom poms.

I know that I am too lazy (read: just don't care enough and I know it will be up until Valentines and that will just stress me out so I am just owning it) to decorate outside. HOWEVER! One wreath and one mailbox swag is ok. I like this cutie pie:

This wreath is cute and not too christmassy You know what I really want to do is put a jack-o-lantern out there with a santa hat on. Right? Hilarious.

Maybe something for under the tree? I still don't have anything good for that. But how do I keep the toddler away? Putting a child gate around the tree is out of the question, too much clutter and I can assure you that it is no match for Miss Aliboo Magoo. Just scrap the tree altogether? Or put it on a table?

Other pretty Christmas ideas...

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