Thursday, May 27

Wow, this room is really speaking to me! I want!

Tuesday, May 25

Mark Twain Brick Grey

That is the color now gracing our hallway, by Valspar. We have two natural hardwood doors that will replace two of the ones in the hallway, they will look groovy with the dark grey, don't you think? I used flat for the walls and semi-gloss for the trim. Tick one off that damned list. Horsey hooks from High Street Market. I don't know why the images are so blurry lately, maybe my camera is drunk.

Monday, May 24

I love dressers for the entry, they are great storage (hello blankets for winter time, with lavender baggies inside so they smell good, duh), and so forth. I showed O from Craig's was not good enough, "too old lady," "too dorky," "too clunky." Sigh, he was right though, he noticed that the only dressers he liked were ones that had no lip hanging over the top, so the top of the dresser was the same width as the base. When I saw this one at my favorite local vintage store, Kudzu, I lunged at it! Nice straight lines, beautiful wood, original hardware! YES PLEASE. I had a $50 off coupon and everything, the stars were aligned. I am dreaming of a glass base lamp for it, and a mirror (I think.) For now, it has temporary artwork above it, for kicks.

Friday, May 21

My printer and me

Blerg, this morning was supposed to be about projects, home projects. I like to spend Friday cleaning, and doing things that I look forward to all week, like weeding. I know, nerd. Instead, I have to fix my printer, it is sick, again. I wish expensive, professional printers came with free professional printer fixers! Blah!

I just had to make something though, do something! So, I whipped up this shower curtain. The one we had before was too short, and it kept getting stuck inside the shower, it grossed me out. I got this fabric for pennies at Fabric World (((love))). I like the stripe thing we got going on. I left the selvage, on account of its purdy. Notice the icky yellow still on the walls, but I got paint for it yesterday, so lets see how long it takes until I paint it.

Thursday, May 20

Turner Canopy Bed

My dream bed! oohhhh what I would do with you. On sale for $899 CA King.

Wednesday, May 19

What do you think?

I bought this fabric at Mood with my mother about three years ago when I lived in New York, remember that? HA! It feels like a dream I once had, even though I can still give pretty precise directions for some areas of the city. Anyway.

Do you think it is too traditional for this style of chair? The fabric is basic linen, very textural, nice. I would have double piping all over, except along the bottom, where there would be nail head trim.

Yes? No?
Update: The very evening I took these images, I was despairing over what fabric to use for these chairs. (I do realize they are just chairs, just saying.) I went online to one of my favorite places just to have a peek, and was oogling my favorite pattern, completely beyond my means! Poo, but I told myself no worries, something will come along, you just have to go with the flow. The next morning I saw the very.same.fabric for sale on a blog I frequent for a third of the price, exactly the amount I wanted, in the exact print I would have hello, meant to be. I couldn't believe it. So, I bought it. I ended up spending the money I saved to have the labor done, so I have to re-save, but it is worth it. I will have to surprise you.

The garden is blooming!

We have panted 15 rose bushes (10 climbing one for the side of the house,) 15 hydrangeas, mostly white annabell, but also blue and purple, and tons of other things. I love my morning watering time. This time last year I didn't know anything about gardening, and the yard was a weed riddled mess. We even have mulberries (I think.)

Tuesday, May 18

This photo just blew my mind.

Sheds and Bookcases

Tuesday and Thursdays are my "errands" days, the times I am allowed to leave the house for anything. So today I am going to buy paint and plants because we have a garden shed that is driving my poor O crazy. He can't stand the sight of it from the house, so we are going to paint it and plant around it. (He actually suggested we paint it...wait for it...CAMO this weekend.) I just nodded slightly and smiled, sure honey, figuring he would just forget out it. I wasn't about to explain why we couldn't have a camo painted shed in our yard. Then later he said he had changed his mind, hm, I guess he didn't forget about it. SOOO, I am taking matters into my own hands, lest we have a camo-tastrophy on our hands.

Kelly's shed is look'n good, lets hope ours turns out as good, I think it will, hello ivy.

Also going to buy three of these bookcases today, for the dining room (library.) WEEEEE

Monday, May 17


Go check out the Bright Side Project this morning (you should be going every morning to learn about the coolest blogs, and indie artists and winning lots of great stuff.) This morning you can see Anne from City Sage write about her favorite things, since May is Bloggers Delight month on the B.S.P.

The first time I found Anne's blog, I read every single post, I couldn't get enough of her beautiful eye for color and interiors and she even makes perfect outfits. Many a top or bag have I bought from learning about it from City if you go and check out the post, and leave your sunny comment, you may win an Elka One or Two print from my shop.

Thursday, May 13

Help me choose a rug

So, it came, and it WHUK? Yes blue, so back it goes, what a bummer, cuz I really loved that design. I went to read some reviews (note, if you buy a rug on overstock, make sure to read the reviews on all sizes offered of your rug, b/c they are all different.) So someone who bought one in another size said hers was a stone color, so there you have it.

Now you help me choose people! Which one? Leave your answer in my comments...duh what else are you going to do, speak into your screen? Yeesh.

This is the one O likes (less yellow, more ivory with gold and wheat, according to reviews)

This one (above)  is cool too, reviewers say it is "brighter" than the image shown here, with darker green and burn orange accents with gold and a beige background. Hm...

I should say shipping was 2.95, and return shipping is free, so good on ya Overstock. 

Monday, May 10

My higher self maybe?

This photo made me stop and think, "this is what I want to be like when I grow up."
This rug is calling my would go so well with the new art deco dresser we got (photos to come.) And the fabric I got to recover the couch. Thats all I got today.

Update, O liked it too, so I bought that bad boy, hello 2.95 shipping? Yes please. 

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