Monday, July 27

New work...

and a toe ring, aparently, this one is on vintage canvas, not stretched on a frame.

Ok, help me out here

Sooo, I spent the weekend painting (walls) and so forth. So in short, I need advice.
Here is the deal, I got the green paint, the exact color I want, here it is as a tester (only one coat so it looks weak, but deal with it, mmmmkay), and I am getting cold feet!

1. Do I paint it on just the panelling, and the paint the ceiling and the rest of the wall a straw color, so it isn't next to that bright white?
2. Do I paint the entire wall green, and leave the ceiling white.
3. Do I suck it up and not pain the room green???

The rest of the house is still yellow, so this is what it will look like when you walk in the front door, obvi, the living room will not be yellow for long...but is this green just too much for me?(Ok, imagine that green all along the left wall of the dining room, it will not be white as it is in this photo, ok, just making sure you got that.) Would you freak out if you walked into a home and saw that? Or am I just crazy and this is the coolest green you ever saw and right now you are sort of trying to make out with this photo? Tell me.The view of the dining room from the kitchen, as you can see, I had a few greens to choose form, and the kitchen is recovering from it's yellow period.

Painted the bedroom brown, I LOVE IT. O was super skeptical, remember the deliberations? Well, I just went with what I really wanted, and it looks so nice in there, and I miraculously found the same flat white as the ceiling, and painted above the railing, so it looks like the room has a white collar on, as O says. I can't stop nesting, I have a huge, unfinished project in my office, and I can't concentrate on it! Awwwwww, must.....nest.....

p.s. is this a sign? I saw these today...hmmmm, via Coco+Kelly, via all over the place.

Thursday, July 23

Gorey inspiration

Been inspired by the work of Edward Gorey today. You?

Tuesday, July 21

My new love

Ok, I just wrote you this big, long post, all about leaky roofs and left over booooooring. Instead, let me tell you about my new love affair, yes, LOVE affair. I am having a heated, sordid, can't keep my eyes off of him tryst, I am flat out cheating on O with....greeeeen, sigh. Not just any green mind you, nineties acid green can go home and take a cold shower, pea green can take a long walk off a short pier, mint green can...well mint green can be persistent, I am sure I will cave in to him sometime. No, my love is for deep, saturated, intense, smoldering, silky, algae green. Well, boarding on alpine Forest green, or exotic succulent green, you know what I mean, right? I want to wrap myself in it, I want to use every bit of it in my oil paint tube (note to self, buy more green oil paint), I want to wear it every day, but mostly, I want to paint the paneling in my dinning room with it's soothing, yet stirring self.

Both images by Mikkel Vang

Via Abbey

Thursday, July 9

It's so freaking HOT

Oh deary me! I am dreaming of fall...and the sun is melting my freaking trash can outside still. Mmmm, what is your favorite season? Mine is absolutely fall, unabashedly fall, I get excited just thinking about snuggling up with a good blanket and pillows on a chair outside, with a good book and a brandy. Isn't this mood board from Snippet and Ink fabulous? I just love Kathryn's eye, she is so talented.

It is a time for baking! And how amazing does the Tartine book cover look? Well, that isn't a question, it looks perfect, so there.

Also, I admit that I am already thinking about Thanksgiving, O and I will be in Mexico for a week before, and it is our turn to host this year. I am already dreaming of garlands and yummy smells in the house and warm cider and creamy linens....oh my. This image from Country Living is my ideal, I wonder where I can find plates like that....

In the spirit, I think you should consider buying some cashmere sweaters about this one?

Monday, July 6

50% off spring loot at Totokaelo

Mmmm, if only they had my size in anything I liked, bummers. One of my fave boutiques, so artful, and always perfectly edited (they say that in Lucky magazine, so I know it sounds "fashiony,") ok.

Speaking of shopping, I bought a bathing suite, online, and it fit! I know, crazy. I realized that it was a necessity after I wore my very old one to the lake at my parent's house...and it barely stayed on. I was inspired by the deep green color of "their" lake, Santeetlah, and got the pine jersey number from JCrew.

While I was on the site, I decided to do some winter shopping, and got this sweater, what a deal! I am also tempted by this little number...It is a good time to stock up on some winter things because fall things are coming out this month, I know crazy, but they start coming out in July. Especially crazy in Georgia b/c it is still hot on Halloween, usually...also distracting me is this...
must. move away from computer....

Thursday, July 2

Ya'll seen this?

I am always shouting from the rooftops about re purposing things and trolling Craigslist like a...troll, but these people put me to shame. We have been here almost two months, and we just got the lawn mower out of the dining room! Damn. Via Decorno.

I am, however narrowing down a blue, I have decided to go with a lighter, but still sexy blue. The dark was too much of a commitment for me right now... I mean this past year I got married and bought a house, shit, dark paint was just too much for me. I am taking Ryan Korban's flat as an inspiration, blue walls, gray silk curtains, chrome, red, oriental rugs...this I can handle.

p.s This morning, after a few weeks of a avoiding the poop roll, and generally keeping out of trouble, Coco decided to dig up something dead, and you guessed it, roll around in it. All I am saying is thank gawd O was around...that dog.

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