Thursday, July 31

Pistachio Press

I recently ordered some of this lace design note cards from Pistachio Press, and I was surprised at how beautiful they are, even more so than in the photo. One thing I love about this wedding invite suite, is the typography, and the proportions of the adornments to the type, very nice. Plus that pop of pink, sigh...

Sunday, July 27

Thermo imaging

Syrian desert...It looks like the most amazing abstract painting...

loyal readers....

Oh, hey, wanna vote for me? You don't have to, but go check out these very inspiring ideas!

Thursday, July 24

Life and stuff

First off, this is the most perfect wedding dress ever, as far as I am concerned.

I am taking the day off, wow this has been the CRAZIEST week so far. But lots of great things have happened, including finding a venue, at long last, for our Nov. 15 wedding! WEEEE! Check it out.

On another, totally unrelated note, I love this photo, I really want a bathing suit like that one, I think it is so perfect. Hmmm, I wonder where I could get one. I got kinda mesmerized looking at this photo stream. Interesting how body type standards have changed, I personally think these ladies look so much more feminine and lovey than your usual 2000's swimsuit model. They just look so healthy and happy!

Monday, July 21

got some prints on sale over at the old shop...

The house

More patterns around the house...

Wednesday, July 16


I got inspired by the pattern contest over here is some pattern on pattern action at my house. Anyone else wanna play?

Monday, July 14


Finally getting around to cleaning out my camera....
Singing and eating and dancing on the 4th, with your good friends Ruth and Sean.

Saturday, July 12

Kors I did!

I just bought these shoes from Neiman Marcus last call sale. I am getting ready for fall now b/c it always takes me until, like, Thanksgiving to get some fall clothes, and it really isn't cold here that, and did I mention all of my Christmas shopping is done?
Oh, Michael Kors, $67 from $190....can I get an Amen.

Update: They are way huge, I think they were miss-marked, they gotta go back. sad.

Tuesday, July 8

I am back

So, you may have noticed, I have kinda been distracted lately, but now I am back. So many new things are happening, and I can hardly seem to get a handle on anything. I have been ill for a few months now and it has made me realize how much energy it takes just to make it through one day. It also has given me time to hang out in my imagination a little bit, and think about art...

A cosmic for me is about being lost in a world that is not reality, and this is a world I could escape to any day.

And, Joslyn, and Jordan... and Brooklyn on my mind...
Seriously, how cool is this from MayLuk

and lastly...summer sales.

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