Friday, March 20

Whats new! Framing, new work, canvas prints, pretty pictures. Totally PG, I promise.

22x30 mixed media on paper, The Gregg Irby Gallery

22x30 paper piece available at The Gregg Irby Gallery

I have been so productive lately! How about you? Is Spring a time to bounce out of bed and accomplish things or is it a time to rest and take time to enjoy the changing season? Personally, I have been painting a lot. There are so many things going on I thought wouldn't it be great if I put it all in one place! Try to keep up. mmmmmmkay

I delivered a lot of canvases to The Gregg Irby Gallery recently. They have so many paper pieces of mine, you can see them on the website, and large or smaller canvases.

These watercolor on linen panel pieces will be available in early April for a pop up shop at Furbish Studio. Framed in white floating frames, hanging hardware on the back, singed. 

There is an upcoming Pop Up sale at Furbish happening in early April. I created several paintings on linen panel, and had them framed in white floating frames, the artwork nestles right in there and sinks in 1.25 of an inch. Very pretty! I love how they turned out. Also there will be small works on paper, medium sized works on paper, and small canvases. Plus the amazing Simply Framed will be working with them to offer beautiful gallery style framing on all orders. Brilliant I tell you!!

Costume Party, 22x30 inches mixed media on paper (acrylic, ink, soft pastel, graphite. Available soon at The Hidden Lantern, framed in beautiful light maple.

Lavender and periwinkle watercolor style pool painting on canvas. 40x40. Going to The Hidden Lantern.

I am sending a bunch of new work, including some watercolor pool paintings to The Hidden Lantern Gallery. I am working on getting them all framed in light maple, they look amazing all together. Jennifer is a natural curator, she has a knack for picking the most interesting things, always somehow knows the paintings that are my favorites.

Barnacle. 24x36 inches mixed media on canvas. At The Hidden Lantern (soon). Read about this painting on my website, in the new  "Available Works" section of the shop.

I also updated my shop and now I have an "Available Works" tab on my homepage. This is where you can see all of the paintings that I have sent to galleries, but there is a link in each listing taking you to the website where you can buy it. When the gallery informs me that a piece has been sold I update the shop so that you can see all of the paintings available through all areas in one place. Your welcome. But actually I should have done that a long time ago, but blah blah.

Also! I have upgraded the "print shop" in the store to include a framing option. I am working with Framebridge, they offer a gallery style white wooden frame, glare free plexi glass, beautiful packaging and shipping right to your door. I have been meaning to update my shop with this option for months, before Alia was born, but you know. Alia was born so screeeech sound.

The Other Olivia prints are now in the shop. These canvas prints look so good, you can't tell it isn't an original. I swear.

Finally you can now order any print from my shop as a pre-stretched canvas print right from the website! There is a listing under the "pre-stretched canvas prints" tab where you can go and buy the correct size print you want, and tell us what print you want in the notes section when you check out. We make it and ship it right to you! Any print you want!

Also That Bowtie I Like stretched canvas prints back in stock, all of them are back! Evvil laugh.

Tuesday, March 10

Instagram Sale Today to help save Elephants! Check it out!

Hello beloved and loyal blog readers! I have a fun post today because I am going to be having a flash Instagram sale and donating all of the proceeds to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can see their inspiring instagram account here. The amazing people there rescue and rehabilitate elephants of all ages, even little baby elephants who have survived poaching attempts, or the slaughter of their families. I know that sometimes, ok a lot of the time, I feel like my life isn't devoted to a high enough cause, that my efforts to make beauty should extend to saving lives or loving as much as I can. I finally decided that just because I can't do everything doesn't mean I should do anything. So I can help by donating my talents to you! And then turning around and giving that money to organizations that I feel can use help and support.

So! keep up with me on instagram today, and get yourself Paywithpenny so that you can purchase directly from my instagram feed! All you have to do is download the app, enter your payment info, and thats it, you are ready to purchase directly from instagram by commenting with the hashtag #sold to purchase. Amazing right? Of course if thats too much for you, then you are welcome to email me, or comment on this post and we will figure it out!

Wednesday, March 4

March inspiration

Wow, isn't this beautiful? Just last week...or was it the week before? I covered an icky old canvas that I had sitting around the studio in gold leaf. Some nice and smooth, and some very crinkly and messy. I love it. It has a nice reflection but this beautiful, I am thinking resin piece is just bonkers. I love the graffiti look it has.

Drama! Deep blue with polished gold. So stunning and sexy.

More reflection, simplicity and tension. Love this.

I have also been thinking about this:

The images in this blog post are from pinterest, from my private inspiration board. I thought you would like to see a little snippet of what is going on in the old noggin.

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