Wednesday, November 19

New York, then Seattle baby! Also, cute baby right?

Being a mommy to Alia has been so much fun! I am finally starting to figure out how to accomplish other things besides bottles, burping and swaddling. I am painting again, and trying to get some ideas going for the holidays. This is going to be my least prepared holiday season ever, but I think I can hack it. November is one of my favorite times of the year. It gets actually chilly in Atlanta, and I am a girl who likes a brisk day. Below is me excited that its cold outside.

Plus, the 15th is our wedding anniversary and we always go to New York to be alone together in one of our happy places. I didn't make a big deal of it this year, making reservations and planning an attack rout for museums I must see. Basically we didn't do very much at all except for cuddle, drink hot toddies, walk around, buy some glasses, have cozy dinners in sweet West Village eateries, and eat breakfast in bed. 

Today is so chilly and I don't have to go anywhere! O is out of town for his yearly trade show shenanegans and what does that mean for me? The house was spotless by 7am because its the first thing I do when he leaves. Clean everything up and put it just how I like it, no one is going to mess it up until he gets home with his lovable tornado-mess way. Alia is sleeping (I just jinxed it, of course) and I am painting in my home studio and taking breaks between spurts of work to get the ball rolling on an adventure that we decided on in New York!

We are going to spend the summer in Seattle.  Just the summer, we aren't moving but its time to start taking advantage of our freedom before Alia has to go to school, or something like that. We will see what comes of that when the time comes. But for now, I can't wait to explore Seattle and see friends, make new friends and just be together having an adventure as a family.

I couldn't help myself, and decided to start checking out some spots for the summer. I fell in love with this cozy little house and I imagine myself painting in that patio every day! What do you think?

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