Monday, August 30

Guest Bathroom

I have finally painted all the rooms in the house (well, not O's office, but that doesn't count, it is a man cave.) Anyway, that includes the guest bathroom, with the exception of the Restoration Hardware sconce I bought for the vanity, above that vintage mirror, it is done! (well a towel rack, and a rug...but you know).

The bathroom before the paint, artwork, curtains, mirror, and new knobs for the vanity. Eventually we are going to re-tile, and replace the vanity, but until then it has to be pretty at the very least. Those tiles make me wanna puke a little.

The curtain fabric is some cheap glaze cotton in a light gray stripe that I found at a discount fabric place (2.99 yard, at 9 yards). The long curtains frame the window, instead of cutting it in half, as it would in its predictable location, and when we actually use the shower, heavy duty plastic sheeting can be hung on the same hooks inside the tub. The pendant is from Victory Vintage, RIP, the first thing I bought there a few years ago. Still looking for a rug, but it's a lot better than before. At last! My guests can take a classy pee, or at least not have to read the table saw box and call me from the john for toilet paper...

One more thing, if you made it this far, then you deserve a treat! If you are not listening to this, it's ok, I was once like you, but now I am cool, and you can be too.

Beep bee-bee-beep beep

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you breaking news. A cardigan yours truly has been lusting after for over a year, but missed out on buying due to it being sold out....has been spotted on RueLaLa. I swear I don't go there every day, just happened to wonder if it would be there when I saw the Theory logo in my email....


Now back to shell gazing.

Ghost Shells

A couple of months ago, my dad was looking through stuff in the attic of the house I grew up in, mostly, and he found a box of shells I had collected and saved from a memorable beach trip from when I was in my early teens, maybe 13? I wore a purple one piece, and had an afro, seriously, an afro.

I mixed them with some larger ones we found in Mexico, and I love how they look on the mantel. Plus I feel like my 13 year old self is reaching through time to have a look at her grown up house, and it makes me smile. I know I collected them with the idea of using them in my home, crazy.

Friday, August 27

Rue Magazine

Three more weeks until we get to see the brilliant Anne's new endeavor. I like this trend of digital magazines, I might like them more if I had an iPad.

Happy Friday dorks.

Thursday, August 26

In the Tweeds

I couldn't sleep last night, so I made myself a potato and watched some Jeeves and Wooster. Hm, still not sleepy, so I decided to blog it up, and I found Leila's blog In the Weeds, about remodeling her home. Oh joy! I love watching her house evolve. One of the items on my bucket list is remodel a home from the ground up.

her new kitchen bar stools, love her counter tops.

From this...

to this! Look at that moulding...sigh

Love the transoms above the door, and the huge window right in the kitchen. Oh, I can't wait to see how she designs the place, after all the remodeling is done.

Wednesday, August 25

Home is where heart is

These kinds of places are the most enchanting to me, in Europe, cozy, beautiful, and old. I know there are lots of perfectly wonderful places to visit in the US, maybe it is because my whole family is not from here, and I am just the very first...but it just isn't the same. 

I live in Atlanta, but Spain is where I feel at home. Do you feel like you are home?
Photos via Sartorialist.

Tuesday, August 24

BCBG on Rue La La

There are not many brands that I like enough to buy from Rue La La, Tucker, for sure, and BCBG, but only the dresses. I have two, and I love them! I avoided them for the past, 10 years or so b/c I hate the prints, most of the time. But I have decided that holding out for perfection when there is nothing in the closet is silly. So there you have it. I bought this one, and I can return it. Hell.Yes.

Monday, August 23

Its UP!!

And soo purdy.

This was my delicious Friday night. After my dad left (he was here with me all day, fixing things, and teaching me how to install dimmers, oh and installing my baby here.) I fluffed up my new Wandering Pods Pillow, poured a glass of crisp white wine, and slipped on my snugly, pink Christmas pajamas to watch my hubby vacuum. ahahhhahahahah

In real life, this room looks much less cluttered than it does in photos, for some reason. I love how high it is, and that it doesn't hang into the room, like a giant sleeping bat, or hovering octopus, like the last light fixture.

note: I bought mine from Practical Props, in Hollywood, it is the 36", satin brass with a standard 16" drop. I bought a new one, even though vintage ones abound, because I didn't want to have to deal with re-wiring, which can be expensive for such a complex fixture. I paid a lot for shipping, and I was not to happy with the condition of the box when it arrived. It was way flimsy, I am actually surprised it survived the journey. Customer service was meh.

That there is another new painting, by the way.


Thursday, August 19

Calypso Home

Things I would buy if I were a) not on a spending moratorium and

Great Book Styling

How great is Katie's coffee table? Love the lucite, the rug, the horn, and the boooks. Sniff, exactly what  would love to have in my little living room. Check out her shop too.

Wednesday, August 18

New at Flor

I love Flor tiles, we have a small rug in our laundry room, and it is easy to clean, thick and comfy, and dark, so doggy hairs and mud don't show too much. Also, at some point, O and I hope to share what is now my office (and hardly large enough for me, so lets see how that goes,) and we will carpet it with Flor tiles when we do.

Mostly b/c it is warmer in the winter, and the floors in there are 100 years old, and need some repairs, and that will not happen before this winter, if this coming year is anything like last year....burrrrr, Ok, a layer of felt insulation under the carpet, then the carpet, that should be toasty.
1, 2, 3, 4,

Tuesday, August 17

My Big Girl Bed

My dad came over last week to size up our windows, cuz he will be installing 6 new ones for us, thanks dad. While he was over, he did some handy man stuff (including showing me how to use a weed whacker), or more aptly, laughing while I butchered our yard, seriously it looks like a drunk guy tried to shave his head, except it was our yard he shaved. Yikes.

He lowered our dinning table, which was two inches too high and made your arms go numb over dinner, not hot. Put my Craig master bed together, it required extra wood from the Lowes to make a support b/c it was about .5 inches too wide for our box spring. Is this the same crazy alternate universe issue that makes all queen size duvets too large for my queen size down comforter? Speaking of alternate universes....The skull and Nina Sharp are doing the intergalactic shuffle (gasp) And Charlie is dead! I had a big night last night, can you tell.

Monday, August 16

Puppy Love

As in, I love my puppy. Six months and counting, (as in, we have had Moxie ((Noodles)) for six months) she is happy, healthy and making friends with humans and doggies.

Friday, August 13


This is potentially a huge weekend for me. Check it! Giant box of brassy wonderfullness, right next to the replacement windows chill'n in our dinning room.

Normal Sauce

I am 31 now...but when I was say, 10, dreaming about what kind of glamorous lady I would grow up to be, I imagined this:

Magically blonde, I was always blond in my grown up fantasies, yup like Liz Lemon. 
Kapow. Friday. Peace. Out. Dorks.

Um, ok, I came back just to share these two. Damn.

Monday, August 9

ahhhh, Monday Monday

What a great weekend we had over here at Casa de Nerds. I bought a beautiful mahogany four poster bed, YES! Finally taking the bedroom into what I like to call the "grown up" phase. Naturally the rich, dark wood clashes with my brown walls, that look chalky next to it. Naturally

Went to an amazing show at Young Blood for my friend Sarah. She is such an amazing artist, I want one of each. Plus how adorable and sweet she is, makes me love her art even more, b/c I know how much of her is in each piece.  There was also late night gluttony and excessive amounts of sleeping in. But that isn't at all interesting.

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