Friday, June 17

Minimal Silk Paintings

Life has been a little bit hectic lately. And as a result I am craving muted colors, and lots of negative space. This is where my new silk pieces come in. (I will be putting this series of silk and linen pieces online when I launch my new store in a few weeks). 

These are the kinds of pieces that I want to hang in my own home, like today. I love the tactile quality of them, even the transparency of the fabric, and the slight bunching on the sides, to highlight the luminous quality that the threads have. There is a touch of gold paint, and smudges and stains and a few deliberate and graphic pencil marks. I would love to see these sold as a pair and live together in a chic home surrounded by calm and love.

Wednesday, June 15

Just bragging about my new website (looks at fingernails)

I just can't wait to show you my new website! New logo! New paintings! Also, a new secret project/collaboration I have been working on that is for your west cost peeps. I am simultaneously brimming with excitement, and so in my head + distracted that I slipped on my front stairs this morning and yanked my neck all out of alignment. I was on my way to the gym, and I need to go there regular like to keep the ol back slightly less ol. 

Features that I am excited about: you can sort paintings by medium, substrate. Elegant design and quickly get prices emailed to you right then and there, and coming soon special limited edition prints.

After I have a fancy pants person make the necessary modifications to make it perfect then it will go live and only people signed up to my newsletter will get special treatment.

Sunday, June 5

Art Deco

I didn't always love art deco, even growing up visiting south beach a lot, I never appreciated what I was looking at. A few months ago in Havana I was arrested by the beauty of the art deco buildings, they seemed to look all the more elegant for being neglected. (Its also about accessorizing well, I mean those palm trees are just the thing right?)

Switching gears to gaze upon this elegant mansion. I feel like Poirot is going to waddle out and politely demure to swim with the other guests, using that opportunity to study them and come to miraculous conclusions that we only find out about in the very end. But. Look at those sexy curves.

 I love these rugs, one is like the intro to a scary movie and the other is search beams lights and hypnotized spider rings. Beautiful colors right? I want to put a silver metalic leather something on that, and a sofa in a tight geo pattern in like indigo or something. Super trippy right?

The only thing missing from the photo down here is a vase with dahlias in it, black ones.

Round shapes with interesting angles. 

There are so many of these elements in my paintings. Round, swooping movement, simple repetition, arches in thick and exaggerated scale, geometric elements and bold colors. This piece has a lot of art deco influence, so does this one.

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