Friday, January 30

Maria at Ritzy Bee

How cute are these photos of Maria of Ritzy Bee, by Kate Headley,you can also check out her blog. I have kinda been addicted to Maria's blog lately, showing her great ideas and inspiration for the events company she runs in the D.C. area. How freaking great is her dress, and her tulips, sweet if you ask me. I have to have some head shots taken soon, and I am certainly inspired by this, for sure.

Wednesday, January 28

Dear God, its me, Domino

Please, please please, don't let me be canceled. I promise I will go to church every Sunday, and maybe even another day too, plus all holidays, cross my heart and swear to die. I will take my recycling to the market every week! will say grace before I eat, every single time, even when I snarf a lentil samosa over the sink, promise. Take Elle Decor...take Better Homes and Gardens....take Vogue Living....TAKE ANYTHING YOU WANT.....but please don't take me, the best home design mag on EARTH. NOOO, for the love of GOD, (um, that would be you God...) what is happening!

Today...with Gourmet

For me, winter is the perfect time to year to cook, not just cook, but COOK. Over indulgent things with tempting crusts and succulent meats and hearty soups and lusty chocolate drinks...Since I don't have an enormous family to eat up all of my experiments, Osh and I have guests over quite a bit, (or my neighbors get a little "random cake" visit from me every so often.) This weekend we are having the folks over to give them some gifts (I have been dying to post about this, but I can't until they are in hand b/c my lovely mother-in law reads this blog, hi Linda :)

I just went to the farmer's market and I am going to make this, and this, and this, and this....Golly I am excited. Let you know how it turns out...oh, and even though I can't have any, this!
All images from Gourmet, and my recipes too.

Christmas 09 DONE!

Ahhh the dastardly economy. It is starting to hit home now, business is slow, and I am NOT going to buy these shoes...but oh why oh why do they have to be on sale, and perfectly pretty and cool at the same time? Sigh...I will tell you what I did buy with a gift card I got for Christmas...these PJ's...I have worn them for days now, my neighbors think I am CRAZY. Um by the way...

I just finished my Christmas Shopping for next year! hint hint.

Monday, January 26

Happy Birthday Coco

When we brought her home, she just stayed in bed for a week.

So we brought her bed with us all over the house, the bedroom, the living room to hang out, she and her "ducky" were always with us.

She is my sidekick, always right next to all of my shots.

Cuddling on the couch.

Coco is trying to sneak into the kitchen in the morning because O is cooking...see how her tail is down low, in espionage mode.

Ferocious little doggy.

One year ago today I went to the pound to pick up our Coco, she was very scared, drugged and had a bad cold. She stayed in bed for about a week, with only her little goose toy (ducky) and she got better and we started to love her. And now we can't imagine life with out her barking at the cars outside at dusk, jumping into bed every night and taking up half of it, sneaking her way into the kitchen, and trying to burrow under the stove. She also purs when you rub her belly and her head at the same time, and talk to her...O is way better at it than me.
A year in pictures.

Dutifully waiting for me to finish blogging so we can go on a nice long walk.
click on the photos to enjoy more cute!

Friday, January 23

Pre-Fall Pre-30

Intriguing pre-fall things. I love how far ahead this whole thing is, we are still in the dead of winter. I see lots of earth tones shot through with nice bright colors. Is this a thread of hope in our crappy economic times? I am still always attracted to bold color, no matter how low the bank account is. Since this is the year that I turn 30 GASP, something seems to have snapped inside me and I am actually dressing in the rather quirky things I have always admired from a far. Maybe I will do up a little, Style for the 30 year old me...thingy, wouldn't that be fun.
Rachel Roy

I would actually love to wear this Chloe suit, the color is blah, but the tailoring is WOWZA, via Shinny Squirrel.

Thursday, January 22

Simple Song Design

Very seriously considering this, I love anything blind embossed, which envelope do you think? Leaning toward ecru print...

Wednesday, January 21

Marya Williams

Oh so wonderful, new things from Marya Williams.
I just love the texture of these rings, and the mix of gold and silver. I have one of her special rings, a birthday gift last year, I just love it.

Tuesday, January 20

Stephanie Hanes

So inspired by still life lately, and dark mixed with bright. Photos by Stephanie Hanes, via Bliss.

Monday, January 19


I just love Ah-yi's work. This is a sweet story too. Part of her work for a show at Tinlark. Also, check out her etsy shop.

P.S. have you seen this??? So freaking cool!

Yes please

I think this is simple perfection, if only it didn't cost a bajillion isn't actually terrible for a leather bag...but it is too steep for me. Via Abbey.

Sunday, January 18

I love this stuff

Inspiration from typography of all sorts. Items and images from:

Also, some stamps I bought this weekend...
more doves...

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