Monday, August 26

Updates, read them.

Thanks to all of your for your feedback on my question about which print to have made. I decided to do both, since the feelings were so strong about it! They will both be available as pre-stretched canvas prints in a 36x48 size by October 15th. Also, thanks for your well wishes about Graniph. Y'all be da best.

Southern Creative's Social Society people! We will have another meeting in mid October. Our lovely friend Jessica Durrant will be heading that particular meeting up, so I will relay info, and a new flier as soon as we get our collective shit together.

P.S. You can pre-order the Bowtie Canvas Print here. They are back-ordered until October 15th.

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Friday, August 23


We all get to see the results of an exciting collaboration I participated in with Japanese brand Graniph today. I licensed three of my pieces to be turned into cardigans and unisex T-shirts. Dark n Stormy, Hadrian and Fly By. You can buy my items here!

Michelle Armas
Michelle Armas is an abstract painter from Atlanta, Georgia, but really she is a child of the world. She reaches out to the beauty of daily life, and the warmth of friendship for inspiration, and spends most of her time appreciating art in all forms, from around the world. Most days you can find her talking to herself or her two dogs while she creates paintings, drawings, patterns in life or as a daydream in her mind. Her favorite things in the world are tomato sauce, Abraham Lincoln and her family.

The really nice people over there sent me some iphone snaps of the display which launched today. I can't believe how great my logo looks there. Eek. Wouldn't it be great to transport myself there for the day and check it out? Yes, indeed it would.

Those very nice folks over there are sending me a few of each design. I will use them to shower you with gifts, naturally. Do you happen to be reading this post from Japan? Go check it out! Please.

P.S. The original Fly By is still available, I believe. Here.

Thursday, August 22

Help me choose a print!

Hi y'all, I am placing my next order with the printer for the fabulous pre-stretched canvas prints. I am re-ordering the Bowtie print, and also adding some new ones! Dark n Stormy for one (you should see the proofs on these! So great, you can't tell it isn't an original, I swear.) Anyway so I also want to add either Bermuda Biangle, or End of End...which one would you choose? Or should I do both, are they different enough?


Help me decide. Which one do I go for, or should I make both of them into a pre-stretched canvas print. What else would you like to see as a print?

Tuesday, August 20


I have been thinking about how to have more adventures in our lives lately. Or, how to make our life an adventure in itself! Having a child will be a huge adventure, and I am starting to really get a little baby crazy. I have never been "baby crazy" whatever that is. But now when I see a cute, chubby, gurgly baby I feel compelled to hold that creature. I have to make myself not go freak out poor mothers with my crazy!

That brings me to the post I read today on Cup of Jo, about being a mother in Mexico. I love Mexico, and I love Mexicans. I always want to just talk to everyone when I am there and I often fantasize about moving there for a few years and just letting it change me for a while. I could ship my paintings from Mexico right!! What adventure do you want to take?

Great street art, right? Also fresh fruit. I guess you just go there, eat the fruit, stay home for a week on the pooper, then get over it right?

Oh dear, adorable children in hats. Hold me back.

Ps. I am choosing Marco Polo for the name of that painting name (thanks jenni!), it was mostly random. Thank you guys for bringing the goods on that! I am going to ask you again, so stay primed.

pss. The rug is getting cleaned this week, so I will post some photos when we finally have it installed in our office. Its so pretty in person, and weighs about 100 lb, no joke.

Wednesday, August 14

This just in

I bought this rug! I am pretty stoked, don't have it yet, but I knew you would want to see.

 10x13 size, I paid 1400usd. I think thats a pretty good price considering the size, and it's wool and antique but in perfect condition. It has a low pile (meaning it isn't fluffly, and its dyed with vegetable dyes, so its soft and muted from the years of use.) Plus its pretty much perfect in terms of color for our space. (I called them today because there were two listings for this rug, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting duped. I spoke with someone who was very helpful, explained that the duplicate listing was an error and confirmed that my rug is already out the door. eek!)

We have a 13x13 sized room to deal with, and we really need a carpet in there for various reasons. I priced having a new wool carpet cut and bound but even my least favorite ones still came in at over 2k. Even the synthetic ones were around 1500 at the very cheapest. They would have covered a little more area, about two extra feet along the one side of the room, but that didn't satisfy me. (The carpet I really wanted to use in that room was silk bamboo, an was 3500usd for a 12x12 size!!) Hell to the no.

Enter Flor. (remember when I used Flor in my home studio?) I like Flor, and if I wanted a soft underfoot option for that room (and I do) then I was looking at around 1500usd to cover a 12x12 area. That doesn't include the stickers (they are expensive, but very, very strong), or shipping. Don't get me wrong, I like Flor a lot, and its a local company too. But, its kind of like buying a new car, you loose so much value after you install the tiles because its hard to re-sell them. I prefer to spend money on items that can be re-sold. I have commitment problems you see. Also, I prefer always to buy used things/or hand made for our home/in general, it makes me feel cozier.

I did about 25 or more long internet and eBay searches looking for a large rug (over the course of a year, I take long time on stuff and plan ahead). I wanted something less floral, more geometric or tribal and not red. Muted, soft and at least 10x13, but was also considering 9x12. Once I decided that 1500 usd was the budget option, I put that as the maximum to spend on a rug and searched eBay every day. Once I found this one I pounced. Literally two seconds after O gave me the okey dokey I bought it. 

This is the very first purchase in our home-improvement efforts this year which include making over the office, creating a nursery, stripping and re-sealing the front porch, new dishwasher, range, master bedroom re-do including total closet re-organization and design, and bathroom updates including vanity, lighting, mirrors and hardware (I wish we were doing gut remodels, but I am taking deep breaths and holding tight for for this week because I change my mind all the time.)

Update: I bought it at DCRUGS. If I had more cash I would buy this one. I can't attest to the customer service or quality yet, b/c I don't actually have the rug in my possession. I will update!

Tuesday, August 13

Some new stuff

Howdy. I have some new work. Wanna hear about them? Sure you do. Also, I need your help. Scroll.

Caddy Shack. 48x48. This one reminds me of a 1950's style illustration of a big city. I named it Caddy Shack because it was the suggestion for another painting (Golf Pants) and I liked it. Confession: I have never seen Caddy Shack.

Dorsal. 36x48. I should have named it Shark Bite. Right?! I mean its all calm waters and blood, now that I look at it. This is one of those pieces with so many layers, about 12, that you should hang it someplace where you can see it close up, like over a desk.

Xx. 48x60. I named this one after the Xx, cuz that is what I was listening to when I painted it. I was feeling very free and light. This is actually two paintings. I started something at home. I hated it. I covered it in red paint. Hated it. Then decided to just layer like a mo fo until I was happy. There is a lot of paint here. Its like when you wake up in the middle of the night, and you just have hold of your dream but you want to go back there, so you start trying to carve it out in your mind and you end up lucid dreaming. Then next thing you know you are a belt designer and you have to figure out how to cast resin...does that happen to you?

What should I name this one?
I just finished this blue piece yesterday and put an image on Instagram. What would you name it? Quick, first thing that comes to your head. If it helps you at all, this is a 36x36 size. Go.

Friday, August 9

Friday Existential thoughts

It's just an accident that we happen to be on earth, enjoying our silly little moments, distracting ourselves as often as possible so we don't have to really face up to the fact that, you know, we're just temporary people with a very short time in a universe that will eventually be completely gone. And everything that you value, whether it's Shakespeare, Beethoven, da Vinci, or whatever, will be gone. The earth will be gone. The sun will be gone. There'll be nothing. The best you can do to get through life is distraction. Love works as a distraction. And work works as a distraction. You can distract yourself a billion different ways. But the key is to distract yourself.

Woody Allen

I like this, its kinda exactly how I think about life. Except instead of distracting myself from the fact that everything is nothing, I prefer to really enjoy the fuck out of life. At least I enjoy it when I am not stressing out about it if I am being honest, which I am. Found via. Check out more mind boggling space shit here.

Wednesday, August 7

One Kings Lane

There are some really great deals on pieces at One Kings Lane this week. I get the emails every morning, and most mornings I click around and browse the rugs and the art and the vintage jewelry. Thats pretty much how I find out when my own art is on there, and for this sale, there are soo many great pieces. (they have a great staff who tells me when there are events, but I don't really keep track :)

Including the Bowtie print on canvas that is currently sold out on my own store.

And Blarney on paper in a frame.

Not to mention a ton of other art that is super neeto. Sale here.

Monday, August 5

We had fun so Nanny Nanny Boo Boo, and other stuff

Thanks to all the lovely ladies and guys who came out to our Southern Creative's Social Society meeting. The Livingston is a really beautiful spot, I remember when it was just a strange ballroom that was never used. How do you feel about making it monthly? What do you want the focus to be on? Do we learn each time, or do we just gossip and chat and laugh and fist bump?

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 

The newest issue of Anthology mag has a little blurb about my favorite movie for visual inspiration. I have several, but one of my all time favorite movies is Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thompson. As you all know. 

There they are: Sensibility is Kate, and Sense is Emma. I told O recently that watching or reading a Jane Austen tale is like catching up with an old friend. I just love how she writes people. I sometimes meet people in real life and wonder what Jane would have said about them, is that totally nerdy? Don't answer that. If you are like me, and now you want to snuggle up with your puppies and a tea and watch it, go ahead.

In otherother news: I started my new commitment of doing one hour of adoption research a day and by the end of the hour I googled: "Life without children...." Sigh. It sucks. I did learn that you can adopt an embryo though. So if you can't conceive but you can still carry a child to term, crazy y'all! And awesome. 

Thursday, August 1

Hope to see you all tonight!

Tonight sistahs! The Southern Creative's Social Society will be having our first meeting at The Livingston in the Georgian Terrace Hotel at 6:30. Be there, or be round.

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