Friday, October 31

New at Totokaelo

Ooooh, so perfectly fall-isly fabulous....from Totokaelo.

Tuesday, October 28

Courthouse wedding...

I still dream about a court house wedding. How pretty are these 50's style vintage frocks. Once I end up getting one of them, I will reveal my sources....I was born in the wrong era. Oh my that blue one with the beaded neck is purdyyy.

Update, I bought this gold one, so I can have it fitted to me. CUTE.

Thursday, October 23


Ahh, ok, I admit, I have been in wedding land, first, trying to get all the loose ends tied down, a small wedding, for 40 guests, with no wedding planner, is still a lot of details to deal with. I am having major indecision with the flowers. For our "alter" I have chosen to hang cream colored linen, a soft linen and some garlands. So, my first choice was this pine, b/c it is pretty, has a slight scent of pine and is super cheap ($1 per foot!).

Now I am wondering if I should choose something less Christmas-y. Hmmm, like this one? It is Salal, and more than twice as much, but pretty no?

The other question is, bouquet? Ahh, I am having a hard time deciding. I love this image by Saipua.

And this deep plum from Martha Stewart is lovely. Or do I get some lovely white bulk flowers,maybe some anemones with the black center, cabbage roses??? Oh pooh, I don't know.

Friday, October 17

I changed my wedding shoes...

They hurt too much, I wore them to a fitting and wanted to kick them off! NO WAY am I putting up with that on my wedding I got these two inch heals from JCrew, they may not be exactly what I wanted, but baby, they are low and comfy and cute.

update: Ok, still too high and not so comfy after all, so I got some cute strappy sandals that are really low, like 1.5 inches. This is good, sort of old lady, but at least I will by comfy.

Monday, October 13

Weddings I heart

As my wedding day gets closer and closer...I am looking at other weddings and wishing I could change some details, but that always is the case isnt it! I LOVE this beautiful vintagy wedding from Snippet and Ink.

Also, how perfect is the bouquet (and the whole look here) for this classic, chic French wedding I saw via Frolic?? I wasn't going to have flowers, but now I think this little bunch looks so pretty and effortless...I may have to steal her idea, with a fall flower naturally.

Friday, October 3

I love for fall

Philip Lim...

Rachel Comey

Tsumori Chisato

Can't decide which one I love the most. That orange Rachel Comey just hits the spot! Her fall line is inspired by Houdini, I have to say, when I was in grade school I read a biography and totally crushed on him hardcore. He died of appendicitis, I totally wanted to go back in time and save him. Looking back, it was probably all of the black and white photos...they make everything look so romantic and makes me feel like I remember it or something...All mushy over a couple of patterns. All available at my fave...Bird.

Wednesday, October 1

Vintage airplane

So for O's birthday a few weeks ago, I surprised him with a vintage bi-plane ride over Georgia. Our plane was built in 1945 and used to train pilots going to Europe. It feels like riding in a convertible in the sky, super cool! It was a cloudy day, so our pics didn't really turn out so great, O looks like he is rocking a moustache here.

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