Monday, November 28

New York Citay

O and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, and eight years of being snuggly by taking a short trip up to New York. On the agenda: visit the old hood, act inappropriately around famous people, drink our weight in tequila, take a blustery sail around the island with some giggly Nordic types, and take epic walks culminating in late night room service cappuccinos. All accomplished with the dignified aplomb of two people who needed an effing vacation.

Our hotel was tasty. We giggled when we ran into Queen Latifa in the elevator. She is so pretty!

We visited Just Scandinavian. Pure bliss. I bought a pillow.

There were stunning trees all over the place.

That one up there is form Prospect Park. Oh Brooklyn, you are just as hipstertastic as ever, proof in the form of my hipster photos. A generous part of our tequila drinking occurred here.

The highlight? Apart form visiting the Neue Gallery again....and having fancy coffee while gazing out the window onto 5th ave and the park.... sigh...Sailing!


Two happy campers.

Tuesday, November 15


Still wet...while listening to Snoop Dog! I know right.

While listening to Etta James: Sunday

Tuesday, November 8


Thanks Sunset Magazine Style Editor Miranda Jones! for choosing my Zombie Jeeves painting in your round-up. I am currently wearing a Virginia Johnson shawl, and a chambray shirt, and eating my breakfast out of a Weck jar....for reals.

Check out some other great round-ups at Beso!

Monday, November 7

New Paintings!

in the shop...

In other exciting news, I have an Etsy shop too. This is where you will find all of the 12x12 paintings in the future, along with a regular assortment of paintings and prints.

Friday, November 4

So pretty on a sunny day, our house is best in fall and winter, the light! 

Thursday, November 3

House of Fifty

Thank you House of Fifty for including me in the Blogs We Love section!

Wednesday, November 2


This is where I want to spend the whole day, my "parlor" as it is a dining room, slash library, slash lounge area, slash work station.

New paintings and prints are in the store now. I am sending out a newsletter on Monday, so sign up!

Tuesday, November 1

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