Monday, October 31

Downy Street Events

How cool! I got an email this morning from a very talented lady named Emily who turned my painting All Night Diner into a mood board for a wedding! Neat.

Thursday, October 27

Wednesday, October 26

Winners for Fifi Runn

Thank you to all you snazy people who wanted a doggy collar badly enough to write about Harrowing Poop Disasters.

Winning comment:

Higgins is a rescue dog that I swooped off the streets of Miami four years ago. He's big in all the wrong places and has scruff for days which makes him look like a distinguished old gentleman. In fact, by default, many people start calling him "Professor" or "Mr"-Higgins without prompting. Speculation is that if he could talk, he'd have an English accent and demand a cognac immediately.

He, like the Most Interesting Man in the World, has never had an embarrassing moment. He likes to create those for me-as a pup he had worms, unbeknownst to me, and was pooping everywhere. He had the uncanny ability to poop RIGHT IN FRONT of hot guys. One day we were walking on the main drag in Fort Lauderdale where he decided he needed to go, IMMEDIATELY. Thing is, we were outside of a crowded bistro and there were people eating outside. I'm trying to drag him away from pooping right in the middle of someone's brunch, when a table of dudes snickered, "how would you like it if someone ripped you off the toilet while you were going?" Um, would you rather my dog shit at your feet?

Also Winning comment: (also very fitting for the upcoming holiday)

We adopted Kouga from a local rescue group. He is so sweet and loving unless you're a tennis ball because he pops them in one bite.
His most embarrassing moment was when he was dressed up in a grass skirt complete with a coconut bikini top, and a long haired wig for the beachware contest. He didn't mind too much because he won the big basket of dog goodies and a gift card to the local dog bakery.

Seriously though, dog owners have to deal with some pretty gross stuff. I loved the comment about the dog who pooped on the kitchen counter. What? How do you react to that, too funny.

You will get an email ladies, so Shari can send you I mean your dog's new collars.

Tuesday, October 25

Last day for Fifi Runn Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show on Friday. It was such great fun to meet everyone, and I am pretty sure I talked to every single person there. I am still tired. I will post photos as soon as I get them from my dad, he was so great, took photos of everything. He did teach me how to paint after all...

In other news, dude, I am almost still asleep right now, I had a dream where I was solving a crime (with Leslie Knope) for a woman from the 40's in a portrait who could talk. She was sad because in the end I bazookaed all the bad guys rambostyle. She wanted to do a trial or something I guess. I am such a badass in my dreams ya'll. 

In otherother news: today is the last day to enter in your pet's most embarrassing moment so everyone can cover their mouths and point to the computer screen and laugh in slow motion, of course. NO, so you can win a sweet collar for you or your pet. 

Thursday, October 20

2012 Calendar

It is here! Featuring my Trellus painting. Whenever you get sick of looking at the dates, just snip them off, and you have a print! FYI, it fits pretty perfectly into a square Ribba frame from Ikea.

Wednesday, October 19

Some of my new pieces

Here are a few of my favorite new pieces going up this week for the show at Gregg Irby Fine Art. (Gregg is a girl). If you are interested in them, they will be available after Friday, contact info in the listing on the shop.

Crazy Steve, 48x48 
I was just painting this, chatting with Buff, my shipping specialist/awesome assistant. When it occurred to me that this painting has a name...and his name is Steve. His friends call him Crazy Steve though.

Pumkin Bread, 48x48
Yes, I know it is misspelled, but that is totally my prerogative yo. Doesn't it feel cozy to you? I painted this on a sick day. I just couldn't sit around and not paint, so I spent like, all delirious day on this puppy.

Dingy, 24x24
I like to think of that orange scribbly line on the top left as the painting's mustache.

Resist, 48x60
Named after the t-shirts O designed a bajillion years ago that has a resistor on the front with the word Resist under it. I love hanging out with him when he is wearing it, you can totally tell who the major geeks are b/c they get it, and smile to themselves. If I were going to name this painting off the top of my head based on what it reminds me of it would be: "Underwater Stained-Glass Cotton Mouth."

Packbien, 24x24
I was totally listening to Harry Potter and the somethingorother when I was painting this. I would name it "Harvey Birdman" right now though. What the heck is a Packbien?

Hi there painting!

Its always so fun to see my paintings in other people's spaces. Thanks Amanda and Joy!

Sunday, October 16

Fifi Runn Giveaway

My friend Shari is about as cool as they come. Seriously, she always knows the haps, and keeps me updated with the latest and greatest. In this case, the latest being her very cute and original dog collars. They all rock zippy colors and fresh motifs with an urban bend, I just love how cool they are. I know you agree on account of how fabulous your taste is. Want one?

Here is how it works: Leave a comment about your dog. Lets see...tell me what they would say to you right now if they could talk, like right this second. Or maybe tell me what your dog's most embarrassing moment would be if he could tell you. Just put as much effort into it as you would say a college entry essay, or your taxes. Yeah, that sounds about right. I will pick one to get a sweet-ass collar.

These would make a seriously cool Christmas gift y'all. Plus, 10% of proceeds go to a doggy charity every month.

Wednesday, October 12

Bed linens

Before I got my studio, our master bedroom served as my base of operations. We still have heavy duty shelving in here that is going to be moved later this month. So we slept in another bedroom. The primary feature of the room, aside from the mahogany four poster, was the piles of canvases. Anyhoo, the room was depressing with a capital F! So, I though making the bed cozy would help. Now that our bedroom is back in its rightful spot, it feels even better!

Pillows and linens come from Les Indiens, and John Robshaw. Lamps are from Room and Board. You may remember I included them in a little fantasy post for my friend Jane. I couldn't stop thinking about them. To me they are perfect; soft light, love the fabric all over look with the sharp pleating, great size, nice proportions, on/off switch on the cord so no reaching up at night to turn off the light. Plus, they were on sale! Wandering Pods pillow from Furbish.

Love tons of patterns layered all over the place, it feels cozy to me. My rules are: Pattern should be repetitive, and geometric but not machine made. Block printing is perfect. Range of proportions is key, and I don't really worry about color, b/c I tend toward muted colors I think, and I like when things don't match. I prefer an eclectic, collected feel, with the luxury coming from quality, and texture versus flash. I chose this quilt b/c of the cotton batting, essential! Another great option is Virginia Johnson, btw.

Tuesday, October 11

Complex Geometry Murmur dress

I am sort of embarrassed by how much I love this top/dress/tunic/thingy. It is so unique! I would pair it with a long necklace, some leggings, and a pair of boots, personally. (Maybe some korkease in the nicer weather.)

Sunday, October 9

Maryam's Paintings

I did some paintings for Maryam's guest house a few months ago. I loved seeing the photos of the room in progress, that floor! This reminds me to revisit that color palettes...

Thursday, October 6

Weekly shop udpates

So I have some new small paintings in the shop that are a bit different than my usual style. Sort of spare and with a 50's illustration vibe. I hope you like them.

Tuesday, October 4

This is happening

So stunning! You can download huge, high res images of these amazing nebula-scapes from here

I have that blue one at the printer right now, 45x45 inches baby.

Monday, October 3

New stuff in the store.

From now on, my new assistant Kristi will be updating the shop almost weekly! Hurrah. Some particularly juicy bits of love for you this Monday Mornin.

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