Wednesday, November 11


I love this look, now I just gotta get those shoes...

Monday, November 9

Things I love today...

Some things I would buy if I had extra cash right now. I love these textures together, or alone, with some smooth, old, waxed wood....sweet.
one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven

Monday, November 2

Gallery Walls

I finally got around to putting some photos up last week! Woohoo. I decided that I really wanted a gallery hallway leading to our bedroom, which is just off the kitchen, sort of cool because you can see it peaking out when you are in the kitchen. So, I took all of the frames I had, from all over the place, and used them all together.
Above, coming and going from the bedroom. I really want to replace that door!

Looking into the dining room form the kitchen, I love how you can see some images popping out, especially the small one of my bridesmaids, or my bestest friends laughing together, ahhhh
Hm....most of these images are from the wedding, oops. But, I still have more to put up, eventually this hallway will disappear when we remodel the kitchen, but until then, I love my hallway of memories!

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