Tuesday, January 29

Angie Johnson

Digging this dress from etsy seller Norwegian wood. Angie Johnson is a fashion designer in real life, but in her etsy life, she...is also a fashion designer, ok, so she rocks, pretty much. Plus, don't that chick got nice hairs or what! I don't know if it is a model or if we are gazing upon Angie herself, but I like that hair cut, did I mention that I like her hair?.

Friday, January 25

New at Little Paper Planes

Lets end the week on a fun, happy note shall we. I have two new prints available at Little Paper Planes, they have been in the works for a while, and I am so happy that they are finally ready! Please go over and check them out, also, Kelly has added all sorts of new work from crazy wonderful artists, including her very talented self.

Thursday, January 24

Lart C. Berliner

So beautiful, so simple, and just exactly what I want to start my day with. I will have one of each please! I love this from Little Otsu, just the kind of thing I would want to get in the mail, or whenever, called the tiger mountain days card for $3.

2008 map and poster at little otsu, $11.

along came planner, $16.75 at reform school.

card from buyolympia, $2.75

Tuesday, January 22


I have been looking for a mirror for my house and I came across this store, Vivaterra. They sell everything from clothing to home goods (and natural bedding too) I am digging this mirror, $349, very cool don't you think? I am not too crazy about the styling in these product shots, but you get the idea.

Cool succulent wreath too huh. $89

Glass tea kettle that you put right on the stove, $49 Neato!

Friday, January 18

Marya Williams

Wow, how beautiful are these pieces by etsy seller Marya Williams. She works out of her home studio, and my favorite feature of her pieces is the mixture of silver and gold, it is so striking, and her clean forms really highlight the natural beauty of the material and the stones. I want them all!

I also have been drooling over this Rory Beca top for a while now...what do you think?

Wednesday, January 16

Fika for Michi

Today is just the day for a fika...alas there is too much work, so I am having my own solo little coffee break. I was so inspired be these fika finds on flickr, which were inspired by Camila on Design Sponge you see. Enjoy

Cake face.
Come over.

Monday, January 14

Diane Von Furstenberg

Is this the coolest blouse or what! I love the print and I love the back, very sexy, and seasonless! And it is on sale for $118 at Saks!

(I went kinda crazy with the exlams there didn't I, well, I am leaving them there for prosperity's sake...!)

Not on sale, however is this quarts ring, $4,000. Isn't it lovely though, a real bad-ass of a ring.

Tuesday, January 8


I love all of the January sales, especially for the home, or in my case, for my studio. One of my new year resolutions is to be more productive, in short, that means a better studio. I had a ball at Ikea and I saw all kinds of new (at least new to me) things there that I loved, and had to hold myself back from buying.

My new table(s), and a cabinet with sliding glass doors that I did not buy, unfortunately, someone please buy this, and fill it with cool things.

Monday, January 7

Amaretii di Saronno

Amaretti di Saronno are my all time favorite cookies, I ordered a box for my family for the holidays and it lasted about two seconds. They are made form eggs, sugar and apricots, and they would for sure be a part of my last meal, for sure. And check out that packaging, so decadent and so beautiful. I have always loved the ritual of unwrapping them and saving the beautiful papers, ever since I was a kid.

Friday, January 4


I just got this shirt, can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!
Update! The shirt has arrived, and it is even better in person, it is so groovy.

Thursday, January 3

Happy New Year

Whew, what a way to bring in the new year. I am now almost fully recovered, almost. I hate to admit that I got away with myself and had the worst hang over in history. We celebrated with our friends and some sparklers, also running around the street and yelling, oh and did I mention the drinking? Yah, Champagne always makes me sick, but every year I totally forget.

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