Tuesday, December 18


Oh shopping.  I hate you, but I love it when you surprise me and turn out to be easy and fruitful. The black hole of shopping, for me, is the Sale. Sometimes I like a "deal" so much that I buy things that are not exactly right. Sadly, I don't wear things that are not exactly right, so it ends up being a waste. My goal has been for the last year, and from now on to buy ONLY what is perfect and not care how much it costs. The theory is that there are so few items that are perfect, so it is ok if they cost three times more than you might normally spend.

Shopbop has great sales, divided by percentage, and they offer free shipping, and returns (if you are snappy about it). I always get my items lickety split too. I also love that each item has a video that loads right up so you can really study the drape, and composition of the fabric (you know, like is it thick, or shinny.)

Monday, December 17

Puppy Medicine

I felt sad this weekend. Who didn't? Who can watch the news and not intermittently cry and rage? Its also been gloomy here (cozy though), and my knees hurt so I haven't been able to burn off my emotions with cardio...that cardio is why my knees hurt in the first place. This all adds up to a grumpy Michelle. This morning, after the fourth night in a row of strange nightmarish dreams I woke up around five and couldn't got back to sleep at all.

Coco heard me sniffling and she came over to me and buried her head in my chest so we could cuddle together. She makes herself into a purring, cuddling lovey puppy when I need her. She laid there with me and purred so hard she sounded like she was snoring. Does your dog purr? I fell right to sleep and then I drooled all over her. She didn't seem to mind.

These pictures are from when we first moved into our house. I had to be in bed for a long time b/c I had a herniated disk, and Coco was my willing companion. How is it possible to love an animal so much? I never would believe it to be possible if I didn't know if first hand. Does your pet come to your rescue? Lets be mushy today and forget about how terrible the world can be.

Wednesday, December 12

20% off small paintings ya'll

Tear it up!

Two of my very favorites. Just enter TWENTYSMALLS1212  at checkout to get your 20% discount. Hurry and snap them up to get them in time for your chosen holiday :)

Tuesday, December 11

Just cuz I like you

Want 20% off of prints? Enter: smallxmas12

I have to paint like the wind this week. Do you know that I have hardly painted in many weeks? It has been so very busy and by the time the sun is setting I can hardly drag myself home. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your discount, so many men have been buying lately. Isn't it cute when your man gets you something sweet that he knows you have been eyeing? Awww.

Monday, December 10

Take it from me...

I thought I would do a round up of clothes that I have bought and really love. I bought everything online, and am probably wearing them right now.

1. This James Perse dolman sleeve top up there is so cute in person, and half off! They photo shopped her nips out, cuz that thing is sheer. I like it with this bra because the straps are cute.

2. This Lucy sweater is so cozy and perfect for throwing on after a morning workout when you want to go right to work. I do this all the time (gross but true).

3. Most days I just wear workout pants all day long. These are easy to wear, lightweight (but not sheer, at least in my experience) and they aren't uncomfortably tight.

4. I love these Nike tennis. I work out almost every day so I decided to get two shoes to rotate. Sounds like a no brainer, but its a first for me. At the studio I just put on my painting danskos.

5. That Kain t-shirt is so pretty, but I don't recommend for workouts, not absorbant. Super cute to throw on over a sports bra after you tear off of sweaty one you just worked out in.

6. That lipgloss is not gross: doesn't taste like silicone, and its glossy but not super sticky. I love it because it looks like I am trying a little bit, but it doesn't deposit a ton of color.

Wednesday, December 5

Framed works on paper!

I have been wanting to do this for so long! Finally I found an amazing framer here in Atlanta, and I tested them out by working with them to frame up some of my own prints just for hanging at home. (cuz I only want to sell the very best, most perfect products from my shop, but at home I don't mind hanging something imperfect.) Anyway, they did a bang up job, have a huge selection, and a knowledgeable staff. The pieces I had framed for home are so hot, I can't wait to show you.

1. Artwork dimensions are 17.5x24 inches. Framed artwork total dimensions 21x28 inches. 1.5 inches deep.
2. Wired for easy hanging.
3. Professionally framed in a white wood 3/4 face with 1.5 inch depth. Signed on the front. Stamped with my logo and titled on the back.
4. Conservation grade clear UV protection glass. We can ship these anywhere!
5. Artwork is mounted onto a 1/8th inch acid free foam sheet so it "floats" above the also acid free mat. Its ball'n yall.

 I am excited to be offering these because I really love abstract + shinny glass. These pieces are scribblier and more aggressive in composition than most of my other paintings because they live in a sleek white and glass frame. The tension between the artwork and the sophisticated framing is just peachy, and something I have been wanting to hang in my own home for a long time.

They are priced to sell, and there are many more to come. I kinda hope that I get to keep all of these because they would look so nice hanging in a tall row, like between two windows or doors, or in a grouping over a desk or some such hotness. 

Nebula Wrapping paper

I love thoughtful packaging. I also love buying clothes online (by default, because shopping can suck it). I don't buy a lot from Totokealo, but when I do I get extra excited about opening it up!

Lovelovelove this paper. If you are interested in making your own nebula wrapping paper try this.

1. Go here, download a file.
2. Send to Kinkos (or any printer) and have it printed onto plain, heavy weight paper (nothing glossy or expensive). 
3. How about some gold Washi tape?

Tuesday, December 4


I have always had a problem with sleeping. It seems to run in my family. My dad famously can't sleep (well its pretty famous in our family at least) and his mother also was a night owl. Last summer I had the longest run of sleeplessness of my whole life and I made a lot of mistakes and cried sobbed and screamed! a lot from frustration. I went to see a doctor because I was so desperate. I thought he would just give me meds (which is why I hate doctors), but he didn't. Instead he told me that because I have no medical condition that would cause me to have insomnia that I shouldn't take any meds at all. Instead he gave me a new perspective and some tools. I hold this list near to my heart because it works and I have finally felt like I have control over my insomnia. You are not the boss of me insomnia!

1. Most people can't sleep because they can't stop thinking. So make a list of everything you have to do the next day, or whatever is on your mind. Recently I just took out my notebook and wrote just what came to my mind because I knew I had anxiety, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Sure enough my brain barfed it up all over the page. I usually get everything ready for the next day at this time too, like send myself emails, or double check my calendar. I also visualize my morning, and if I have anything pressing then I visualize myself arriving on time, or making that big sale, or laughing and having a good time!

2. You need to create a sleep deficit.  Seems totally counter intuitive since when you have insomnia all you can think about during the day is how little you slept the night before but I swear this works. Go to bed at 12 or 1, then wake up at 6am. Add 30 minutes of sleep every day until you get to 7-8 hours. I always thought that I had to get to bed early so I would force myself into bed at 10, dreading it, feeling tension all over my body, probably crying because I knew I would never sleep. Wrong! Instead I read until I can't stand it any longer which leads me to my next tip...

3. Only stay in bed for 20 minutes. If you are still not asleep get up! This is the very hardest one for me. Go back to the chair and read again, or watch something on TV that doesn't stimulate you. Don't watch the news like my dad does because it gets your heart rate up. I have done this multiple times a night before. I like to stretch, sometimes I just pace around the house too. DO NOT use this time to catch up on work because hey, you'r up right? I still have to fight this impulse.

Bath time! I usually like lower lighting. Sometimes I even take a shower with just candle light. Its very soothing to be in hot water, obvs. I did dark showers a lot in NYC when I would come home from work too blasted to deal. Try it! Also remember to make it pretty and clean and neat. 
 4. Don't do anything in bed but sleep (and sexy time is ok too). No laptop or iPad. No reading. Nothing. Only get in bed when you are ready to drop. I set up a chair, ottoman and table with lamp in my bedroom so that I could hang out there when I am reading before bed. I read really slow historical fiction before sleep btw. Makes my brain go to a totally new place.

5. Create a routine that makes your brain realize "it's time for bed dummy." A hot bath helps because it raises your body temp so that when you cool off and your body temp dips lower, it brings sleepiness with it. Cool huh? I make my bed all pretty, turn the heat off (I like it cold) and do my ablutions so I am all clean and comfy and ready to read. I also stretch a lot because I have a lot of muscle tension. Other helpful things: burn a nice candle, turn the lights down in the house, no TV sounds or screens after a certain time in the evening, kitchen is cleaned and closed...

6. Dietary sleep wreckers! Don't have a full tummy. For me this means don't eat dinner. Personally I think dinner is for dates only. What a silly meal! Lets eat the biggest meal of the day with a bunch of protein and carbs together (digestive suicide for me) a few hours before we sleep. What? Don't do it. Eat a larger meal at 3, latest. Then nothing until bed. If you are hungry, drink some water. If you are digesting a meal while laying in bed, it will make it harder to fall asleep.

Also, no alcohol at all. Even a small amount of booze will kill your sleep buzz. You may be able to fall asleep quickly, but you will probably wake up soon after and then what? I only drink on the weekends and it doesn't effect me as much. I used to drink wine every day! It was a vicious cycle. Come home so tired I can't breath, drink a glass of wine, feel better. Then no sleep. Makes a really huge difference.

7. If you fall sleep, but then wake up a few hours later and can't fall asleep again you need a strategy! My doctor is from England, and he told me that he imagines that he is taking a walk in his hometown when he was a kid. He strolls along in his mind, seeing the shops and the people. Also counting helps a lot. He told me to count each breath in rounds of 20. I admit I rolled my eyes. "Really? counting? Good thing I am at the fucking doctor!" But ya'll it actually works.

It took this when I was wandering around the house getting it read for bed. I like dim lights, my cozy christmas pijamas (that I wear all year round) and a neat house so that when I wake up the next morning it looks nice and pretty. Plus I like taking pictures up my nose.

Mostly now when its time to sleep I think "This is my time. Nothing is allowed to sabotage my special, personal brain space." When I have thoughts that start to invade my calm I just push them away because I know I have prepared everything I can to be successful in sleeping, and in my day coming up (see number 1.)

Ok, so what is your experience? Tried any of these? Do you have a fail-safe voodoo spell that has been passed down in your family for years? hmmmmm?

Monday, December 3

Christmas Tree

I was looking at our Christmas tree last night and I said to O "When we have kids we need to get a real tree. I want it to smell good!" O looked at me and said "No way! I don't want to kill a tree every year. I mean, killing a living tree doesn't feel very Christmasy to me." So cute, and also true.

I love the light that the tree gives off. O is always mentioning that we should drap string lights all over the place (like a college dorm room), because he likes the soft light. Of course that is not allowed, but I do really love the tree lights.

Glitter bird. So sparkly

Groucho Mouse. Love this little guy.

 Santa on his arse with ice skates. Also a missing eyebrow. We will be sticking with your white tree for a long time, and maybe supplementing with some garlands. I got us a couple of new ornaments this year and I just love seeing my old favorites every year too. I got a vintage glass squirrel ornament to commemorate the several poor souls that Moxie has eaten over the year.

How cute is this whale? I love the glitter spout. 

Monday, November 26

You pay for shipping?........no

I hate being so self promotional guys. Really. I just want to be sure that you know what a freaking great deal free shipping is. Ok, I am done now.


1. Until Tuesday at midnight, you no pay no shipping at my store. Run yall's fingers ya'll.

2. There are more large, vibrant and happy paintings available right now than ever before on account of my working my arse off.

3. I dreamed that I was making out with a big, blonde marine last night, while standing in "lake michigan" and he was wearing a checkered hat. It was fun, don't you love fun dreams.

4. I am picking up Coco and Moxie from the doggy hospital today because they feasted on a bottle of Advil for Thanksgiving. It has been a crazy few days but they are fully recovered!

5. I am offering options for calendars this year. Meet the Sabrina 2013 calendar. She just got a short haircut and you are all what! Who is that bombshell!

Wednesday, November 21

Free shipping sale, new work, blah blah

I'm back! It feels so good to be home. New York was awesome as always, but also annoying, as always. For the first time in a long time, I was very happy to land in Atlanta, and the drive home was so  pretty. We lounged around having dinner at our favorite low key Mexican place and went to bed late. ahhhhh, I feel so rested and so freaking happy to be in my studio right now.

First order of business! We have new prints, really cool ones. Also, as of right now all of these are available as originals too, until they are sold out.

Michi, 36x48 inches, acrylic and graphite on gallery wrap canvas.

Michi print, 13x18 archival inks on coated heavy paper. The print is slightly less orangey than the original. This happens because there is florescent paint on the canvas, and the scanner never gets all of it. We use the best scanner in the city, it captures immaculate detail by the way.

Sabrina, 48x48. Acrylic, graphite and gold paint!! on canvas gallery wrap.

Sabrina Print. 13x13 (image size slightly less) archival inks on coated heavy paper.

Blarney, 48x48 acrylic, graphite and chalk on gallery wrap canvas.

Blarney Print, 13x13 (image size slightly less) archival inks on coated heavy paper. The print is slightly less orangey and hot pink/red than the original. This happens because there is florescent paint on the canvas, and the scanner never gets all of it. We use the best scanner in the city, it captures immaculate detail by the way.

Also, these are new:

Spooky, 30x40 acrylic and graphite on canvas.

Dive in, 48x48 acrylic and graphite on canvas.

Sophia, 36x48 acrylic on canvas.

Don't forget about my free shipping sale for Cyber Monday, the 26th of November.

Friday, November 16

Peace Out

O and I are celebrating four years of blissful marriage by galavanting around New York City and generally whooping it up. Its going to be cold, and windy and I have prepared accordingly! My travel style is much like my normal style: super casual, but with good quality, stand out pieces. This is what my New York look is this time, except I don't carry a bag.

Full disclosure, my parka is not lined in fur, and is blue, but looks pretty much the same. I also bought that blue stripped shirt in red, but I am not sure that I love the fit.

I am loving this bright and perfectly pink/violet color, especially with dark colbalt eyeliner.  They really complement each other.

P.S Holly hell I love this sweater!

I couldn't resist posting one of my favorite wedding photos. I love you O!

Thursday, November 15

Gifts for the Girlies

I love giving gifts so much. In our family we don't put much stock into gifts, so we do small things, I usually get my family members something small that I know they want: a bottle of wine we had together, a beauty product that my sister mentioned she liked of mine, a print...You know. My dad always gets a gift certificate to Lowes, his spiritual home. You know that great feeling when you find just the right thing? Share you gift ideas for this year, I would love to have a gossipy, girly chat with you about what sweet little nuggets you have tucked away for your loved ones.


Wednesday, November 14

New Bedding

I am trying to make a sanctuary of our bedroom, if you remember from this post. So, even though we will be looking at this bed while we are in New York this weekend, I decided to get some new bedding as the first step in our bedroom cozification.

1. We got a medium duvet and the white with black hotel duvet cover from Restoration Hardware. I admit that I turn to them a lot to buy things that I know will be simple and well made, for the most part. Have I mentioned that I am lazy?

P.S I love my John Robshaw quilt that I bought on sale, in a king size, not a great idea, even thought I stained it pink accidentally the first time I washed it. But it is better for warm weather.

You can see John Robshaw King pillows peeking out. I love them, but I am not sure if they are still made. These are similar. Fun Fact: Mine are the same ones Liz Lemon has. 

2. That pillow was a gift from a designer Heather Plimmer. Isn't she the sweetest? She bought it a long time ago when she was gathering inspiration for the W in Austin, and she sent it to me when she found it in her pillow closet. How cool! I love it, and it is just perfect in my bedroom, it reminds me of Austin, and the fun times we always have there. Thanks Heather!

The bench that will be getting a facelift soon. I am being honest about our home, so this image is not great.
I will also be hitting up Just Scandinavian while we are in the city to scope out some fabric to cover that brass bench that has been sitting around for about a million years. I wish I was flush with cash so I could get a large rug from ABC. But alas, I don't have 50k sitting around for a rug. Boo. I am making a mood board, and I will show you that soon. I want to see the bed first though, and make sure I love it.

P.S. Another great duvet options, in red! Their site is down right now, but I have seen it there before.
P.P.S. Getting a hair cut today! Gasp!
P.P.P.S Have a great day dorks.

Tuesday, November 13

New Paintings

Some hotness for you guys to feast your peepers on.

Blarney, 48x48. $1800usd

Bailey, 48x48. 1800usd.

Shari, 48x48. 1800 usd.

Saturday, November 10

Lets dream together

Whats your big dream? I thought about this a lot this weekend, and I keep going back to my gut, flash reaction: Adventure! My version is not something scary like mountain climbing, and it doesn't involve weapons. My adventure is traveling, and living. So basically I want to live in different places. I want to live in California, in a city and on the coast, New York City, Europe (Spain! or Italy are my top pics). I also want to do something year long, with the whole family, like sailing around the world, or working on farms in cool places, or working for something scientific...you know, off the wall, off the grid and new! I could go on and on. But those are the main ones.
Me. Top of the Rock. Last year.
First. New York City. When I was imaging (projecting energy at that visualization and willing it to come true sooo hard) my future life living in the city, I instantly saw what kind of New York living experience I have to have: Greenwich village, something built a long time ago.

I have to start with Chloe's house, even though its in the east village. The proportions of the rooms, the coziness. Its exactly what I am dreaming of.

Oh baby. I am undressing these pictures with my eyes.

Julian Moore's place is also just perfect. I love the windows so much, and the moodyness.

I just want to live this.

Yes, its unapologetically romantic. Other awesome New York experiences:

Brooklyn Brownstone

Two of my faves. The kitchen/living areas are always the best.

Soho loft

So dramatic. So 80's. I love the proportions, and I can't help letting this architecture remind me of the period in New York's history of immigrants, and tenements. Such an exciting concept, the new world, this city of possibility, but then there was the hardness of life. So interesting to think about.

Uptown, near the park. Pre-war.

Kate Spade's place is bonkers. I know it, you know it, and everyone else on the internet. Yes, we have seen these so much, but I want to eye hump them some more.

Weird Modern something, not enough windows, I really don't like this place. I don't get it.


That rug looks like it was a great sale at Home Goods. I don't know why, but I hate it. Along with those weird tiny pictures. I gotta move on.

I know everyone has seen these images a million times, but they are mostly my all time favorite spaces, and I was just noticing the other day that most of my favorite apartments ever are located in New York, and how much I put myself in these spaces.

What is your big dream? Does it involve houses like mine?

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