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Color Sampling

Amazing spring shoes

Show Pony via etsy

Anthropologie love love love

Sodafine is so damn fine. jejeje

Purl Soho

Dreaming of Vacation...

David Cheah, Oh Yeah

Oh my goooood, I am dreaming about these!

Lucile Ceramics

Lets bring sexy back

Time for some "comfy" clothes

Vanessa da Silva

Simone Shuback

Julie Baker Fine Art

And when it was time for a post-nap coffee

I need a sweet nap...

Pretty darn swell...darnit!

Dreaming of Summer

While we are at it...

Temple St. Clair Carr's homey home

Vintage Clock via Ebay

Pimp my koolaid


More fabulous ebay finds via Indie Cult Vintage

Plastic Water bottle Art by Miwa Koizumi

Anthropologie Maddness Chair...almost

Warm slippers for my cold feet!

Shoshona Snow Ceramics

My table finally came!!!!!

Origami Plate

Hi+Lo Modern Art

Creatures of Comfort SALE

Vinotagz by Modern Twist

Nice color combo from the Sartorialist

Fisherman Print by Julian at Little Paper Planes

Sweet Jewlery for the hell of it!