Monday, December 21

25% off

FYI, everything in both of my stores (I am checking out Big Cartel....I know I am a traitor,) is 25% off, and free shipping on all prints, until the New Year. Just contact me if you plan on buying something on Etsy, so I can give you the discizzount.

Friday, December 18

I Hate Santa

Dude, I am crying from laughing so hard right now. But my need to share this is so great...I am speachless. Thanks Bryn, you changed my life.

Wednesday, December 16


Loving these three Theory cardigans...all on sale. Which would you choose and why? (I would instinctively go for the colored stripe...but sometimes my wardrobe looks epileptic.)

Theory Hollis Cardigan

Theory Land Floraine cardigan

Theory Wool blend cardigan

Monday, December 14

Progress in the old home

I just bought these curtain rods, in natural iron for our bedroom. It is painted a deep, rich brown. I am planning on putting creme colored linen drapes.

I went to check the Estate Silver line of curtain hardware this weekend, and O gave it the thumbs up. I like the thinner, plain end cap version. Next month, I hope to buy two for the living room, which we are painting a beautiful, fresh creme color! So happy to finally get rid of that blasted yellow!!!
I like this rug a lot too, the rug we have now is stunningly beautiful, a gift from O's parent's, but it does tend to make the room quite dark...

And I do think the ivory silk curtains will work (Restoration Hardware via Ebay) in either the living room or the bedroom...I may get some and test them. I heart Ebay for things like this.

I also love Ebay for things like this: Fabulous stool, huge chunk of amethyst, (bought by me!)
and a beautiful, deeply discounted William Sonoma Home Pendant.

Tuesday, December 8

My paintings at Urban Outfitters

I've been itching to tell you about my Secret Garden painting being sold at Urban Outfitters this winter, just in time for the holidays! It is also available online. It is by far the largest of the Artist Wall Art Series, over at the Urban, that I have ever seen. I am happy by how they turned out. I don't know what they will cost yet, but maybe you will see them over at your local shop.
* 42"w, 29"h, $98

You can also get the original at my shop, it is still for sale.

Thursday, December 3

Wish I were here right now

One for me, one for O, and a big, crazy awesome rug for the lady doggies.... I don't have any decorations up at all, we just need to step it up. Yup, thats right, step it up.

Tuesday, December 1

New paintings

There are a few new paintings in the ol shop today. Not Bad is an oil abstract, very surreal but more of a landscape than my usual paintings. I can always frame in a custom maple floating frame for $100 upon request. There are some other exciting things happening too, I am going corporate...and I will tell you tomorrow.

I also have some original drawings that have been made into prints selling at Little Paper Planes, available on my shop, framed.

And last but not least, some of my first prints ever, in a new, larger size! 15 x11, oh yeah baby.

Meet Moxie Squirp Mague

Hello! Did you have a fabulous Thanksy G? I did, it was yum and southern! Fried turkey baby, yup, fried turkey. Next year we host, I am thinking Mexican? hehehe

The best part though, was meeting our new doggie, Moxie. We went to the pound, the worst, stinkiest, most horrible hole of a pound I have ever seen in my life. I am talking to YOU Dekalb county pound, SHAME on you! Our poor Moxie was skin and bones, with a terrible cold and cough, and worms in her intestines. She could hardly bark, couldn't jump up at all. It seems she had gone on a hunger strike in her jail cell, that she had been in for four weeks!!!!

But enough about her horrible incarceration. Now she is home with us, and has been for two weeks. At first, she was pissy, as you can imagine, and Coco was all like, "hey bitch, you gonna sleep here, you gotta play!" Our little Moxie made a rapid recovery, she is filling in really well, has been on antibiotics, and can jump and bark and run after squirrels all day long. To our delight, she and Coco are perfectly matched wrestling entertainment.

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