Wednesday, September 30

Our future, part One

Something strange is happening to me...I want to live here, right now, this second, and I want to be riding a horse around the place, and then come back to my studio and paint my heart out, and make things all day long, and have enormous parties. I want this so bad I just called O and made him promise we would have a meeting about it. I want it so bad that I am putting it on our project board. I want it so bad I can live in a small town stuffed full of conservatives.

Can you dig it? 30 acres baby, 4,500 square feets, and a barn, and a vinyard...2.5 hours away from historic Washington Georgia. This is the 4th time I have been to this website, because I can't help myself...

Monday, September 28

Thursday, September 24

Drunk with inspiration

Ok, I took my break for a few days, now I am ready to get back into the swing of fixing up the house. So, I recently saw this image again, and I have seen a kajillion times, and every time, I think, "damn straight, that room is kick'n"...or some such nonsense. As we have come to learn, my internal monologue is actually about 14 years old, and quite a pimply young man, if I say so myself. Anyway, things that work:

1. Orange couch, hello, totally gonna happen over here, except darker, and in velvet, or something.
2. I love that beige-peachy-lighty wall color, nice
3. Mercuried glass, hell yes
4. Cloud photo in simple frame, check (I have one, and I plan on blowing it up and framing it just like that.
5. X benches? yes please
6. There is an elephant my dears, so it has to be sent from the powers that be just for me.
Ok, I could go on and on. Suffice to say, Todd Alexander Romano is my new boyfriend, (hehheehhe).
Ok, check out the Coco dog there, and the Coco-bed with ottoman, I can't let Coco see that, she will be sooo bratty about her lame doggy bed (it has a bone embroidered on it, I shuddered just typing that...) moving on. Check out how the dog chooses to lounge on the fur throw, nice.

That is some nice fabric, I love epileptic prints like that.

Ok, back to the matter at hand. So, I chose this color for the living room, Mocha Cream, from Benjamin Moore, I stole the idea from this editorial. I had that thing cut out and in a binder years ago, moving on... Pretty much all of the elements in our living room are in these muted colors, and lets face it, that couch ain't gonna get oranged until something pukes on it has to live in it's beige skin for a while yet. Ok, so pretty much, I am going to blend the images to get my perfect future living room, and I will show you someday when it is done.

Tuesday, September 22

Rain = flood

Yesterday in my parent's neck of the woods, today, sunshine, at last. Lets see how long it lasts. I should have taken a picture of the river that was in our backyard yesterday, a river dude.

Monday, September 21

Round these parts

My progress last week, this photo was taken today, we had to bbq on the front porch for our housewarming, since it rained all weekend, and is still raining. I had to run outside when it was dry for a few minutes today just to capture this. Let me just say area schools are closed due to so much rain and flash flooding, and it is not going to stop this week, yikes. Those house numbers almost fell apart as we were installing them, from Lowes, they only cost 5 bucks each though, I am waiting until one day we can get Neutra numbers....oh baby.

Done with the dining room too, well, almost, that stupid blue tape DOES NOT FREAKING WORK! I am always having to go fix up areas, wth! Does anyone else have this problem? am I using the frigg'n tape wrong? I am in my mind to write that blue tape company a letter, strongly worded and everything.

So today, anxious doggy, and Mociun dress, great, but in my opinion, a dress with that much gathering should have a better drape, heavy cotton is not the best option, it just sits there, I can take out a coffee table top with this thing on, drape is important dude. And some new and old work, and inspiration in my office.

Wednesday, September 16

Check it

Dude, the blogger is acting strange, but I just saved this inspiration photo cuz this is sooo happening in my dining room. Except I am thinking more setee, less couch with longer legs, got me? Lounge and eat at the same time. It is going to be sweet. (I have noticed that the way people talk in my neighborhood is rubbing off on me, I have the Leage of Retired Gentelman's Club next door, and they get together to yell at eachother, affectionatly, and putter around and fix the 25 or so lawn mowers on my neigbor Ed's lawn. Yesterday I almost fell off my ladder, and this was my internal monologue: "Damn girl! You 'most fell off that ladder, and girlfriend is afraid of Heights! mmmmmmaaahhhh...")

This is what I want, I got the brown and white, and next comes the creme curtains, looks nice no?
Image via Pearl Street Interiors, I have been glued to the archives dude, and I still need to eat breakfast ( that leftover coconut cake from last nights celebration that I finished the first coat on the front of the house doesn't really count, even if Coco ate all the whipped creme, don't tell O).

Monday, September 14

Hello Luva

Third time in two months I have seen Sense and Sensibility...I heart Jane Austen, but I don't think we would have been friends if I had been born 200 years earlier...still, I heart her.

Did I mention that Alan Rickman is my boyfriend? He doesn't know it, but I love him, I love him as Colonel Brandon, and I love him as Professor Snape, he is a yummy be-robed bad guy isn't he? If I were Marianne, I would have been in love with him the whole time, forget that Willoughby dork.

Even lovey boys have bad hair days though, yikes! Plus, NO ONE looks good in a goatee, simply not good, no way, don't care if I offend you or your goats! I stand firm, I will not even support it on my boyfriend, so there you have it.

This old House

This image is inspiring me today, I would take pictures of what is happening around here, hello new roof! Repainting entire front of house, all the siding and windows, whew, almost done with that. Oh flap it! Here you go, photos of what is going on around the house, wanna advise me?

This is our brown bedroom, it just needs me to take some more rugs out of the rug spa to cover that carpet, momma don't like wall to wall carpet, nope she don't. Can't you just see a wall of pictures above my desk like in my inspiration?

And, I gotta put some curtains up, don't you think, I do. I have about 15 yards of pretty creme thick linen sitting around, that should do it, it would soften the room no? Ohhhh! and I forgot to tell you dears, that there is my steal of the century chair. It is a Room and Board beauty that I got on Craigslist for $250 (it includes the ottoman, excellent condition, almost new :)

Speaking of deals, I got another one for you. Our kitchen is kind of lacking counter space, so I needed something that would double as more space, and a place to chow down, cuz I like the eat in kitchen, (mostly I like O to hang with me while I cook, so there you have it.) I found this Dacke kitchen thingy at Ikea's as is section cuz it was missing the back panel for way cheep, don't remember, maybe $200? Life saver, but heavy as a mo fo.

And finally our dinning room, we are doing creme and cafe au lait. Can you tell that the ceiling is bright white, while the paneling is creme? How do you feel about that? (that spot right there to the left of the mantel will some day be a set of french doors that open onto the living room.)

Our living room is still a way station, check out the loading dock for our tools...

While we are at it, might as well, show you the front work station. I really wish I would have taken photos of before and during, before this point, when all the paint was stripped.

I just don't think you can appreciate how horrible those windows and siding where, I mean, siding falling off in long curls or chunks all over the place, and the window ledges were not identifiable as wood, at all. Now look at them!

Can't wait to be done with this, that window is much higher up that it looks, how about a flower box under that thing?

Our new roof: the lightest color that would go with our home colors, but maybe it doesn't go, don't know. Light roofs are more energy efficient by far, so there you have it, but a burgundy roof would have looked nice too...

Wednesday, September 9

New stuff man

I have been a bad blogger, but a good home owner, I swear! I have been painting and stripping paint and fixing things like I get paid for it! I will show you soon, going with creme in the dining room, I know, two shades of green, and three gallons of paint later...anyone need some lovely green paint? Oh well, we were inspired by a restaurant we like...

I have been working though, I am inspired to paint this lady, and I made this pattern. I call it The Alpha Sexon Cluster, after a poem that O wrote for me when we were first dating. It is about an astronaut who goes looking for the rarest flower in the universe...also this is my first repeating tile. WEEEEEE

click to make it larger!

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