Monday, April 25

My Sinistra painting

Making internet friends is fun! Especially when they are good with a camera, and are so freaking cool. From Linda at Lime in the Coconut. I shared some dark secrets with this woman.

Thursday, April 21

Kitchen lighting decided

I finally...finally chose a light fixture for the kitchen...Behold the Large Amphora Bell Jar pendant from Circa...50% off! I think maybe with cool bulbs. 
these, or these?


Wednesday, April 20

In the studio

Ahhh, listening to the workers tear my kitchen apart, a nice rain is coming, my assistant, the beautiful Buff is here today; life is good.

I have about 15 rose plants in our yard, most of them climbing (photos to come, fun!) and some of them very fragrant and giant right now, so I helped myself. They smell soo good.

Tuesday, April 12

I just keep adding small items to the shop every week or so, they sell so nice and quiet now, so peaceful....Off to do taxes.

I just love giving money to my government! OOOhh goody, who are they going to bomb with my money next? yeah! What kind of weapons deals are they going to make with Kadafi with my money? Maybe they will use it to research a giant microwave they can aim at middle eastern countries who deserve democracy, you know, on account of how much oil they got under them their's feet there. In all seriousness, with my taxes they can hardly pay for the state issued "official banana clips of freedom" Hillary Clinton uses on state business.

Saturday, April 9

Black Family Tree

Been trying to find a photo of this scene in a Harry Potter movie I saw once, such visual amazingess abounds, isn't it so pretty. I wonder who got to design this, I am jealous.

....a cake patronus, teehee. okok ok OK. I laughed really loud and Coco fell of my lap.

Thursday, April 7

So I was taking some kitchen photos for you....and then sat down to ponder....and then saw my oven mitt....and saw how burnt up it is and said! Oh I know! I will get another one...

And then I thought FinnSyle! Cute prints abound in there...blamo! cutest Marimekko print evah! Great as a table cloth b/c it is pvc coated! Great for a long outdoor table with graphic chairs against it.

Some planters with lacy plants and small flowers. Oh hell, go whole hog and outfit the whole thing in HEATH...drool.

Little rustic grill wear,

Nice cold bear, tee hee, no really.

High Gloss Feature

The second issue of High Gloss is here fellas. Way cool! They fixed some of the graphics issues that they had last time, and it looks very buttoned up and fresh and has some Hot and Sexy features. Including one of yours truly. Enjoy daaaaalinks (that is me making fun of bloggers who call their readers darlings, or ducks or whatever...I am sticking with dorks cuz you know you are a dork, dork.

If you are here for the first time from High Gloss...Welcome! You are are now a dork.

Friday, April 1

Friday Night

Dude, what a week. I am more tired of this remodel now than I was when we had sheet rock dust and broken bits of tile in our lives every day...this has got to end, and soon! At least it is Friday, although I have to say it still feels like Tuesday for me.

Ya'll can't be say'n I ain't got notin to buy in my shop now ya full up right now, you go tell your momanem.

In other news: Waterworks tile in Sugar White is a go. Hollah!

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