Thursday, January 31

Cape thingy!

There I was, just kick'n it on the internet...when all of a sudden. BAM!

I become a woman who must have a camel wool trench cape. How does that happen? Like, I am totally not the same person I was pre-cape awareness. Where can I find one folks? She needses her pretty!

Tuesday, January 29

Whats new with me?

These are a few things that are new:

1. Remember Carly? She doesn't work here anymore. There was no drama, don't read into it.

2. I am doing all of the shipping, customer service, printing, schlepping, drilling, wiring, photos, computering, nodding, scheming and ordering myself. Not to mention painting. What is it I do again? Oh yeah. Painting. Right.

3. I am totally loving it! Really, its like when I first started again. I really love getting emails from people all around the world every day, and I am pretty good at doing everything myself too. I know that it isn't sustainable in the long run, b/c I want to really grow. But for now, it feels very right, and its the right step to take for me and my little biz.

4. I got the meanest email of my carear last week. It made me laugh really hard, it still makes me laugh, but I erased it so now I don't really remember what it said. This reminds me: advice.

So when someone sends you a mean email, like they say things that are mean or hurtful just cuz they are pathetic, do this: 

-Reply promptly (don't let that shit linger in your inbox dude), politely tell them that they are not welcome to (insert problem here, in my case, return a painting that sucked balls.)
-Explain that usually you would be happy to help them, but they have been a butt-face, so they can keep said item and use it as a reminder to have better manners.
-Delete any replies without reading (use peripheral vision ya'll!)
-Round of drinks at the local watering hole (or round of candles for my family at the local pretty candle store) on said mean person. Bitches don't get no refunds folks.
-Forget about it. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. I think my hormones may have finally packed up and moved to someone else's body to wreak havoc and destruction. Could it be? Six months after finishing taking fertility poison I am actually starting to feel better? My workouts have been intense, because I finally!!! have normal energy again and let me tell you I almost shouted out FUCK at the gym yesterday b/c I was killing bad guys in my head with my 30lb medicine ball. Isn't it fun to kill bad guys? I only get to do it in my fantasies, sadly.

How I feel lately. 
I am curious? How can you tell that your body is back to normal? Ever had someone be mean to you? How did you deal?

Friday, January 25

Happy Friday!

I joined Instagram. Yes. I resisted for as long as I cared to. Mostly this just feeds my addiction to looking at pretty things as often as humanly possible. Sigh.

I am really looking forward to this weekend because me and my sister, mom and aunt (second mother) are going to go shopping, lunching, chatting, and spending the night at a posh hotel and probably have a lipstick demonstration and makeovers all around. I am crazy about doing people's makeup, just crazy about it. Anyway, I am home early today and doing laundry and nails and packing. Its so fun! Feels like a holiday. Speaking of holiday, anyone else not taken down their Christmas Tree yet? eeps.

Thursday, January 24


My Carlos painting is wired to be hung vertically but I like switching things around. He looks pretty sexy on his back doesn't he? I could insert a joke here about how well hung Carlos is...but I won't be crass. Ok, 14 year old boy self is gone, sophisticated Hermes lusting woman is back; multiple personalities, I tell ya. Can't you just see this? Crisp, white walls, sunshine, Carlos winking at you as you walk in the door carrying your oh so fabulous bag. Put that baby down gently and make yourself an old fashioned cocktail, sit back (kinda, that chair is more for looking at than sitting back in) and have yourself a relaxing moment.

Wednesday, January 23

Thank you Scoutmob

I am so excited to be selling on Scoutmob!

You can get a discount on some of my very favorite prints! I feel so special.

Friday, January 18


Happy Friday ya'll. I am celebrating the first day of clear blue sky today by wearing the brightest lipstick I own! Aphrodisiac by Tom Ford. I am wearing my baggy painting jeans, and O's sweatshirt, so its a pretty rock'n look. HA

 I just noticed that I have on bright orange nail polish too. Forget dark, brooding winter hues. Apparently I am in a fiesta mood. I should say that even though the lipstick is hella expensive, it has so much pigment that its basically a stain on your lips all day long. Also, it looks a bit more purple on me, b/c everything does. I have dark lips naturally.

Anything fun for this weekend? I am having a date with O tonight, we are really looking forward to sitting at the bar of our favorite place and having some oysters. nomnomnom. Also tomorrow I have a meeting with a client in the morning, I have to paint, then we get to see some friends we haven't seen in weeks. Even though they live right down the street! I love our neighborhood. Its fun having lots of neighbors to play with. (product image from here.)

Thursday, January 17

Dress like you are going to see your arch enemy

Ok, so on Pinterest the other day I found a link to Lisa Eldridge's site, and I stayed up until like 1am watching her videos! I have learned so freaking much about makeup and I love her sweet, chatty style too. Plus, with that accent, I just can't help myself but blindly obey her (what is it with the British! This reminds me that I think I am more Anglophile than Frankophile, not that there are other ophiles out there that are good to be as well, but I digress.)

So my friend is going through a rough breakup right now, and we were spending some time together talking and discussing and dissecting  And we watched this video together because it is a tutorial on how to do your makeup, hair and nails (and clothes) when you are going to go meet up with an ex! Brilliant, and adorable.

One thing I really love about her videos is that she starts out with no makeup at all, and you can really see what a difference it makes. I hope you get to stay up late in bed watching makeup videos now too :)

Monday, January 14

O's Christmas Present

I never know what to get O as a gift. He is a super talented musician but his equipment is all specific and obscure, thats nothing I can wrap the ol bean around. So this year I decided to give him something sentimental.*
I love sailing! And I always try to get on the water in every city I visit. Maybe b/c one of my favorite childhood memories is sailing on my uncles boat in Argentina when I was a kiddo.

Check out the facial topiaries. 

Enter Paul Ferney's commission project. I love his paintings so much, and I always wanted him to paint a commission for me. Originally I wanted him to paint us, but I don't have any good photos (note to self, ask more strangers to take pictures of us! and take off my sunglasses). Anyway, so I thought about some of the best memories we have shared over the last years and decided on a sale sail we took around Manhattan island on our third wedding anniversary.

We had a magical time that evening! The weather was brisk and cool, the wind was sharp and the sail boat was bobbing and the sales sails whipped around, you know that sound is so specific. I love being on the water so much, and this particular time we really enjoyed chatting to our captain, who learned about boats from his boating enthusiast father, and he also restores old sailboats in his spare time.

I love how it turned out, he captured the moment perfect. I chose a blond frame, and its about 8x10 inches oil on board. I can't wait for his next commission project, I will be first in line :) There are several paintings of his that I love, see some here!

In case you are wondering, O gave me some beautiful blue mother of pearl earrings that I had on my pin board for like ever. I was pretty excited and have been wearing them non stop.

Friday, January 11

Lucky me!

Happy Friday! I am about to head out to the gym, then lunch with a friend. I am pretty stoked. This week has been a fire roasted shit sandwich with a side of arthritis. Yup, my early 30's bad ass has arthritis in my knees. I also have a friend who is tackling some of life's hardest stuff and I can't help but suffer for my friends when they suffer. But there is something to celebrate! Aside from my general amazingness, naturally.

My best friend Jane is engaged!! Its the cutest engagement story ever but I can't tell you b/c it involves the CIA. Not really, but it does involve shampoo, so lets leave it at that. I am the matron of honor! Holly shit! I squealed and cried when she told me, I am so fraking excited that I can't stop pinning wedding stuff. I get to see her next week when she is in town looking at venues. Her family lives here, so lucky lucky me she is getting married here too! Have I mentioned that I am so excited, I feel like I am getting married. Mostly though I am happy that she found a really true man to marry, he is sweet and genuine and he really loves her. I would wish nothing more for my bestie than to have the kind of love I have with O. Its the best feeling in the world to marry your best friend, I am going to cry just thinking about it.

Thursday, January 10

I like the way you work diggity

My latest commission. This is the biggest one yet, 65x75 inches, or something like that, can't remember exactly. I have been working on this for evah! The simpler the composition, when it involves smaller brush stokes, the longer it takes.

In other news:

1. I dreamed last night that I had to perform a song on TV, and so I was picking out shoes to wear in my sister's closet when I realized that I don't sing, and I don't know any songs.

2. I am painting like mad for a show at Stellars Gallery in February, the 8th if anyone is in Ponte Vedra beach at that time. Would love to see you.

3. I got an Ipad mini for Christmas and it has changed my life. Mostly because I can see recipes so easily in the kitchen, and also for digital magazines, and for pinterest in bed, and checking my email on the toilet. Its pretty amazing.

Tuesday, January 8

Resolve to: look less like a Schlubb

One of the things I realized that is missing in my life is a sense of fashion, and beauty. I have been neglecting my vanity like crazy and it had been making me depressed. Wearing stinky workout clothes covered in paint every day does not a sexy girl make. Thus! I am working on some improvements in my morning routine to facilitate the 5 minute make-over. If it isn't fast and easy, I ain't interested, basically. Sadly, this is the exact reason that I have been neglecting myself in the mornings: my closet is a holy mess, my bathroom has orange lighting and little storage that is pretty inconvenient as it is. I never wore jewelry because it was hard to find anything, and no where to put it on! Horror!

Not styled at all, I just got this quick shot to show my mom, and then never took another picture, so there you have it.

 So this is how I have (so far) systematically attacked my issues:

1. Closet make over. I cleaned out everything, EVERYTHING that I had not worn in the last year. All of my clothes can fit into a small coat closet now. Good.

2. My dresser inside the closet is hard to get to, too tall to use the top surface, and because it is from Ikea, falling the hell apart. Get a new dresser!

3. Makeup is in bathroom, where I have one deep, small drawer that is very low down and isn't good for my back, or for bathroom neatness or good for accurate face viewing. Move makeup to new area with better light, and mirror.

4. Jewelry collection is growing, but I had only an old clumsy box to store it in, on a dresser so high I couldn't see into it easily. Find convenient placement for jewelry and accessories, near mirrors and so I can see everything at once.

Enter: The dresser. Bought at Kudzu (an ok antique place near me, I go there a lot b/c its near me, and by a lot I mean a few times a year.) I also bought the entry dresser there, and our table.

This dresser is the perfect hight: vanity mirror on the top is perfectly level with my head. I can use the surface but don't have to bend over or take up room with a stool (as you would with a regular vanity situation, or low dresser).

Many shallow drawers! Perfect for being able to see everything you need upon opening said drawer.

Solid wood, in this case Walnut. I like solid wood for the texture. This particular dresser is slightly dorky, but charming and doesn't think too much of itself don't you know.

Making the space work:

I have that white chair that I bought a few years ago hanging out in our bedroom, and its important to me to keep it there. I had only so much space for a dresser, so it had to be a tall, skinny number. I was not willing to lose my ottoman, so it all had to fit by moving the marble side table to the other side of the chair, I hate a crowded table.

To make the space look cohesive I added art. The piece above the dresser is from OKL, the landscape is from an antique store, its a water color from the turn of the century. I painted the frame b/c it used to be light blue and way too 90's beach house for me, now the frame is Mark Twain blue by Valspar (I had it hanging around). The small portrait is an amazing gift from O, and the abstract is by me. I feel like it looks like I framed a child's art, but I still like the colors, and it punches up the potentially old lady feel. O calls it "Full Bear" b/c he says there is a big purple bear on his back, rubbing his tummy.

The floor lamp* is from here, and I say always, always, always use these kind of lightbulbs in a lamp that has an exposed bulb. The twin Chinoiserie lamps are by Ralph Lauren at Home Goods. The size was perfect, I like the pattern, but I want to change the finial to something funky.

You may notice that I just went ahead and painted up the drywall the same blue, Woodlawn by BM, b/c I don't have the patience to think about painting this room again. I don't love the blue because it looks very little boy blue in bright light, although it has the perfect amount of green to it when its shadowy, which is why I bought it in the first place (we had less light in there then.) Lordy this post is long.


Vanity Mirror, I like it because it is dim-able  and easily replaceable light source, I already bought two replacements. Makeup trays, I like that they stack, and are pretty. Jewelry trays. Two of these stack perfectly inside my drawers. I am not crazy about the color and the quality is just ok for the price (I always think these sorts of things are way too expensive), but I wanted it done, fast, and easy. I love how my jewelry looks now, its fun picking out something to wear! Have you noticed that I buy everything from Amazon? Its amazing.

* My mom says she had a pair exactly like this one when she was young. She gasped when she saw it, she said "I didn't know you had those, they are so old, where is the other one."

Monday, January 7

Thank you

Wow, can I get an amen up in here! You guys are the best! I mean, your comments and emails really touched me. You reached out and gave me some wisdom and a knowing nod of the head and a few finger wags. I received one especially wonderful email, it was so earnest and beautiful written, not to mention really knocked some sense into me. This reader wrote to tell me that she had recently found my blog, and had read through it. She says that she was inspired to introduce beauty into her every day life, and allow herself to appreciate nice things more because she is discovering her artistic self. Thats pretty much the gist, she said some very nice things about me and this blog, which made me blush, and I won't repeat b/c its embarrassing. At the end she said this, and boy was it humbling:

Resolve to: Keep that vacation feeling and use it at home too.

Resolve to: not dress like a schlubb (thanks for that word!) every day. I look homeless ya'll.

"I could be jealous of you, but instead I'm profoundly grateful for the inspiration that you brought me.  And you lit a fire that needed to be lit....I started using your life as an example when I shared with my friends what I dreamt for myself."

My favorite part is "lit a fire that needed to be lit." I personally have been endlessly inspired by other bloggers for years and years. Not just bloggers, but powerful woman who seemed like they were living the live I wanted. I remember wishing with all my heart that I could be working for myself; selling art felt like a pipe dream. We are all constantly inspiring the next person to grow and strive.  Thats whats important, and why jealousy isn't all bad. Its like jealousy is the beacon that makes you see there is something wrong that you need to address.

Resolve to: Be more grateful of what I have accomplished and not compare my path to others.

I feel blessed to be able to inspire another person, and I know that my mystery blogger is just trying to inspire others also. I am totally on her team, and rooting her on in her adventures in life because I believe that if I give good, I get it back too. Thank you for reminding me friends!

Resolve to: Experience new places without getting depressed that I don't live there! 
Its time to set some new goals for myself, and take steps to make them happen. I have felt stuck for a little while now, and needing a change. O and I have to work through that together, and find a way to fit everything in. We have set up some times together to really hash out some doable goals for us this year, and beyond. I have a few ideas on how I can incorporate some more challenging aspects to my work too. I want to collaborate, travel and grow with my work. I am ok with the fact that I am still growing and evolving, and I hope thats always the case. This is the fun part! The part where I climb up the ladder a little higher and the view will be that much better.

I have been writing this post for like ever today. It has been one of those days where you have a little here, and then a little time there. I really wanted to say thank you!

Resolve to: Always show you stuff that makes me laugh! Why is the Gone with the Wind lady making that face? And why are the words dripping? This is someone's living room for pete's sake!

Thursday, January 3

Happy New Year!

You know, I think about you guys a lot. I think that I should have taken photos cuz you would have liked to see the little shindig we threw for NYE, or maybe you would like my new dresser, or like to see little snippets of pretty around the house.

Above: My parent's cozy living room all pretty for Christmas. We go there every year, and on Christmas Eve we have a huge dinner, and O's folks come to that and we have such a great time! I really miss toasting my toes by that fire.

Below: I used this time between years to make some big decorating headway! I bought a dresser for my makeup, jewelry and accessories and other things that I never know where to put. (I hate bathroom makeup, my drawers are low so I have to bend over a lot, and I can't see without my glasses, so I can't tell what I am grabbing. I know, life is so hard.) I picked up those Ralph Lauren lamps at Home Goods while I was hanging out with my mom.

But you know, sometimes I get this feeling like I want to just be under a rock, and I don't want to talk to anyone. Does that happen to you? It must be a human thing, I can't imagine anyone not being like that sometimes. Lately I have had a lot of emotions and feelings, and they are making me tired. One of those feelings is Jealousy (my friends know what I am talking about b/c I have asked them all about this particular issue I am having, and I got several different perspectives. Friends are the best. Anyway, so the thing about blogging though, is other bloggers. Right? I mean sometimes they can seem perfect, their lives are perfect, and children well behaved. They are skinny and stylish and have amazing jobs and travel like crazy.

Ok, maybe I am talking about one blogger in particular. I have a problem with comparing myself to others. Don't we all! Well, if I am being super honest with myself, and ya'll know I like to do that, then I have to admit that I compare myself way too much. Like waaay too much.

Recently I started to feel really bad about myself because I thought I didn't have my shit together enough. I don't have an exciting enough life. I am not pretty enough, or rich enough. I don't know, there is something there, I just have to get to the core of it. I think thats the beneficial thing about jealousy: it makes you look at yourself and say "ok, what is missing, why do I feel this? How am I letting myself down." I have not figured it out yet. You guys are wise, like crazy wise. Any experience with the green eyed monster?

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