Thursday, June 30


I drove into Timbuktu last night, rocking out to eighties songs in the Golden Buddha (my gold mini van, it has no back seats, it needs flame decals!!) Anyway, this little beauty is mine now, and will serve as a place for Buff to pack up paintings, and for having lunch and for serving up cocktails at parties...sooooo

 Help me pick out some counter height stools, I went the vintage shop route, and I can't find anything around here, so online it is...I love online shopping.

Of all the options from Overstock (3$ shipping, a girl can't resist), these are the perfect height, and are purdy. $89 for two. Would four look too crowded under that table?

 Is there something that is prettier and a better deal? I think they would look great with lambswool over them...or a bright pillow (printed in custom fabric from my new and still un-designed fabric line...)

Tuesday, June 28


this shit is dope, via here.

Monday, June 27

Su Su Studio

My big news is that I am moving into my own studio, in Decatur, and will be having events, shows, sales, you name it! Local art lovers rejoice, everyone else also rejoice, I demand it.

It is a loft apartment, in a quiet building built as a factory in the 20's, near lots of yummy lunch places and a great place to walk the doggies, who will be hanging with me here every day. I have tons of room, and LOTS of storage. I get to hire another helper! Also, we now have a free room in our home for a future creature to inhabit, that is a close as I am willing to get to the baby in the future issue, since I know all of you thought I was going to post big baby news.

My inspiration photos. I want neutrals, light and airy and texture from wood, glass, know the deal. Perfect for creating and displaying art.

Requirements for my own little slice of heaven: 1. record player!!! 2. Bar, old fashioned bar a la madmen 3. Sexy lighting 4. A place to nap. 5. Chocolate Mouse in the fridge at all times.

Thursday, June 23


I wish I could live in San Francisco...that is what I thought every second of every day that O and I were there last week. I didn't take a lot of photos b/c I didn't want to drag around my giant camera, but now I am sad about that...

I just got this photo of a client's darling nursury with a commission piece 24x36 that she ordered a few months ago. Doesn't this room look wonderful!

I have some potential HUGE news (well, at least it is for me...) soon.

Thursday, June 2

Painterly Votive

I simply love this idea. I admit that when Emily from Once Wed stopped by to pick up a few things from my studio, I was surprised that she wanted my manky old brush cup. She saw the beauty of it. What a great example of how smart she is! (Her adorable photographer was with her, but I don't remember her name, just that she was the cutes preggers lady ever!)

"The glass Michelle uses to clean her brushes inspired us to paint the insides of these votives for some colorful candlelight. They couldn’t be easier to make. Pick up a case of glass votives from your nearest floral wholesaler or local Target. Scribble watery paint on the inside of clear glass candleholders and don’t try too hard…if you mess with them too much you’ll just make brown. If you’re having a hard time with this project you may need some more wine to help you loosen up. ;) When they’re dry, plunk in a votive. Done!"

What a great idea for a wedding! You could have little paintings for everyone, or for your table numbers, could use some abstract decoration on your place cards...Why didn't I think of this for my wedding? Jeeze

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