Wednesday, September 18

Southern Creatives Social Society

Hollah! We are having our next meeting on October 24th. Same deal: come, be cool, drink some stuff, talk yo shit, make new friends.

Thursday, September 12

Nesting and tracking devices

This post is mostly sound effects.

Whew. Let me cut to the chase. I have been a bad friend, wife, daughter, blogger, pal, concubine, elevator rider and car driver these past few months. This past spring I started to get really, really sick, after months of feeling icky and mostly bad. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, I tried everything. I couldn't eat without major issues (I will spare you the disgusting details, sadly I have been talking of nothing but poop and farts and belching to my dear, sweet friends.) I was tired, foggy brained, well I still am but I am sitting on the other side of shitsvill following a few five hour doctor's appointments these past few weeks. Turns out I have no stomach acid, and I have low thyroid levels duh. Among other things. I didn't know how important stomach acid is, I mean. Holly shit! Its super important. I am taking supplements now, and doing yet another cleanse and working with great doctors who actually believe me. I admit, I busted out crying the first time I saw my new (and seventh) doctor recently when he said that he believed me and didn't brush me off with a "oh you are over thirty," or "Yeah, that is normal for a woman your age..." You know that looking down at the floor while you talk, nodding absently and you just know he is thinking "I could really murder a philly cheese steak...this bitch is hysterical...and some of those pickles I like..." I'll say it, I don't like doctors. Except for the ones that make me better.

Oh yeah, tracking devices. I had a test where I swallowed a tracking device, it was orange (um, hopefully so that I am not obligated to fish it out of my poo later, although I am on a first name basis with my poo currently.) Poo says hi.

Nesting, right. So in the midst of all of this hoopla Osh and I are nesting like birdies. Right now its all over the place, but we are installing our new closet this weekend. Three stooges sound! One thing I get to do tomorrow, aside from eat lunch (air punching!) with my lady pals, is order our new bed!

I have been waiting for the custom upholstery sale at Crate and Barrel to order it because I had my heart set on a cream fabric. I didn't like any of the ones that the bed comes in. I have never actually ordered a piece of furniture before, and had to wait and stuff. I always buy floor models on account of my cheapness. In this case though, I just had to have the exact right bed because, well, damnit, I do. So there.

Full disclosure: I am not a huge fan of Crate and Barrel. But, the hight of this headboard is perfect for me, so I overlook.

Isn't catalog styling so funny. 

I am imaging something like this:

I love the tone on tone, modern, cool, but still cozy right? Those lamps are making me hot and sweaty too. I like the wall color of this room below too, plus the black and white thing going on. I never go for those hanging pendants in the bedroom, far to fussy for me.

I would feel like a mediaeval princes rolling around on that fur. Love the not-nightstands, and the art too.

Ok, now this picture I am showing you because I am attracted to the pale, creamy walls with pale creamy curtains too. I know that this makes my Josef Frank dreams into competition but...I have an artist's brain. What can I say.

I also like the simple, basic yet cosy look going on here. O would never go for that chair, but the fabric? Yes indeedy do.

One thing that I really want to do is instal a mantel. Ours would be wooden, to match the others in our house. We are not cool enough for marble, but this one is just right isn't it? It would go on the wall that currently has my dresser, and I am thinking of putting a mirror over it so I can still apply my face there. I will explain this convoluted idea when you see our closet.

What is your favorite creamy white paint y'all?

Thursday, September 5

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