Friday, July 30

Elka at Urban

 NERDS! My Elka painting is 30% off at UO. Ok, school is dismissed, enjoy your weekends.

I miss Brooklyn

Front an old Domino, inspired by the Royal Tenenbaums, O's favorite movie. This is such great inspiration for a kid's room, don't you think? Except for the animal head, gross. This photo also makes me realize I will never own an old brownstone like this one...sad.

Sputnik sweeps in and saves the day

This baby is totally happening for us, like this week! Suck it ugly living room light!

Via Coco + Kelly

Thursday, July 29


I bought this Federalist server from an antique place I learned about on the craig-master several weeks ago. I have a thing for Federal style, big time. It is still empty because I have to re-organize all kind of get-out for it. I had to drive over an hour, and when I finally got there, no one was around to help me load it into my antique-mobile! It was just a little old lady and me, and tons of old stuff as far as the eye could see. THANKFULLY, a boyscout troop leader, and his son were browsing around, (they were the only living souls aside from afore mentioned ancient and myself) and manfully offered to load it up for me. Boy did they earn a badge for that one, this thing is solid mahogany my friends. My back hurt just watching them.

Wednesday, July 28

Just poking around the house today

 New painting, doesn't my couch look like a hungry muppet?

I got a case of the crazies today, waiting until I feel like being normal again. BTW, that painting is called Joslyn, after one most fashionable lady. (plus, hello, just saying "Joslyn" is fuuuunnnnn. )It sin't in the shop yet, shoot me an email if you wanna know more.

New Umbrella from here, I got some serious shit for it from O and some friends, but dorks, I loves me a good umbrella.

 What? There has to be a reason? That up there is Harry the crab, and Truance the pyramid, and some paint.

Wednesday, July 21

Blue Grass cloth + Art = Chin scratch

 As I contemplate how the bedroom should evolve, I am drawn to blue grass cloth. I intend to add moulding to the walls all around the bedroom, b/c it is a large room, and needs a little sass. Anyway....loving the large photographs on blue grass cloth. Very chic.

Tuesday, July 20

Ian Carpenter

I love seeing other artist's work, naturally. And like everyone else, my taste is pretty specific, sometimes I don't even like my own paintings, but isn't that normal? Please tell me it is, don't shake your head and roll your eyes! Anyway, Ian Carpenter introduced himself to me, as we online dorks do, and I think his stuff is super duper. Have a look-see.

Monday, July 19

Miles Redd

Me: If I were Harry Potter, I would 'ASSIO' this room to me, like right now.

Other Me: Um, don't tell anyone you know the summoning charm form Harry Potter.

Me: Fuck you, me, you are not the boss of me!

Other Me: Hello? Hi there, can I say something, you two are really silly, can we pay attention to the issue at hand? Those walls! That art! The sofa!!! Pure hotness

Me: Both of you go boil your heads, I am going to go hang out in the library with Hermiony.

Friday, July 16

WARNING: Rant including cuss words

ARRRGGG, do you have a soliciting problem? We do, since we live in an in town hood, close to public transportation. People who want money, who want to talk politics, to sell me bullshit, and bring me to Jesus. JESUS, it is annoying.

I have resisted putting up a sign, mostly b/c we also have neighbors come by, and we don't want to alienate anyone. But when people do come, the dogs to bonkers and it interrupts my work, and that$%^ OFF!

This is what I would like my sign to say:

Hey YOU, don't even think about it, turn around and go home or I will come after you with something sharp and dangerous, and that is a promise. I don't want your God, or your shit, and if you make my dogs bark, Ass hole. 

I wonder if I can change my door bell ring to a shotgun loading sound, or a real shotgun loading. WHAT? It is my God Given right to have arms! Oh wait, Bear arms. DAMN STRAIGHT.

What does it say about my personality that I know for a fact booby trapping your house is illegal? I was fantasising about a Bond style trapping system with trigger release sleeping gas and homing BB guns. Sigh.

It is what, 1pm, and I am already looking at that bottle of wine in the fridge with longing, pure, x-rated longing.

Here comes the CHOO CHOO

 I am currently taking a little break from home design, my home anyway, I am still addicted, no worries on that front. I just can't stop painting, and I am working on new things, evolving  blah bla blurauug.

But in the back of my mind, my bedroom is evolving, slowly...and blue is coming back, so coming back, Osh didn't even get upset when I mentioned painting over the brown, instead he said, "yeah, I can see that, I can probably imagine the exact blue you want too..." I married the right man folks, the right man.

Various works in various states of progress. YO

Thursday, July 15

My other boyfriend, Zack

I totally agree with every word of this blog post. I want to meet the person who's sense of humor is exactly like mine (and a lot of other people too, lets not forget.)

But I am really here to introduce another unlikely crush, you know him, and I think he is funny as get-out and cute as a bunny sitting at a piano, cracking awkward jokes. Sigh... Oh, don't tell Allan Rickman, he is kinda the jealous type.

Wednesday, July 14

Andrew Bannecker

I love these little characters! So glad I learned about Andrew Bannecker. That is the extent of my eloquence today folks, I got a crazy case of the brain drips. All my smarts be spilling out my painting brush, dorks.

Thank you Lori for introducing us!

Monday, July 12

I am actually a man, there I said it.

I love this bedroom, it is for a teenage boy, but if I had to choose, I would always go for the more masculine look. In fact, I have been dreaming about plaid curtains like that for winter time, but in softer colors. I have always suspected that I am really an old man, I love plaid, old wood (ahem,) the patina of old wood, black licorice, a neat scotch, scratchy old records and building things.

I totally have that red West Elm table too, I feel so special. That bathroom is amazing, I love it, totally going in my inspiration folder for our second bathroom; I want to remodel it first, for practice :) But that won't happen just yet. Still, I can daydream, can I? (yes mom, I said "totally" twice, I so totally love saying it, so there.)

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