Friday, December 23

Kristi's Friday Fixations: Out With the Old and In With the New

Why hello there, everybody! I'm Kristi and I'm the newest addition to Michelle's team!

Yep, that's me! I'm going to be chiming in every now and again to give you guys the latest and the greatest in art, design, food, and all things fabulous and beautiful. Are you ready? Are you excited?! Me too! Let's jump right in.

For those of you who don’t know, Pantone is essentially the master of all things color and color-related. They even regard themselves as, “the world-renowned authority on color.” This is typically the point where I would poke fun at their egotism and immodesty. But I can’t, because it’s actually completely true. They really are the world-renowned authority on color. And I’d love to see someone try to debate otherwise. Go ahead. Try. I’ll wait.

Every year, Pantone releases it’s “Color of the Year,” what it believes will be the most influential color that year in design, art, children’s crayon drawings, whatever! I always wonder if the colors that they choose become so popular because they chose them, or if it’s because they were going to be popular anyway, and Pantone just always seems to pick up on it before anyone else. Guess that depends on how much “authority” you think they actually have. Maybe you don’t really like turquoise, maybe it’s just because Pantone decided you were going to like turquoise (when it chose PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise as 2010’s “Color of the Year”). Think about that for a minute!

Anywho, since Pantone has already decided what color I’m going to like best in 2012, I figured I’d put together a little mood board for 2011’s “Color of the Year” while it’s on its way out. Goodbye, PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle. You were a delight.

And hello, Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango. Pantone describes you as being, “sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive.” Ooh-la-la! 

Bad news: Snooki’s skin tone may actually be the true inspiration for Pantone’s choice of color for 2012. Yikes!


Thursday, December 22

See you on the flippity flop

Peace Out 
This girl will be off the grid until Tuesday, January 10th. Since I will be celebrating the New Year five hours in the future, I will send a message back if aliens come or something, mkay.

My version of Christmas cheer, or an Australian guy shouting at his mate.  OY 36x48

One of my happiest, I think. Can you guess what I was listening to? So mortifying.  Night Bus 36x18

I look at this and my brain says: Pump up the jam, pump it up...Wait, there's jam? Does this mean I live in a world where I can eat toast! Get the foink out of my way, there is toast to be had!!

Wednesday, December 21


Something like this is happening to my head later today. Damn straight. Via.

Hey y'all. Remember that Wednesday evening, the 21st is the last day to order anything for it to arrive by Christmas. You have to make a note too please when you order stuff, on account of why did you wait so long dude? Get your act together, sheesh.

Friday, December 16

New Year's Eve

I just called Spain today to reserve dinner for Osh and I here. I am super excited!

It is sometimes hard to figure out how to celebrate a major holiday in a city you don't know anyone in. We are going to make the very best of it though.

Wednesday, December 14

Ronda, Cordoba, and Hain

Three new pieces that look so great together, I hope someone takes them as a group. psssst, I also extended the 20% discount to Sunday at Midnight.  YOULLTAKEYOUREYEOUT

Tuesday, December 13


I sent one out today folks. With a discount code....

If you want 20% off until midnight tonight, at checkout enter YOULLTAKEYOUREYEOUT

Monday, December 12

Nebula Poster

Some better photos of my poster! I love it, I want another one now.

These images are not styled, I just walked by and took these photos. I have garlands and candle and all sorts of festive malarky draped all over the place now, plus that plant is at the studio (every time I look at him, his name is Craig according to the friend who gave him to me, I think of some old indian guy with super long finger nails. ew.)

Friday, December 9


This really cute mood board over Snippet and Ink reminds me of my new painting...

Harry, 48x48

Thursday, December 8

Its that Co Coziest time of the year

Remember when I got that poster printed? I promise to take better photos soon, this was just an accidental snap shot. Still, it looks pretty cool huh. Jordan included it in her gift guide, I suggest you consider getting this frame for it, so cheep!

Tuesday, December 6

Elka print in Adore Mag

Hi there Elka print. Remember when I painted you? It was a snowy week in Brooklyn, I was probably eating scones, I bet you got some crumbs on you. I was also probably watching South Park...
Nice to see you doing some traveling, quite a great little room you got yourself fixed up with. I am so proud.

Monday, December 5

Charity Auction

Check it out, buy some art, do good! 

All of these items, and more, are available this week here! My friend Khristian rounded up a bunch of great artists blah blah blah, 100% proceeds go to charity, via Charity Choice.

Monday, November 28

New York Citay

O and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and eight years of being snuggly by taking a short trip up to New York. On the agenda: visit the old hood, act inappropriately around famous people, drink our weight in tequila, take a blustery sail around the island with some giggly Nordic types, and take epic walks culminating in late night room service cappuccinos. All accomplished with the dignified aplomb of two people who needed an effing vacation.

Our hotel was tasty. We giggled when we ran into Queen Latifa in the elevator. She is so pretty!

We visited Just Scandinavian. Pure bliss. I bought a pillow.

There were stunning trees all over the place.

That one up there is form Prospect Park. Oh Brooklyn, you are just as hipstertastic as ever, proof in the form of my hipster photos. A generous part of our tequila drinking occurred here.

The highlight? Apart form visiting the Neue Gallery again....and having fancy coffee while gazing out the window onto 5th ave and the park.... sigh...Sailing!


Two happy campers.

Tuesday, November 15


Still wet...while listening to Snoop Dog! I know right.

While listening to Etta James: Sunday

Tuesday, November 8


Thanks Sunset Magazine Style Editor Miranda Jones! for choosing my Zombie Jeeves painting in your round-up. I am currently wearing a Virginia Johnson shawl, and a chambray shirt, and eating my breakfast out of a Weck jar....for reals.

Check out some other great round-ups at Beso!

Monday, November 7

New Paintings!

in the shop...

In other exciting news, I have an Etsy shop too. This is where you will find all of the 12x12 paintings in the future, along with a regular assortment of paintings and prints.

Friday, November 4

So pretty on a sunny day, our house is best in fall and winter, the light! 

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