Wednesday, February 28

Color Sampling

I have been meaning to do this color sampling exercise to get some color pallets on the ready for some new projects. As I was blogging around this morning, I stumbled upon Liquid Sky Arts and she reminded me about Marie Antoinette, the stills of which I have been wanting to look, here are two color studies form two of my favorite shots. Gotta love that green!
Cheers ahoy!

Tuesday, February 27

Amazing spring shoes

First of all, hello yellow is my favorite colour, these Ted Baker Bacall shoes from They have that oh so comfy wedge thing going on, and did I mention yellow, and beautiful! Wow, Thanks Joy from Oh Joy, these are so perfect. I seriously could stare at them. I am very happy to see that yellow is making such a statement this spring, it is so perfectly happy and chic.

Ted Baker Bacall (Yellow) - Women's Casual

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Monday, February 26

Show Pony via etsy

Oh my goodness, this pillow is wonderful, made by Show Pony via Etsy. The design is printed on fair trade cotton, silk screened by hand and designed to show images of bugs and thorns under the folds on the front of the pillow. I love it! the print is beautiful in itself, but then there is this wonderful hidden reality and it tells this lovely little story. Oh my, this little lovely just made my night! Mom, this would be a great birthday gift...ahem ahem.

Cheers, ok, this time, really off to work.

Etsy :: Bugs - cream oblong cushion

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Anthropologie love love love

I love these glasses from Anthro, how wonderful would they look with my new diamond shaped ice cubes in them with say some pomegranate fizzy concoction (it is spring people, at lest in my heart it is!) Oh my my my, I do declare (some day they will look killer on my great southern (modern) home with nice porch...Ok, back to work!

Sodafine is so damn fine. jejeje

Wow, so many chores today! Makes me dream of nice dressy clothes instead of the sweaters passed down from my boyfriend's dad that I wear every day (they are nice though, seriously 3 ply cashmere, but still, dude they are like 50 years old...) ok, so this skirt is on sale (hallelujah). There are also lots of other lovely things on sale at Sodafine so go check em out!

Purl Soho

Some really great fabrics from Purl Soho Fabrics....if only the my bobbins would hurry up and get here already! I think my first project will be some little animals, then some...pillows...yummy. Anyone know of any other great fabric sources (aside form Repro of course :)

purl : products : fabric detail

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Friday, February 23

Dreaming of Vacation...

Well, at least like I live in a vacation. Right now the brownstone thing is fun, it sure is different from anything I lived in in the ATL. These photos of Shelly Klein on Design Sponge this morning made me realize that I am kinda sorta looking forward to maybe a sprawling house, with lots of windows and a modern sensibility... Those chairs, cool, this place has a modern beachy vibe, sweet! (or maybe it is just the Beatles that O is listening to non stop these days, and since his office is right next to mine...)

Ether way, cool huh?


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David Cheah, Oh Yeah

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Howdy folks, via Another Shad of Grey, I came across designer and artist David Cheah, I really like his style of overlapping shapes and the use of light and shadow in his work, it is very graphic, but also soft. Me likes, so here are my faves pillows, I love texture combos, seriously a bang the ol buck-a-roo. Man, so happy that tis Friday, makes me wanna go on vacation...

david cheah | art design

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Thursday, February 22

Oh my goooood, I am dreaming about these!

No, not getting married any time soon! But these beautiful yummies posted by Style Me Pretty make me want to wear some kind of tea length number and dig in! (with some delightful fizzy drink..ahhh, just let me dream, as the slush and snow turns to black grime all around...)

Styling for this photograph was done by Style Me Pretty, and is a compilation of cakes by Brides and Peggy Porschen

Style Me Pretty: Ideas and Inspiration

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Lucile Ceramics

From Designer's Block these cups are killer, made by Lucile Soufflet. I love that random bird handle. Anything surprising or interesting but still very utilitarian is right up my ally! I had a time when I liked all of those super conceptual pieces that couldn't hold hot liquid or something, but those days are over! Good riddens I say!
Designers' Block

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Wednesday, February 21

Lets bring sexy back

My confession for the day, not that it will become a regular practice, is that i am sick and tired of most fashion trends today, I am totally acting like an old lady lately, but seriously, half of the photos of women on the Sartorialist, god love him, are women wearing sacks or layers of god knows what and glorifying the shapelessness. Not just here though, everywhere I look, it seems to be all I see...I think we forgot that women have shapes, all kinds and I for one, would love to see more of a fashion trend (the huge ones that everyone follows like baby doll dresses, flats, gaucho pants, baggy sweaters, balloon get the picture) that glorifies shape, shape SHAPE. Sooo, I decided to shop for sexy vavoom shoes...that are still as wearable as flats, and give the booty a little boosty. Enjoy. Check out other sexy (and utilitarian and flat and canvas and equally glorious) shoes here at GravityPope.

Tuesday, February 20

Time for some "comfy" clothes

I am from Atlanta, so this cold weather is so not my speed...I am cold all the time, I am sure that living in a drafty old brownstone doesn't help, but, I have been meaning to get o over to delias to pick out some yummy thermal tops, I usually like the prints on them, and they have equally cool tanks, so here are a few I thought were soft and warm looking (or cute and summery :)

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Vanessa da Silva

More fabulous and quirky art by Vanessa da Silva via the fabulous Hazelnut at In the Stores
Vanessa da Silva
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Simone Shuback

Lately I am obsessed with very layered art, the kind of think you can just look at and just keep looking at. I found the Zack Feuer Gallery via Design DNA, and I had to share. Enjoy. Off to Design's Spong's Ladies Biz night, hope to see lots of new people there, introduce yourself if you recognize me! Tah tah.

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Monday, February 19

Julie Baker Fine Art

Via Design Sponge, I learned about this gallery and I am in love with artist Reed Danziger. Lots of the paintings online have been sold by this artist, including this one, but I love the layering and how complex it seems but light, like some sea weed caught in a frothy wave on a cold day at the shore. I love it! check out this piece and her others here. If you want to see what else the Julie Baker Fine Art gallery has to offer...go ahead, it is worth a peep or two.

Untitled 901 by Reed Danziger presented by Julie Baker Fine Art

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And when it was time for a post-nap coffee

I would love this cup to drink just about anything from. I wonder how you clean under that little chair though...This lovely cup is part of Moma's Argentinian design extravaganza, designed by Lola Goldstein. I personally would buy everything. I have long loved the foksey, vibrant and colorful art that comes from Argentina, my mother is from Buenos Aires, you would think I should be entitled to a cow hide rug, it should be part of the constitution or something, but no, no rugs for children of Argentinians. jejejejejejeje

I need a sweet nap...

If I could I would have a huge, fluffy bed that takes up a whole room and just bury myself in blankets and take a yummy nap! Ideally all my bedding would be organic, Luma has a nice selection of modern, but not too "design-y" pieces. I would go for the hand embroidered baby blanket, it isn't very baby-ish, I would love it on the end of my bed! Check out all of their offerings here.


LUMA organic home luxury

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Pretty darn swell...darnit!

Edward from Art as Survival posted about Pretty Darn Swell and there are so many lovely and very well priced prints to buy, and a portion of the proceeds support a charity of the artitist's choosing. Many more sites are beginning to do that, I think it is...well, darn...swell. Winter by Susan Schwake-Larochelle is a 5x7 print for $20. Check out all of the prints here.

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Saturday, February 17

Dreaming of Summer

Just browsing Eley Kishimoto's Spring 2007 clothes, each shot is so beautifully composed, the colors are awesome...ok, back to work. ENJOY

Spring Summer 07 - LOOK 55

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Friday, February 16

While we are at it...

Lets check out some of the jewelry that Temple makes. Hm, this one is nice, and has the same modern twist on a hand made feel that her home does, detail rich but still simple. I love it, but at $2,700 it is out of my price range...boohoo.

This similar pair is from Sundance Catalog, I always find lovely well priced pieces in here, in fact I stare at them for long periods of time...These are only $660!

Temple St. Clair Carr's homey home

I also love this shot of her dining room. That Saarinen table and vintage chairs. But those lamps, wow. I love those, I have to find some like that, I will post them if I find some, now I have to hunt for those too!

Via Ell Decor, this photo shoot is from September 2006, but I keep looking at it, I love her mix of very crafty, hand-made looking pieces with modern and clean lines. I want that bed, she had it custom made, a nice take on a four poster bed, not fussy at all, and I love that her sheets are mixed and matched but still look so neat and clean. Oh and that side table, hm, gives me ideas for that dot wood trim there, doesn't it completely update the look of that side table? I would use all of the pattens from Lena Corwin's pillow cases.

Vintage Clock via Ebay

This "Eames era starburst clock" is just like the very expensive versions being sold in high end stores in Manhattan. It is really sweet. Check it out right here.
Eventually, I would like to have a little side bar called Ebay Pics and post great finds, since I check out what is new and cool, just about every day! Having a late start today...gotta get some coffee....

Thursday, February 15

Pimp my koolaid

Oh my goodness, my boyfriend O and I were just talking about how we had to find some ice tray shaped like diamonds, no kidding! I was dreaming about how cool they would look made from Lemonade, to put in a nice cup of Basil Lemonade...dreaming of summer I guess. But these are perfect! Exactly what I was envisioning! Called Cool Jewels Ice Tray, they are available at Day-Lab

Get them here for $6!

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Oh my goodness, I just discovered Smosch on Etsy via her blog

She has the most adorable little Handmade "buttercrack characters" Each one seems to have a different personality and you just want to hug them! Gotta check her out! This one is called Mini Mr Penis.


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Wednesday, February 14

More fabulous ebay finds via Indie Cult Vintage

Great coat, they have lots of coats and vintage or mod items for sale right now at the Ebay store of IndieCultVintage. I like that they always provide measurements and fabric composition, so important to someone like me, who gets a lot of clothes on Ebay. They also have fabulous feedback.
Current bid at $41 ending in 1 day and 8 hours!!!

Plastic Water bottle Art by Miwa Koizumi

Wow, these are so beautiful, what a brilliant idea, I want these hanging in my home! They are under sea creatures made from found water bottles. They are so organic and have so much of a sense of movement. I am completely blown away by these. Learn more about Miwa here.
And browse her works here.

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Miwa Koizumi: PET project - plastic water bottles

Anthropologie Maddness Chair...almost

Grace from Design Sponge posted this chair yesterday, and I got to thinking, since I can't afford it (I can't even afford a few yards of Josef Franks delicious fabrics but I dream about them all the time...) I should fudge my own version...This Notions dining chair from Anthropologie for about $400 plus shipping is out of my budget.
But! this West Elm Upholstered wood-frame chair for about $200 each isn't! and you could upholster it in something delicious from Reprodepot Fabrics! Like this one or this one for under $20 a yard!!! Oh how cool!
Anthropologie -

Warm slippers for my cold feet!

I am dying for some warm slippers! I hate wearing socks cuz I slide all over my wood floors, but these Mountain Stitch Wooolenstock Slippers from Free People look so nice and warm!

Gotta have em, and they are on sale! Get them here for $69.96

Free People Clothing Boutique Mountain Stitch Woolenstock Slippers

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Shoshona Snow Ceramics

I love bright colors and I love ceramics, so naturally these pieces fit brilliantly into my idea of down right yummy. Her etsy shop has so many great things to choose from, almost all of them under $50!


I love this really bold line work and shiny shot of color inside. These pieces would look great with any decor, mid-century modern to a more homey, bohemian look too. I really want one. Hmmm, I would get this one,

and this one!

Etsy :: Welcome!

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My table finally came!!!!!

Oh, I almost hyperventilated when it arrived yesterday! I love it. I discovered from Domino blogger Jamie Gray that they were on sale (and they have plenty left) at Design Within Reach. I highly recomend this table. But, if you don't have a strong guy around to help you move it, pay extra for them to bring it in and set it up for you! This photo is from Mr. Gray, I couldn't get a nice shot of mine, I need to get a better camera...sigh. Well, maybe next month :) I payed the same amount as having a similar (but not as well constructed, AT ALL) table shipped from Ikea, needless to say, I am much happier to have a piece of furniture that will last than one from Ikea. (although that said, have a bench from Ikea that is very sturdy :)

Daily Dose:

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Origami Plate

I know I posted them yesterday...but WOW
I LOVE THIS! OK, no more hi+lo modern, but dude, this is killerest thing I have seen in a while! I would love to just look at it, it would look so lovely on displayed on a wall or above a sink or on a table, perhaps as an entry table catch-all? Get it for $175 right here...

origamiplate.jpg (JPEG Image, 600x535 pixels)

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Tuesday, February 13

Hi+Lo Modern Art

This site has some killer, very original art for surprisingly reasonable prices! I love this guy in a military uniform ($135 oil 14x18 inches), and the patchwork textile ($85, matted and framed under glass) has such yummy colors. These are just a few that I like, but they have sculpture, photography and even fashion. Gotta check 'em out here.

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Creatures of Comfort SALE

Oh my goodness, the shoes on this site rock so hard! They are beautiful, I am thinking about getting these, hm so hot! There are a few items with limited sizes, but it is well worth a search. There is a very nice Imitation of Christ dress that would be a nice wedding dress for someone out there!

Vinotagz by Modern Twist

These Vino Tagz (get it jejejej) by Modern Twist are on I heart Lux, has these lovies up right now, $14 for a pack of 6! Dude!

Whew, These are so adorable. I was actually just thinking about how to invent a cute coaster that would stay attached to your glass so you could tell it apart at a party, AND keep furniture dry...Now I don't have to! These are a great way to lable a glass AND still get cutesy coasters like these.

I love the colors too, and whispy pattern, yummy! Thanks Jessica from Shiny Squirrel.

Nice color combo from the Sartorialist

This photo is via The Sartorialist, which I check out every day. I love his photography, in terms of composition and his eye for color. Usually his subjects are sporting fabulously cut clothing, dense texture and shots of color and pattern here and there. This lady's ensemble could easily be translated into a room design. I see a beautiful white room with a worn rich brown leather couch and a super modern yellow chair, a marble table with opalescent goodies displayed on it and some very interesting, heavy woolen curtains in that perfect camel color. Yummy! Maybe a fur throw on the couch, not very animal friendly my room is it? Hm..still very stylish and fresh.

Fisherman Print by Julian at Little Paper Planes

I love this print. The colors are so beautiful, why is she there? It is by Julian Tamaki I would love to own this and frame it with a large white mat and a beautiful thin mango wood frame, or some other organic looking wooden frame. So beautiful. Sized at 10.5 X14in, you can pick it up for $60, I think it is well worth it, and there are only 25, know. You can check her out here

Monday, February 12

Sweet Jewlery for the hell of it!

I LOVE these rings, I especially love stacking rings, or ones that have no stone, b/c they are ornate or beautifully designed and don't need them. also, they don't snag your clothes! I am especially drawn to rose gold, so georgous and flatters any skin tone, from super pale redhead to very dark black skin. Check them out here.

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