Wednesday, February 27

Maria Britton

I am inspired by this today. Maybe because my work has been so much more floral lately, and maybe because it looks like something Klimpt would have painted if he got his hands on a hookah.
Maria Britton, Tinlark gallery

Tuesday, February 26

More dress inspiration

More wedding dress ideas. Don't remember who designed them, what do you think? I liked the middle one of the last post the best, by the way. I love how delicate the bottom two look, it looks like an oil painting from the turn of the century...speaking of, do you think having your portrait painted as a newly married couple is too pretentious?

Friday, February 22

Gluten free Friday!

Yummy. I recently found out I am not to eat gluten so since I love to bake away the day, I have been experimenting with pie dough and I found such a good, easy recipe, I had to share.

Two cups Red Mill Gluten Free Flour
2/3 cups butter, chopped
4 Tbsp watter

Make the dough in a bowl with a some forks, or in a mixer with a whisk like I do, I know, it is cheating, but if you know just how long to let it mix, it is easy as...well, pie. Cut the butter into it until it looks like peas, then add the water at the end to get it to mush all together.

Anyway, 4 cups of organic, fresh blueberries, but them in a bowl with 1/4 cup more flour,
3 TBS honey, the rind of one lemon, and the juice of that lemon.

Roll out the dough, it doesn't have the elasticity of wheat, so you may have to piece it together a little bit. Plop the berries in there, and cut the last bit of dough into strips for the lattice. Plop some bits of butter right under the lattice and away you go.

If you like, beat an egg and brush it over the finished pie before you bake, and sprinkle with sugar for a nice glimmery look.

Put it in a preheated oven at 450 for 10 minuets, then reduce heat to 350 for about 45, I don't time it, I just go every 10 mins or so to see how it is, once the crust is brown and yummy looking, and the blueberries have turned into bubbling lava, you are done.

This pie tastes so fresh and tangy, the crust is crumbly and not at all bitter, it tastes like it is good for you! and it is, most pies call for a cup or more of regular sugar, yikes!

Thursday, February 21

Rest! Gosh Darnit

Things around here have been slow, really slow. I am trying to rest as much as possible, b/c I have been under the weather for forever now! I know that most people who work from home take advantage of the opportunity and take lots of breaks, but I have found it impossible to stop working, I realized I have not taken a break in 3 years. Now I am learning to take small breaks every day. I am kitting, reading, baking, at least something like that, every. single. day, yowzers, and taking Coco on long walks. I thought I might share some pics, maybe it will inspire you to rest more too!

Ahhh, napping on the couch, hanging out while O does the dishes, lunch in the sunny living room. Why have I not been doing this before?

Wednesday, February 20

Peter Bauhuis

Peter Bauhuis
Gold heart pin...So pretty. It reminds me of leaves on the driveway, in a romantic way!

Monday, February 18

Wedding Dress?

Been thinking about my wedding dress, these shapes are inspiring me lately, there is a chance that I may design my dress and have it made, so I have been looking around. What do you think?
Badgley Mischka
Monique Lhuillier

Monday, February 11


Feeling really inspired by these prints by Karen Walker, Anna Sui
That last one looks like wild horses galloping in the surf on red, doesn't it? And the one above it reminds me of old fashioned clinical illustrations of the brain and cellular formations, so beautiful.

Fukuda Kan

I have so much trouble sleeping lately, I feel like I am always awake, but when I do dream, I have bright visions, saturated in the most vivid colors I have ever seen. I wish I could take pictures for you. I think these beautiful paintings by Fukuda Kan really express what they are like. I guess I should just get to work painting them, huh.

Wednesday, February 6

New Pillow

Just got this pillow. Sweet. Lena Corwin.

My paintings at Beholder Art

Check out the new marketplace at Beholder Art. You can find my paintings there, yeah! and also you can find great photography, illustrations and more from emerging artists from all over the US, Canada and Europe. Plus there is a guest curator, and events, including an exclusive show for Rare Device coming in April.

Jars by Luke Ramsey and Lilac by Jennifer Causey

Monday, February 4

Meet Coco

Yeah! O and I adopted this sweet little puppy from the pound. I have been pretty busy with her b/c she has a cold and an eye infection, poor thing. The pound can be a nasty place for little dogs. Now she is happy and warm and sleeping with her ducky toy. I thought you might like to meet her.

Friday, February 1

Cool or not cool?

Do I want this? Vintage bag, leather, on eBay...about $40 including shipping. I can't tell if it is really cool or kinda crazy. What do you think?

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