Friday, June 28

Get stretched canvas prints on One Kings Lane

Hey there. One Kings Lane is offering so many great prints of mine as a stretched canvas print option. The prices are bonkers! I mean truly bonkers, way more affordable than doing a one-off canvas mount from my printer. also offered is on my of my faves, Dark and Stormy.

In other news. Thank you to everyone who showed interest in getting together! I am making a post on Monday with deets. Stay tuned lovers.

Wednesday, June 26

Calling all badasses

OMG. That last post was so boring. I mean, pictures of my dinner. All time low for the Armasinator.

Picture of you, me a couple other talented, amazing, artistic, entrepreneurial hookers.
 Lets get down to business. So how many artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and bloggstresses are reading this sentence right now? Do you live in Atlanta, or the south? Do you wanna get together and chat and have fancy drinks and validate the shit out of each other?

OMG! where did you get your orthopedic shoes? Lets not talk about work and instead just gossip.
I am brainstorming an idea. An idea to get together and I would like to know who might be interested. I am craving more of a community of art-makers in my life. How about you? I am not in a position to create a shit-ton of free content but I could offer up my studio, or plan an evening to co-mingle and have some serious girl power (guys can come too.)

Ok. Feedback please. Leme have it. A lot of you seem to prefer to email me personally rather than leave a comment. If you are one of these (strange ;) people my email is armas(dot)

I got intimate with a turtle. True story.

This was our view every day. Seriously it took me at least two days to relax and realize that I was on vacation.
 Hello! Man it has felt really good to not blog, or instagram or respond to email for a week. I could really get use to that kind of life. I went to the Gulf of Mexico with O, and our parents. Not a huge group, no kids. Just nice food, great company, ocean views all the time, sunshine and playing in the sand.

Also, the most amazing thing happend while we were watching the sunset on Saturday night. A huge loggerhead turtle came out of the ocean right next to us! She was really straining and slowly made her way up to the sand dune and started digging a hole. We called the department of wildlife and shenanigans and they had some people out to us in less than five minutes. Those turtles are an endangered species and their nests are protected all along the Gulf coast.

We pretty much just ate all the time!
We watched this lady turtle make a nest, lay her eggs!! like we watched her lay her eggs ya'll. Epic. Then she covered it up and made her way back to he ocean. She was guided by the huge super-moon that night, and her passage back to the water was such a huge event on the beach, about 50 people had gathered to marvel at her and applaud when she finally made her way back to the water. Sea turtles are my favoritest animal (next to elephants.) The turtle folks were really excited because even them, who have worked with wild sea turtles for years and years had almost never seen an event like this!

I am happy to be home now, and I am working on getting all of your orders out today and tomorrow. I have been plagued with really intense nightmares since I came home. Like last night I dreamed something so scary that I woke up screaming. I don't even want to tell you what I dreamed, thats how scary it was, it would make you have bad dreams just reading about it.

I had to take a picture of my favorite dinner we had. I love! grilled veggies with meat. Soo good.
Needless to say this morning was a coffee morning, and I am currently on a no sugar, coffee, alcohol  dairy, sugar or grains cleanse. Soooo. Did I mention no sugar? wine? I can't even brownie and red wine myself better. le sigh.

Sunday, June 16

Peace Out

I am leaving...on a jet car...don't know when I'll be back again...

I do know, June 24th. Orders will ship out that day. Also, if you contact me via Big Cartel your email needs to work for me to be able to reply to you. Just thought you should know that.

Today I lost something very, very important to me. I have been crying, more like sobbing about it all day long so I am not in the mood to write a cute post. Keep your precious items close to you people.

At least no one died. This is helping me not cry so much. Image.

Tuesday, June 11

Jessica Durrant flash sale

Do it. Save big. Be cool. Jessica Durrant's illustrations on sale. Short sentences are very authoritative.

Enter: FLASH2013 to save 50% on all 8.5x11 sized prints.

Thursday, June 6

New Prints in the shop!

Dark N Stormy print. 

End of End print.

Dolce print.

Spencer print.

Burry print.

Them theres a lot of prints ya'll. How about a discount on prints for a few days? Yeah, I thought so.

Enter "thatswhatshesaid" to get 15% off of anything in the prints section of my store. I have been watching The Office lately, can you tell?

Believe So : Lets have a mod moment

sofa, chair, coffee table, pillow, pendant, painting

Sometimes I think about the kind of room I would like to see my painting in...sometimes I even paint for a specific room that I have in mind. I see bright white walls, large windows and blonde woods. But then I can easily see this painting in a dark wood paneled room...

Wednesday, June 5

Be the best you

This is speaking to me today. I am thinking about originality, and uniqueness lately. I am thinking about who I want to be and how to become her. Do you ever make mood boards for your life? I may do that, wouldn't it be so great to have a place to project your future goals and dreams visually???

This image would sure be on my mood board. I think I am finally ready to seriously start "The Process" as we call it at home. The daunting tast of diving into the adoption world. First though. Hat shopping, obvi.

Tuesday, June 4

Yours truly on Four Magazine

As I get older, and wise I feel better about just hanging loose, and being myself. This is a very honest interview. Thank you to Four Magazine for including me in this sexy as hell issue! Four is based out of Charlotte, proud of artistic south!

FOUR is a new quarterly publication created to showcase timeless imagery and creativity. With a rich visual aesthetic and editorial voice, we identify creative moments and seeks out the beautiful homes, iconic fashion, artistic expression, and diverse culture that dwells within and around the city we call home.

Remember when Paige came over? Those are the images we were able to use, I am so happy with how it all turned out. Thanks ladies. 

I am so curious. What kind of questions would you ask if you were interviewing me? 

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